Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?

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  1. Okay, I;ll tell you how much I don't know about this anime.

    I'm literally on episode 2, but I already like the concept of it and believe that it'll make more a really good roleplay. Of course, I'd like to get deeper into the anime before creating an OOC. I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in this.

    Leave a positive rating, or post below, if interested, please! ^^
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  2. Lol, I don't think I ever finished the series tbh, but most of what's after episode 2 is a specific plot if I'm right. Not much setting explanation or anything, so for an RP you don't really need to watch more. It's quite a simple setting. Anyway, sure, I'd actually been thinking about doing a Danmachi RP for a while.
  3. Welp, thanks to this post I began watching the anime as well! It's quite... uh... energetic. And adorable. #_#

    I do like it as a framing for a possible RP, though! Especially that the more video gamey aspects are actually built right into the setting. I'm curious, were you thinking of doing some sort of simple dice mechanic with this or having it be entirely freeform?
  4. I can tell you about the setting.

    You can form a party or have a "support" join you before you enter a dungeon. You have to sign up for that and every "Adventurer" has a handler of sorts who work in getting them prepped up, or rather the one they seek out every time they need to get inside the dungeon.

    Dungeons have floors and the deeper you go the more difficult it is. So for example, Floor Five would be quite difficult and so on..

    Okay.. so I forgot ot mention that there are gods and godesses from the greek mythology here and possibly from others as well. Anyhow, one CAN or must belong to a "Faction" that is lead by a god or a goddess.

    The popular and the ritch the god is, the more influenced in equipment will the player be etc.

    Not sure if that's really important in this RP. but just letting you guys know.
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  5. In short, it's "Imagine you're playing an RPG where there's only one dungeon with hundreds of floors" and that's pretty much all you need to know. Most important part you missed out though:

    When you defeat monsters in the dungeon, you get rewards that are like these little crystal thingies. At the end of the day, you take the crystal thingies to the guild thingy and trade them in for money. I'm guessing these crystals can be used to make stuff, if getting them is such a massive industry. After you do that, you go to your patron deity and they basically let you "level up" through a simple and slightly erotic technique involving tattoos.

    Also, when we say god / deity, these are gods that look and function like a normal human, except they come with the added benefit of being worshipped and having cool powers.
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  6. @Insomnant I'm glad that I was able to get someone to watch it~

    I'm almost done with the anime. Only six more episodes ; ^ ;

    Um, I think I'd have it completely freeform >.>
  7. Wow, that... anime took a really horrible turn by episode 6, holy crap. The moral of the story is, you can get away with every sort of crime including theft, assault, attempted murder... so long as you're a girl! Girls only ever do evil things if they have a tragic backstory for doing so, and should be forgiven no matter what!

    But that guy who did something selfish? Yeah fuck him he deserves to die.
  8. Episode 6...

    Is that the Liliruca Arde one?
  9. Oh yeah. I feel like it might just be Bell's perspective? He seems to be quite biased when it comes to girls. Speaking of getting away with crimes, from what I've seen so far, there doesn't seem to be any kind of law in the anime...
  10. Yes but you are not considering the wider implication. He's the hero of the anime. So his 'perspective' is the heroic one. Women are faultless angels who can do no wrong. Lili demands to know why he doesn't care that she did all these terrible things and his response is literally 'because you're a woman.'

    And you'll notice that when she calls him on that bit of benevolent sexism he changes his stance to 'well it's because you are you.' Which does not change anything at all, because what she is- is a woman. But she just accepts that, no need for any attempt to make it up to him because she has two X chromosomes. And the body of the selfish man (whose motivations are left entirely unexplored) is still cooling a mere twenty feet away from them. No forgiveness for him.
  11. Hmm, true.
  12. Lol guys, stop analysing this so much :D It's an anime, just take everything at face value. It's a cute girl who might join the party. You also only have 12 episodes to build your harem. Gotta forgive!

    For the record though, my two cents:

    You've been partying and adventuring with this girl for ages. You literally risk death every day with her. I think that's enough for anyone to become a friend. She does some bad stuff to you, but it's clear she has reasons and frankly, she's pretty fuckin' pitiful. Then suddenly along comes this very mean looking man who you've already fallen out with before, who's being nasty to this friend that you're pitying and feeling defensive about. You have to remember that this MC is still only human, and I know in that situation I'd be forgiving the friend and despising the man. And does this man need motives? He's in a position of power over these much weaker children. You don't need motives to abuse that. It's pretty clear that abusing that means he gets more money because it's exactly what I'd do in that situation. Power can always become money.

    Also, just some fun biology here: The 2 X chromosomes argument is kinda shitty imo, cos you can actually be a woman (biologically, ignoring mentally) even though you have XY. In some cases, the Y chromosome fails to activate, testosterone glands don't develop and the body and mind is female in every way, except genetically. Now, these people don't go through puberty on their own, so I suppose they're not 100% women... they can have oestrogen and other female puberty-related hormones injected though, which will trigger puberty. This does show though that these XY women are considered women in the eyes of science, and "the eyes of science" is pretty much law when it comes to stuff like that.
  13. Wow, you're actually proving my point. You're intentionally ignoring all the evil (and quite competently so!) things that Lili does. She's incredibly emotionally manipulative as seen by the tiny smirks she makes whenever she fools Bell, she's adept at magical disguises, she's actually quite skilled physically as seen by her aim when disarming bell and stealing his weapon, she's surprisingly strong based on the size of the load she carries with ease, and she has a very powerful magical weapon on top of all that. She was ambushed and beaten up and suddenly it's 'oh teh poor weak womenz! She's so pitiful!' Wow... And they weren't partying together for ages, it was maybe a week or two at most based on the other events going on concurrently.

    Meanwhile, the man is seen as evil by default. Because he "looks mean." Perhaps if he'd been more effeminate (woman-like) there'd be room for pity! But nope, he even mentioned in his first encounter with Bell that Lili had stolen from him too, but he's clearly despicable, and abusive. Never mind that his outrage and anger at Lili is likely very well justified. He even tried to warn Bell what was coming! What a villain, intruding on that woman's plans to rob him and leave him to die!

    And don't come at me with disorders as if they disprove the classification. You don't point to a disorder and say 'see, there are outliers so you can't speak of norms!' Doing so is shallow and pedantic.
  14. I didn't mean for this to turn into a whole huge argument ; ^ ;

    Let's just leave it as everyone has different reactions to the anime/Lili, okay? And move on with our lives, please ; ^ ;
  15. I will jump into this thread in an instant. Finished the whole series and might I say, it can be explained upon greatly for an RP.
    In the immortal words of Star Wars Episode III Palatine. "Do it!"
  16. Well. Lilli was also coerced into her position by the strained relationship between adventurers and supporters, and also because her Familia was in a dire situation due to alcoholism xD
    Her smirks were also counter-balanced by the deliberate internal struggles she was displaying- her intense wrestle with her own moral conscious. This is what precisely makes her a redeemable character. You have to remember that Adventurers have always abused her, in her mind, Bell is no different, and when this becomes less obvious, it becomes harder for her to act out of self-preservation.

    1. She was coerced into her position via being named financial surfeit and enforced via violence. Her greediness and theft were out of desperation, not because she inherently possessed those qualities.
    2. Of course she was emotionally manipulative. Lilli became a mirror reflection of the adventurers who would use and manipulate her.
    3. It's a harem anime anyways. So. These are the elements you may want to come to terms with. I doubt it's intentionally sexist.
    4. The man is not evil by default. Him and Bell had a previous encounter, Bell chose not to trust this man then, and for good reason. He doesn't have redeemable qualities. If anything, that's what they're trying to exhibit. The male antagonist chose his path, even quarreled with Bell after he refused to help them hurt Lilli.

    My main point is, she was showcased as a redeemable character. The male adventurer who fought with Bell was not. His motivations were clear the entire time, while Lilli stewed in guilt having to wrestle with her preconceived notion of an Adventurer.

    Not to mention, she goes on to risk her life for Bell in the future. Again, her character was redeemable. I don't know why you instantly wanted to see it as inherently sexist (although it's certainly implied and nuanced- have you not noticed the bust sizes of some of these female characters? You're watching ANIME for Christ's sake.), when to me, its a matter of character dynamics.
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  17. Holy shit you need a chill pill xD
  18. I watched a couple of episodes, but gave up afterward. I like the whole dungeon concept thing, sure, but the main characters are...well... I don't like them. But hey, if you're making a RP using the anime's settings I would be all for it. As long as we're not playing canon characters I'm game.
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  19. Yeah, it's just the setting from the anime, not the characters. We'll have our own characters.
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