Is it real or just a trick?

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  1. Most people believe magic is just tricks. The performers, magicians, their shows are all just the slight of hand, hidden secret compartments and so on. While that is usually true and most magicians are fake there are people with real magic. And what of these real magic users? They're all over the world, hiding away with everyone else. Some however, still use their abilities and in public too, you just don't realize it. See, real magic users are performers too and there is one show that you just can't miss. They use their real abilities, though everyone doesn't know the difference. This show has performers each with their own abilities that take their show on the road and wow everyone who chooses to see them. The it real or just a trick?

    Rane sat in the booth, watching the scenery go by. She was on the train, that was what the show always used for travel. Unless they went to another country that it. But, they all usually stayed on the train. It was quite a nice train, each performer able to have their own room that they stayed in. Rane was one of these performers and it was something she enjoyed a whole lot. Her parents never saw her gift as something special only wrong. In the end, Rane had left them and found this show called Is it real or just a trick. It was during the time when it was first getting started when she joined but now there are many performers, who have magic abilities just like her. She is now with the people she feels happy to be with.

    Basic info:
    ~ This is about the performers of the show. Their lives and the show itself.
    ~ You can have any ability you want but try to keep the amount to one or two please.
    ~ Any character sheet isn't needed but a bit of information might be nice; like looks and ability.
    ~ You don't have to be a 'magician'. If you can think of any other type of performer that's fine.

    Rane: Telekinesis
    Show Spoiler
  2. jack had been had just joined the show. he had the ability to control fire and water. he beleived his ability was a curse and so did his parents. thats why they abandoned him. he was waiting for his room to be completed so he decided to go talk to one of the other performers. he knocked on the door marked rena.
  3. Rane looked over at the door, hearing someone knock. She stood up and walked over to it. She gripped the door handle, then pulled the door open. Rane noticed one of the newer performers in front of her. "Hey." She said to him and smiled. She was usually a friendly, upbeat girl. He happened to pick the right door to knock on when it came to being the new person.
  4. "hi my name is jack." he held out his hand for a hand shake. "im waiting for my room to be finished so i was wondering if i can hangout here for a while."
  5. Rane took his hand and gave it a shake. "I'm Rane. Sure. Just come on in." She replied, moving away from the door so that Jack could come in. "You can hang out here as long as you like."
  6. after shaking ranes hand. he entered the room and looked around so "is this what most of the rooms look like?" he plopped down on the couch. "its comfortable as can be."
  7. Rane closed the door behind her. "Rooms vary, but for the most part." Surprisingly the rooms were pretty big. They had a large bed, a couch, a closet, dresser with a small television on it, a table and a door that lead to their own bathroom. "You can decorate them how you like too." Most of Rane's room had white and red colors, like her usual performance outfit. On the table was a desk of cards that she usually used during her performance. "I like it."
  8. jack looked at rane. "what is your power or performance and how does this show work."
  9. The cards on the table began to move on their own, gracefully falling into Rane's hand. "Telekinesis, that's my power." She said with a large smile. She never used to be proud of it but ever since she was with others like her, she has become proud of having something interesting. "Really shows can be what ever you want them to be. It's your choice what you want to do in them and you can change it up too." She began to move the cards from one hand to the other. "I tend to use these cards during mine but I have been known for doing other things. I can move anything around me so there's a lot I can do. What can you do?"
  10. jack held up both hands. In his left hand small fire started and in his left hand a small ball of water formed. "i have the ability to control fire and water." he creates a small ball of fire that is surrounded by fire. "i can use this power in assortment of ways, but you still havent explained how the shows work."
  11. "That's pretty cool. I bet you could do a lot with those two." Rane said to him and sat herself down on her bed. She stopped the cards, setting them back down onto the table. "The show? Well, most of the planning is left up to us so we can either perform solo or together. A stage is set up and that's where we do our show. There's a line up so you'll know when it's your turn. Then you perform, then someone performs after you and so on until the finale." She took a pause. "And you can use your abilities how ever you choose, you don't have to worry about anything."
  12. Cole
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Power: He can turn invisible, and control shadows.
    Looks: [​IMG]

    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Power: She can heal and create dream-like illusions, and even go into dreams.
    Looks: [​IMG]

    Aria lazily stared out the window, watching the trees go by. She had driven Cole to the train station almost all night so that they could board. She didn't trust Cole when it came to driving, or almost anything. He could be very irresponsible. Her eyes slowly began to close...

    Cole didn't expect Aria to be very interesting in that state, to he decided to explore the train. He and his sister Aria were both new, so he wanted to checkout his surroundings. He overheard two voices talking in a nearby room, so just for the heck of it, he turned invisible and eased dropped on them.
  13. Veronica Taverson
    18 years of age
    Head of marketing; occasionally a performer if one is out sick
    Gifted with a supernaturally persuasive voice; said voice can also be used as a sonic weapon capable of cutting through non-metal materials


    Having finally recorded the group's new radio advertisement, Veronica directed her attention to tidying up her well-kept hair with a custom comb. That glorious mane was her pride and joy, second only to her words.

    As she dutifully applied hairspray, she couldn't help but wonder how the new arrivals were doing. She wasn't sure how many there would be, but she knew about three of them. One was a pyromancer and a hydromancer. The other two were siblings: the girl was capable of healing as well as creating and entering dreams, and the boy could control shadows and turn invisible. Veronica let out a short, satisfied "Hm." while she thought about it. The gentlemen of the group had abilities that could be worked with. She wasn't quite sure about the girl's practicality, but hoped she would do well.

    Veronica got to her feet, put on some dress shoes, and left her room. Striding imperiously down the hall of the train car, she heard voices in the room of her fellow performance veteran, Rane. One voice was Rane's, yes, but who did the other one belong to? She sighed dramatically. It's probably one of the new performers, Veronica thought as she knocked on the door to Rane's room. "Hello in there! Could you please unlock this door?" she called sweetly, making use of her persuasion ability. What on earth was happening in there?
  14. Rane had just finished her explanation of the show to Jack when she heard Veronica's voice. It was hard not to follow her orders when she used her ability. Rane went to the door, unaware of the invisible ease dropper and opened the door. "Hey, Veronica. You don't have to force me to open the door. I would open it for you anyway." She had a cherry tone. "Is there something you want?" She had the door well open, Veronica would surely be able to see Jack sitting on the couch.
  15. jack sat up and looked out the door to see who it was. her voice made him want to open the door when she asked. "hi my name is jack."
  16. Veronica laughed. "You never know," she joked, with a smile on her face. She deactivated her ability. "I heard a voice in here that wasn't yours, so I was wondering-" She cut herself short as she noticed a boy on the sofa. "Ohhh," she said, raising an eyebrow at the boy. "Is he a newcomer? I thought they finished the new rooms." Veronica still looked happy enough, and her tone was friendly, but her eyes were analyzing this young man with some suspicion. Why weren't the rooms finished, anyways? And who did he think he was, walking into Rane's room like that?

    Then again, Rane was known for her compassion, so she had probably invited the boy in. Veronica's eyes lost their cold, suspicious look, and now were hopeful for a good relationship with this new performer. "I'm Veronica," she told him, not unkindly. In fact, she was still smiling. "It's nice to see you joining our show." It helped that he had introduced himself; that was always a good sign. Jack, was it?

    Veronica turned towards Rane. "Have you met the other new performers?" she asked her friend. "I'd like to meet them."
  17. "Yup, one of the newcomers. I don't know about the rooms but I don't mind him here." She told her friend. "It's good to get to know everyone, that's who your going to be with anyway." She gave a little chuckle. "Oh, but I haven't meant any of the others. I wonder what they are like." She began to think out loud. "And their abilities. You know, I was thinking that maybe Jack and I could do a show together. I mean, he could set some things on fire after a do some things." She always did get excited about seeing new abilities.
  18. they were just about done when i left so im going to go check and if it is im probably get started decorating." he got off the couch and walked out of the room.
  19. Cole still invisible, quietly went back over to Aria. He returned to his visible state a gently shook her awake. Aria woke up with a start. "I didn't take it!" She yelled. "Oh wait, its just you...." She muttered, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. "What do you want?" She asked, impatience in her tone. "Nothin'. I just wanted to wake you up. Heh heh." Cole answered with a naughty smirk before continuing, "Oh, can I borrow your brush? Mine broke when I was catching that squid...I need a knew one to polish my shoes with." "Hell no. Why don't you go bother someone else? Have you even said hi to anyone yet?" Aria asked, now more awake. "No...have you?" He replied. "Er-no." She said admittedly. "Do you want to go introduce ourselves with me?" She offered. Cole accepted and off the two went looking for the rest of the crew.
  20. Veronica nodded approvingly as Jack left the room. There was hope for the couch intruder yet, if he was capable of doing an act with another performer. "Sounds nice," she said. "I think I'll go and see if the other newcomers made it here yet." With a wave of her hand, she turned and left, calling "See you around, Rane!" over her shoulder.

    She walked back down the hall, although she wasn't headed back to her room this time. No, Veronica was bound for the dining car. Although she kept herself to a strict pescetarian diet - like vegetarianism, but not counting fish, since they helped remove lines on one's face - that didn't mean she didn't enjoy what she allowed herself to eat. After eating a salmon and cream cheese bagel, she would help plan where the group would perform in their next city, then- Wait, who are those people? Veronica thought suddenly, as she caught sight of two people, a boy and a girl, that she'd never seen before. She cleared her throat, then walked over to them. "Excuse me! Are you new performers?" Veronica inquired. "I'm the head of marketing, and I need to know if there are any new performers on board, so we can advertise them." She looked the pair up and down. Although their fashion sense was questionable, they seemed competent enough. "My name's Veronica, by the way," she added. Maybe introducing herself would make the pair friendlier towards her, she reasoned.
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