Is it possible to display 'post A' in 'post B' that auto updates?

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  1. Took me ages to summarize and make that title, sob.

    Basically what I'm thinking of is to 'display' my Character Sheet in my In-Character post as, say, a new tab or a spoiler something but the feature or BBC that I was thinking of was such that if I edit my CS, all the Character Sheets I 'displayed' on all my In-Character posts will update too... if that makes sense.

    Is that possible?

    EDIT: or an alternative method which I can use to display my CS on my IC posts without needing to refresh or change page, but at the same time will update when I edit my original CS post also works.
  2. The character system has a "gallery" bbcode option where you can post the character and a little information. O_O It MIGHT auto update (it wont be like the full bio display with the bbcode though)
  3. I just had a fiddle with the Character section and gallery BBC; am I correct in understanding that in order to update the 'little information' I have to Edit Character?
  4. That is correct, yes!
  5. Essentially you want your CS in the IC post?

    Well honestly for that you just need add a link to it in the post.

    You could link it to a specific post, a Blog post, the Character Sheet feature Diana mentioned above.
    Just add a link somewhere in the post going

    [url*=link]My Character Sheet[/url]

    Minus the *
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  6. @Gen: The only 'problem' with the url bbc this is that it requires opening a new page. I guess I did not made it clear in the first post but I was looking for a method of displaying without needing to 'change page'.

    Thank you for the suggestion though!
  7. Oh.

    In that case just put your CS under a Spoiler tag and save the code on a Word Document or something.
    Then just add the Spoiler on every new post.

    Or you could make a table.
    One tab being the post, the other tab being the CS.
  8. Yeah that's what I've been doing until now, but I edited them out as the IC posts started to become longer - mainly because I had to go back and change all the CS that I've posted in the IC whenever I found a typo or had to add something to it.

    This is why this thread was made, really; to see if there was a better way for me to go about doing this. I guess there isn't one as of now - the closest thing was the gallery bbc but that only allows a brief description. It still is a nice alternative, I can definitely use it, but I guess it isn't on the type of 'updating' as I had wanted.
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