Is it me or...



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Basically, you respond to the previous poster's post by starting the sentence with 'Is it me...'

Is it me or does this game seem spammish...?
Is it me or did you take a good idea and turn it into a crappy game? D:
Is it me or is Myrn being a little close-minded? :o
is it me or are you just in it for the glory? :@
Is it me or is Myrn a bit annoyed by the creation of this game...?
is it me or do you just want to see the worst in people? D:
Is it me or does Myrn not realize I take a long while to create each of these posts...? D=
is it jsut me or is it -HOSHITALION! GET IN THE CAR!
Is it me or is saying 'candlejack's' name not really a goo-
Is it me or is Myrnodyn SUSPICIOUSLY CLOSE to Cyberdyne?

Is it me or is Orion cuter than he seems?
Is it me or does TK seem especially fuzzy today?
Is it me or did you wait especially for TK to arrive so you could comment?
Is it me or should Myrn NOT comment on my game? Get the fuck out.
Is it just me or should you guys just chill the fuck out?

Also, is it just me, or is there a draft in he--oh wait, it's just me...
Is it just me, or does Seiji seem to be naked constantly? o.o
IS it me, or do you think there is something wrong with being naked?
Is it just me, or do people NOT notice my nudity enough?!
Is it me, or is that just because I've been naked for so long people got used to it?
Is it me, or does the idea of constantly being naked just seem awesome?