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  1. or are people on Iwaku getting more hostile? I feel like half the time I try to rp with someone I'm just getting "put up" with for lack of a better term. Granted I'm not feeling too hot myself, I feel as though I'm not posting enough or good enough for partners and stuff, that might be why I feel as though everyone hates me... I guess what I want to know is what annoys you about partners, or maybe like what you dont mind...I feel as though a day or two without a post is horrible but I keep on making people wait.
  2. It's probably just you. Not to say it doesn't happen quite often though. The feeling will almost always pass

    More than once I've felt this way, that my posts aren't up to the standard I feel my partners have. It takes me too long to reply. Not enough editing. Not enough material. They're just being polite. Yadda yadda.

    If you're really worried about a partner not being happy then simply ask them. Most of the time it's fixable fairly easily and without a hitch.

    Maybe you just need to take a break from things for a few days and come back with a fresh start and view on your stories? That always helps me. Though coming back to a pile of alerts can be daunting.
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  3. I agree with you on the notion that people are seemingly becoming a tad more hostile. For example the fact that people are starting to be harassed in the counseling thread for their rants is kind of unnecessary (I'm probably guilty for that on one or two occasions). Although in most cases, like in group roleplays, it's just misunderstandings. I've had a few altercations with one or two people and we were able to work things out simply by just talking about it and being honest. Then there are others who just have an over all bad attitude when addressing others, and generally I just ignore them or tell them to stop being rude.

    When it comes to partners, posting, and content I agree with windsong. Pretty much just asking them is the best way to go, and trusting what they tell you. If you feel like your being treated differently compared to their other members you can choose between two options. Either quit the role-play, or talk to them about it.
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  4. If you were addressing a more focused/specialized section of the site such as say General Chat, or Counseling then I would be tempted to mildly agree.
    However it should be noted in those cases that:

    1) It's generally just a loud and shitty minority of the community, so it just *looks* like most of them are that way.
    2) Every community has ups and downs, so on one of said downs it might look like something is wrong when in fact it might just be a bad day for people.

    But for something as vast/expansive as all role plays?
    I doubt it, you might just be getting bad luck, be in a bad mood so thing seem worse, etc.
    The thing I can see making an RP community as a whole more pissy is if the site made a change for a worse, a change that effected everyone.
    Such as say a UI alteration, but the staff haven't done anything like that.
  5. Yes.

    Oh but pointing that out makes you so "edgy" and shit. Those who throw the "edge" word around can shove it up their asses.

    Honestly if the counseling threads are becoming black holes and sucking the life out of Iwaku centers of drama and unwanted attention then why have them around? I mean do people really do give two shits about other people's problems here? Sure some are actually helpful but in general they're a huge waste of time and energy.

    Welcome to the internet.
  6. I don't think s/he was referring to the Counseling section...
  7. She wasn't?
  8. S/he made it pretty clear s/he was referring to people s/he ran into while searching for RP partners. No comment was made on the state of the Counseling section.

    And, honestly, I don't see what's so wrong with Counseling, myself.

    Most of the time, it's just people trying to offer each other sound advice. :/
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  9. I think it is just recent incidents that are on peoples' mind.
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  10. I don't think Iwaku has gotten more hostile, i think some people with hostile feelings have made them public recently and it's captured the public attention, creating a slightly more negative atmosphere

    My solution is puppy threads.

    Hopefully people can resolve their anger civilly, in the mean time the best thing to do is

    1) don't be a rubbernecker

    2) don't exacerbate existing shitstorms

    3) try to keep a positive attitude, yourself

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  11. I'll keep this as further evidence that we are actually the same person.
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  12. Yes
  13. I think it has something to do with people being silent about how they feel for so long for fear of people knocking them down, and when they finally come about talking about these things, people do, and the continue to chase the people down to harass them in other places about the things they brought up. So it causes aggravation and people to become hostile. Sometimes "Keep Positive." Just doesn't cut it. Sometimes you just gotta let some steam off.
  14. Careful you might be called "edgy" if you do though.
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  15. Glad to at least see some discussion come out of this, I'm feeling somewhat better on the subject as a whole, however I honestly cant say I've regained full faith in some of the folks here in Iwaku. I'm always one to give the benefit of the doubt ^.^
  16. One has to be careful how one lets that steam off though. Often I find it's better to go do something else until you calm down, then come back and try to fix the source of your anger. If you try to attack it while still angry, it usually just makes everything blow up. Calm minds prevail, after all.

    And I know looking at pictures of puppies doesn't magically solve issues, but looking at the bright side, trying to empathize, and not focusing on the negative definitely helps keep people more relaxed and happy, and relaxed/happy people are less likely to be over sensitive/itching for a fight
    You don't like being called edgy. Got it.
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  17. image.jpg
    @Kaddoc Am I edgy enough?

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  18. For some people.
    But for others I'd say it's allowed allowed for a lot of secret/closed thoughts to be exposed, which as a result allowed for more open and honest negotiation in order to get along better.

    Ex: Immediately after Brovo's apology thread took storm me and Asmo +some others were getting along just find talking about Pathfinder.
    Before said thread we would normally be at each others throats.
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