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  1. Recently, I can load the website on a computer just fine, but I can't load it on my phone. My internet is good and I can load other websites, but it's just Iwaku that is having problems.
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  2. This is interesting you post this, I'm having a similar issue. Safari on both my phone and laptop are unable to load the site on or off wifi both at my house or at lunch and other places, but Chrome is what I'm using now and it's okay besides the linked words from that virus...
  3. I had to download a completely new web browser because of this issue! Unfortunately, Jared never got back to me as to what is causing this issue.
  4. Sadly as I have a Mac I can't do a ton, and I usually use my phone anyways which is only safari. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon or I may need to step down from CV for a bit and come back once it's better and I can be around to properly help D:
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  5. I also can't get to Iwaku through Safari on my phone T^T
  6. oo
    I'm having the exact opposite thing going on.
    Can't access on Chrome or IE on my computer.
    EDIT: The issue seems to have fixed itself (for me anyway).
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  7. Can access Iwaku through Safari on my iPhone, but not through Safari <Version 8.0.6 (10600.6.3)> on my desktop.
  8. It started working on my phone. That was odd!
  9. Yeah, I've been having intermittent problems when using my phone. My friend, who usually uses his phone throughout the day, couldn't even post. I haven't heard from him in hours, though.
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  10. This is odd. I have an android and couldn't access Iwaku on my "Internet" but I could on Google Chrome...
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  11. Exactly my problem.
  12. Might as well throw in my voice here and tag @jared555 and @Diana

    I have had the exact same thing happen today. Every other webpage has loaded normally, but up until about 6:00 EST Iwaku wouldn't load. It would sit and think for a while before spitting back "could not connect to the Internet".

    Is this a known issue, or was there simply something unusual going on today? Will this happen again in the future?
  13. There is a small chance that your phone service is rotating in to an IP set that has been banned from the site. When we have really persistent banned people trying to re-register we have to ban by IP to deter them. When the IP comes from a mobile service that recycles IPs frequently, this can occasionally cause a problem for a larger scale of members. :( We try to avoid this when we can, but sometimes it can't be helped.

    In THIS case with so many people having the problem, I am not sure that it's an IP ban though and it might be a network or browser problem. @jared555 might be a better help with figuring this out. O__O
  14. Again, I'm inclined to say that IP-banning is completely pointless to begin with these days. I don't think there are many people who would bother to sign up a new account, but *not* bother to IP-jump, too, should they realize they're IP-banned. It doesn't take any notable technical expertise to IP-jump with a home network, and using free WiFi or some other alternate open channel is always a workaround option.
    - On another forum I am a mod on, it has practically been proven that the only users who are in any form hindered by IP-bans are spambots. Human users will just pop right back up whether or not you IP-ban them if they only feel like it (and some literally do it a dozen times or more, though they are usually caught in a month or so every time since they tend to continue with their old nonsense with the new account(s), too).
  15. @Diana to bring you up to speed on this (in case Jared hasn't already), there was an update I think? While you were gone that messed with the site compatibility with certain browsers.

    There was a little news bulletin thing posted about it that was up for a little while.

    It seems to be working fine now.
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