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  1. Does the quote function really really suck?


    I go to quote something, and it immediately envelops MUCH more then I wanted inside the quote or...

    I make a quote, and it refuses to allow me to move my little typing dash...thingy...

    (What do you call the thing that indicates where you're typing at?)

    Outside the quote box


    Very frustrating
  2. If you select the actual text you want to quote, a Reply pop-up will appear that will only quote that section!

    As for the inability to move the cursor, I'm not sure what's causing that. :s
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  3. I'll give that a try and let you know how it works out
  4. To make sure you can write after you have made a quote, press the enter key on your keyboard a couple of times, then back up again with the arrow up key so that you leave the empty space underneath where the quote should be and then quote the post. That will make sure you won't end up stuck in the quote box.
  5. So, I tried that, didn't work, no clue what you're talking about
  6. Another way when your cursor is stuck in the Quote Box is to switch to the BBCode Editor (The "Plain" editor as I call it), the button is on the upper right corner, the one besides the "Fullscreen" button.

    Once you are switched, type a letter below the "{/quote}" tag then you can switch back the Rich Text Editor (The "Default" Editor) by clicking the text link below the edit box.
  7. Must be a browser-dependent feature, then. :c
  8. It works, but it's a pretty inelegant and brute force method of doing that
  9. Trust me, I am programmer! :D
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