Is it just me or has there been a drop in activity?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Gwazi Magnum, Mar 7, 2015.

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  1. The past few days I've logged on there's been a lot less for me to reply to.
    This General chat getting less active because of exams or something?

    Or am I just blind/oblivious?
  2. I've been playing WoW, but my lappy just died on me, and I have to wait 4-6 weeks for my replacement hard now I have 4-6 weeks of time to kill!
    • Less new threads per day.
    • People posting once or twice in a thread and not replying when they get the alert immediately, thread slows down.
    • Work and shit.
    • People growing up.
    • Asmo throwing a chair.
    Did I miss anything?
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  3. It's still winter.
    Give it time. It'll pick back up.

    Heh, If anything activity is returning to it's normal, pre Great Migration pace.

    Wait until you experience your first summer.
  4. I'm talking stuff that applies to a few days drop, not long term things. :P
  5. I've experienced summers on other sites before.
    Those on sites who used to be more active than Iwaku.

    I know how hectic those can get. :P
  6. Damn asmos...
    • Midterms
    • Exams
    • real life stuff
    these phases happen :P
  7. Skyrim....
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  8. Maybe you ran them off.

    I knew you were trouble.
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  9. They're tired of your shit. Goodjob.
  10. Somebody took a massive shit and it stunk up the entire general chat for several hours, no big.

    It was Asmo.
  11. Spring break is probably approaching for a lot of folks (including me), so expect it to pick up again shortly!
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  12. Activeness comes and goes all the time. Everyone were completely overactive around valentine when 15+ threads were created within 24 hours. Now we might be in a slow period, where most people are focusing on other stuff. Don't worry, it will become active towards the summer again... ... I'm afraid -hides in a corner and awaits the doom-
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. nope. still lots of activity on Boards.
  15. Maybe we've finally run out of inconsequential bullshit to wave our dicks at?

    There. Have some more.
  16. Everyone already explained all the millions of reasons activity rises and falls. O___O

    Weekends usually have less activity than the weekdays, by the way. >> You would THINK everyone would be online on the weekends, but I think people actually leave the house and do social things instead.
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  17. I think the activity during weekdays can be explained by boring teachers. When the teacher is boring, the students takes up their phones and log onto iwaku :D During the weekends they don't have anything that bores them enough for them to care to log in D: DAMN YOU SOCIAL PEOPLE WITH YOUR REAL LIFE SOCIAL LIFE!!
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  18. Ew, who even does that? Weirdos.
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