Is it creepy to think...

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  1. ... That there's a skeleton inside you?
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  2. Um. No. Not at all.

    It could be creepy to think about all of the bacteria and weird microbes inside of our bodies.

    And the motes in our eyebrows and eyelashes.

    And the fact that some people have disgustingly large tapeworms inside of them just gestating for years before they get them removed.

    Hell, even that some bizarre insects can burrow into our skin and lay eggs.

    Of all the things that human beings can carry around inside of them, skeletons, spooky as they may be, are far from on that list.
  3. Nah, sp00py skeletons inside of me don't faze me.

    But sometimes being self-conscious does.
    One time I looked in the mirror and stared at myself for about ten minutes because I realized, whoa. That's me. That is actually me. That's my face. This is my body. This is the body that I have inhabited.

    No one just has a soul.
    We are a soul, who has a body.

    Does that make sense?
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  4. Nope. A skeleton is just another part of the sack of meat and liquid that comprises a human being. An important part, but just a part of it nonetheless.
  5. It'd be more unsettling if there wasn't one.
  6. Yes, it's not a new idea; it's called the homunculus argument iirc
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  7. Nope. It's just a part of my body. Without it it would be even creepier; humans would be like these lumps of jiggly, wobbly flesh o_o
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  8. It'd be creepy to in-depthly think of what you'd be if you didn't have a skeleton inside of you...
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  9. My point exactly xD
  10. Haha.
    I like how our posts were simultaneous. XD
  11. It's creepier to imagine yourself without one.

    Without a skeleton you're like some flaccid meat bag.
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  13. Nuttin but just an oversized poop condom.
  14. Nah, I don't think it's creepy to think there's a skeleton inside you. What I do think is a bit creepy is that there are enough blood vessels inside you to wrap the world around with several times. I mean, that's a lot of veins and arteries and capillaries... and just eww.
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  15. I dunno, is it a spooky scary skeleton? Some skeletons are spooky and scary, other ones are just silly and amusing. I'm okay with the latter kind being inside me, but a spooky scary skeleton? Fuck that man, I couldn't handle that.
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  17. you know whats creepy?

    there are a lot of steps that go from implantation of an egg, fertilization, embryogenesis, and onward to fetal development and then birth

    at any one of these countless steps, something could go wrong

    for the vast majority of us, it works out fine

    thats creepy
  18. Last time I found a skeleton I ran home and got my camera :3 It's so coool. I definitely don't mind having one inside my body. It helps me move around. ^^ (Btw, it was a bird skeleton I found. Not a human skeleton. I would have called the police for something like that xD)
  19. It's creepier to think of what we'd be like without a skeleton in our body. We'd all be walking around like big blobs of muscle, skin, and fat....o.o