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  1. Hello good folk of Iwaku.

    As a newcomer I am not sure if this idea I have is a bit too much. I am looking for a roleplay partner for a 1x1 flick with the following themes:

    -Mentions of rape. (No graphic depictions).

    For the sake of context, Apache girl goes on a murderous revenge spree against the injustices done to her and ends up becoming an outlaw.

    Is it a bit too much to have such a roleplay around these parts?
  2. I've seen worse xD If there's going to be sexual content played out/depicted it may need to go in Libertine. Otherwise, stick it in one of forum genres you think fits.
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  3. Much thanks Noctis, you are my hero of the day.
  4. To add on to what Noctis mentioned, if there will NOT be depictions of sexual activity (passing mentions, fade-to-blacks, etc), this sounds like it might be a historical roleplay. If it takes place in the 1800s during the 'Cowboy Era' (which to me it sounds like it does), go ahead and put it in the Historical Roleplays section!

    But again, like Noctis said, if you ARE planning to have any depictions of sexual content (which is okay!), make sure your partner is in the same age bracket as you, and make sure to put it in the Libertine section.

    Your account shows that you're an adult - you can differentiate adult members from teen members by the little star next to their avatar. Blue is teen, and red is adults!
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  5. You are allowed to roleplay exactly whatever you want on iwaku, no matter how taboo, dark or sensitive the topic is, but as Noctis said, if the roleplay is supposed to have sexual content, it should be in the libertine section so you don't accidentally get into a sexual roleplay with a person outside of your age group.

    The age group rules are as follows:
    An 18+ year old member is not allowed to roleplay sexual content with a 17- year old member, and vice versa. (You can easily see which age group each member belong to by looking at the star underneath their avatar. A red star means adult and a blue star means teen.)

    This is due to legal reasons and is nicely explained in this PSA.

    They're looking for a 1x1 partner, so the group section is probably not where they should be sent :3

    From the little information we have I would say drama would be the best category. Though for the best exposure to your partner searching thread, I would suggest to put the partner search in the general partner request section and then put the IC in whichever one x one section will fit the best to your idea.
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  6. I have learned new things.
  7. Not quite whatever you want no matter how taboo. There's a character age rule for Libertine stuff: no characters under 13 years old because that gets into child porn territory and Iwaku wants nothing to do with that. Other than that though, yeah, go crazy as long as you're following the general site rules.
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  8. D: I forgot about that! Yes, no character under the age of 13 in a sexual situation. They are allowed to exist in a libertine roleplay, but they must be kept out of any sexual situation.
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