Is it All Just a Game?

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  1. Are you sick of characters that just seem a little too perfect? Well, so was the creator of the mini universe known as "Alteranta". In this mini universe, people are incredibly limited, to the point where if there is no teamwork, there is no life.

    Alteranta (open)
    RP Map.png
    Alteranta is composed of four major quadrants.
    -In the Northwest, there is a village surrounded by desert and mountain.
    -In the Northeast, there is a thick forest that fades into a swamp.
    -In the Southwest, there is an ocean with a set of islands nearby.
    -In the Southeast, there is a bustling city with skyscrapers and a large park.
    Character Guidelines (open)
    The creator of Alteranta, or Creanta as 'it' is known, has created universal rules for every person born.
    There is a points system by which all living things must abide.

    You start with 10 points.

    Gain points by having weaknesses, inabilities, and the like.
    +1 for dislikes (e.g. does not like darkness)
    +2 for negative personality aspects (e.g. can be violent at times)
    +5 for minor disabilities (e.g. can't cook anything good)
    +10 for medium disabilities (e.g. can't swim)
    +20 for major disabilities (e.g. can't walk)

    Spend points by having anything beneficial.
    -1 for likes (e.g. likes chocolate)
    -2 for positive personality aspects (e.g. good perseverance)
    -5 for minor talents (e.g. a good singer)
    -10 for medium talents (e.g. good with a knife)
    -20 for major talents (e.g. can summon a light breeze/small cloud/spark of flame/etc.)
    -50 for minor powers (e.g. mind-reading)
    -100 for major powers (e.g. power mimicry)
    People who've showed up so far (open)
    1) @Rilette
    Suri Karashiin

    Age: 16
    Height: 4'11"
    (minor disability SHORT +5 | 10 >>> 15)
    Gender: Female
    Goes by: Suri

    Likes: Nature, parkour
    (like NATURE -1 like PARKOUR -1 medium talent PARKOUR -10 | 15 >>> 3)
    Dislikes: Rain, crowds, being hungry
    (dislikes 3 ITEMS +3 | 3 >>> 6)
    Disabilities: Restless, socially illiterate, problematic metabolism, unbelievably awful balance
    (minor disability 2 ITEMS +10 medium disabilities 2 ITEMS +20 | 6 >>> 36)
    Abilities: Good at housework, can do parkour (already accounted for), genius in problem-solving and book smarts
    (medium ability HOUSEWORK -10, major ability GENIUS -20 | 36 >>> 6)
    Personality: Suri is quite friendly and candid when it comes to being in a small group. Though she can be picky, she is accepting and has a good sense of humor.
    (positive aspect 4 ITEMS -8 negative aspect PICKY +2 | 6 >>> 0)

    2) You
    Jump in!
    I'll put your info here once you've jumped in.
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  2. Please tell me what you think needs to change, and if you have any plot ideas~
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