Is Google Making Us Stupid ?

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I Google, Therefore I Am Losing the Ability to Think​

This Article, on, says that powerful search engines are taking away our will to search through books and enhance our memories. The simple type in and click away to get information is weakening our ability to think, to remember, to analyze.

"...chipping away my capacity for concentration & contemplation..."

"Now my concentration often starts to drift after two or three pages. I get fidgety, lose the thread, begin looking for something else to do. I feel as if I'm always dragging my wayward brain back to the text. The deep reading that used to come naturally has become a struggle.'"

What do you think ? Considering the amount of time you spend on Google and how much you learn from it, do you agree or disagree ?

What kind of effect does Google have on your life ?
i ahve adhd. so i dont have a long attention span anyway.
short attention span =/= stupid.
I have a fairly strong ability to retain KNOWLEDGE.

I have a horrible memory (I can't remember things have TOLD me, things that have happened to me, etc.), but I can retain raw knowledge fairly well.

Being able to use Google and Wikipedia only expands what knowledge my brain has. Which is why I tend to be a fountain of information in real life, to the people I know.

Someone: "I wonder why [insert query]...?"

Google is a mixed blessing. It makes finding information easier and less frustrating, especially when one does not have books on the subject at one's disposal (although if I, personally, DID have the books, I'd go to them first). On the other hand, one must often comb through the dross to find the truth.
I'm the same way as Seiji. Doesn't help that I like using it to look up referances of things obscure.

For instance I was playing Assassains Creed 2. In one part the mention the Tungskata (or however it's spelled) Incident in 1908. Well I had no idea what that was so I turned to my computer and typed it into Wikipedia. Voila, I now am informed.
Google has always helped me look for things I want to look for but in no way does it take from my memory. When I look for something on google I always think about what categories it would be under before actually typing in something. I really lose least nothing noticable.
Google is a good tool, if you use it correctly. These days people generally tend to click on the first link that pops up and assume it is the right information. For academics I solely rely on sites ending in .edu or .gov since these sites are generally more trustworthy for accurate info than edited sites like Wikipedia. I find Wikipedia something that is making people less likely to read books. That's not to say that it isn't a useful tool but again since it is edited by non-scholarly sources 9 times out of 10, I don't trust it beyond basic research.
I don't think Google is making us stupid. Yes, I see the original arguement, but the counter-arguement makes sense, too. I think it might be over-exposure to information in general that wears down our mental capacity. Information is making us dumber! Irony!
It's just a search engine like wikipedia.. Honestly I think people having learning issues and relying on google like that are probably people that already had learning issues to begin with. Blaming google is another blame-game just like people blame violence on video games.

BUT ONE THING I REALLY FREAKING HATE: When you ask someone a question and they say "Google it". You KNOW the freaking answer and you can't be bother to take a few seconds out of your precious life to answer one little question for me? Thanks a lot jackass. >:[
...So...Google Challenges us? Is that good?
I've actually only used Google for finding guitar tabs, and torrents. Other than that, I like to actually go to a library, and just read random books about anything. It's how I got started with Sociology.

Google could certainly be a great source of information, but if it begins to be the yellow brick road for people who're looking for information, then they'll start to forget how to venture into the wilds of learning it self.

...So Google's bad because it makes us forget about our other outlets of information? Or is it good, because the search engine still challenges us? I'm confused! I'd better Google it!
Wow. You all have some awesome viewpoints & you're totally right. Google DOES help us get smarter, in one way or another and it's a fast way to retain information, too.

But, persay, if we look at the viewpoint of the author of this article, What about people who rely entirely on Google ? For example, if I'm a student and I want the answer to a question and I just google it, copypaste and print on a dailybasis. What are your opinions on that?
It's lazy, but what can you do to stop it?

In that regard, yes, Google has become a crutch. But in reality, how much of a crutch? Does it make things, really, all that much different?

All it does is make the lazy come faster. I remember as a student doing the exact same thing, just with a dictionary or an encyclopedia or an obscure book in the library. You have a question of some kind requiring a substantial answer, so you just find something that sounds REALLY good and you copied it by hand. The only difference now, the kids are copy and pasting with the computer and Google's help, and it's easier to get away with thanks to the MILLIONS of sources on the internet, versus the three or four good ones in the library (that the teacher is somewhat intimate with, so they can tell if you plagiarized or not).
I concur with Seiji, seriously I have no problem using books jsut the internet has WWAAYYYY many more sources and much more available. As long as they are .edu or .gov and just like with books one must have multiple sources you're set. I mean c'mon this is the next century things are bound to change!
People will always look for ways to cheat. Be it by stealing answer keys, paying other people to do it, or now C&P online. Thing is, 9 times out of 10 the cheaters will be caught eventually because they don't stop and do it for just one paper. I'm not worried that it's making people dumber because sooner or later in the real world you have to show intelligence, be it doing your own work, or being a great con artist.
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I use Google to help find out things, it does hinder me at times, because I'll remember one of the links on the page that was useless, but not the one that matters.

But I'm also ADD and also, google doesn't work with my particular learning or memory integration pattern.
Google is more of a blessing than a curse, though if used incorrectly, it's...really useless.
For projects or quick dilemnas that you find yourself having no books to look in, Google can certainly help. When looking for pictures for anime to use for a character sheet, however... eh...It makes it incredibly difficult, because a good majority of the links turn out to be h-discussions. But then... That's why they made the options for Safe Search or whatever. When someone just copy-pastes the first thing they see, that's just lazy. I wouldn't blame Google, I'd blame the student. Nothing's stopping the student from spending a bit more time to look over the links. Either that or the teacher's a total prick.
If Google didn't exist, would you be less or more smarter ? Where would you go for your Googled-information?

**search engines in general, don't say Yahoo or AskJeeves LOL ;]