Is Google Making Us Stupid ?

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  1. It have to be Sunday. Saturday is my main school-day, lol.
  2. i ahve adhd. so i dont have a long attention span anyway.
    short attention span =/= stupid.
  3. I have a fairly strong ability to retain KNOWLEDGE.

    I have a horrible memory (I can't remember things have TOLD me, things that have happened to me, etc.), but I can retain raw knowledge fairly well.

    Being able to use Google and Wikipedia only expands what knowledge my brain has. Which is why I tend to be a fountain of information in real life, to the people I know.

    Someone: "I wonder why [insert query]...?"

    Me: "OH THIS IS WHY..."
  4. "I meant settled down."
  5. "I did not. You were so much trouble growing up, there was no settling down." Harmony chuckle.
  6. "So is he. Though he's mostly playing with four kids. Knew he was going to be barely any help with taking care of you all."
  7. "He was expecting a baby girl."
  8. Melissa and Melody was asleep side by side on the tiger.
  9. "Melody doesn't even have a pet."

    Astorath patted Lyra's head. "Where is everyone?"
  10. "Because we live eons and eons and the same things get boring after a while." Harmony chuckle.

    "I get tired really easy, I don't like it." Lyra mumble.
  11. [​IMG]

    s'cuse me, bitch?
  12. heyo
  13. [​IMG]
    Name: Ariel of Atlantis
    Age: 16
    Height/Weight: 5'4, 120lbs
    Disney Franchise: The Little Mermaid/Disney Princess
    Abilities: She can turn from mermaid to human, super fast swimmers, can communicate with aquatic life.
    Background: Ariel, born the 7th daughter to merman, King Triton of Atlantis. She was the most outgoing, adventurous, and rebellious daughter. She loved exploring shipwrecks and was fascinated by humans and their gadgets and gizmos. She ended up rescuing and becoming infatuated with a human, Prince Eric. She then traded her fins and voice for a 3 day chance to become a human and gain the Prince's love, sealing it with true love's kiss. In the end, she did indeed win his heart, and the blessing of her father to remain on land with him.​
  14. Check this out!!

  15. thus far, natalia has only demonstrated being able to overcome sams field, but her powers are still affected for now (ie, still gets dampened)

    the bullets are no stronger than his resting field, but they effectively deploy the full field inside its target

    woudl YOU want to risk deploying a field inside your body and run the risk of something real bad happening? oh, and its still, you know, a its still dangerous convetionally speaking

    its really one of those threats where you just dont want to find out what the end result would be

    which would make the bullets more like a deterrent. everyone, maybe even emily, would be wondering "this thing dampens even sorcery. dare we risk it?" with an even bigger dramatic moment when a sorcerer actually gets shot, leading to evryone definitively learning the answer

    would give even more oopmh to emily getting shit and surviving it, you know?

    and i believe i mentioned the vampires as the second stage during lorentzs "strategy session" wit lucrezia and emily after he got to meet the magister
  16. Am waiting for next GM post.
  17. People will always look for ways to cheat. Be it by stealing answer keys, paying other people to do it, or now C&P online. Thing is, 9 times out of 10 the cheaters will be caught eventually because they don't stop and do it for just one paper. I'm not worried that it's making people dumber because sooner or later in the real world you have to show intelligence, be it doing your own work, or being a great con artist.
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  18. I use Google to help find out things, it does hinder me at times, because I'll remember one of the links on the page that was useless, but not the one that matters.

    But I'm also ADD and also, google doesn't work with my particular learning or memory integration pattern.
  19. Google is more of a blessing than a curse, though if used incorrectly, it's...really useless.
    For projects or quick dilemnas that you find yourself having no books to look in, Google can certainly help. When looking for pictures for anime to use for a character sheet, however... eh...It makes it incredibly difficult, because a good majority of the links turn out to be h-discussions. But then... That's why they made the options for Safe Search or whatever. When someone just copy-pastes the first thing they see, that's just lazy. I wouldn't blame Google, I'd blame the student. Nothing's stopping the student from spending a bit more time to look over the links. Either that or the teacher's a total prick.
  20. If Google didn't exist, would you be less or more smarter ? Where would you go for your Googled-information?

    **search engines in general, don't say Yahoo or AskJeeves LOL ;]