Is anyone interested in a 3.5 campaign?

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    So, I've had this idea for a D&D 3.5 campaign for a while, but it never really played out the way I wanted with my regular group. The game ended up dying due to real-world difficulties with work and the like.

    If you're interested/familiar with 3.5, please read on.

    This campaign would use content from the Book of Vile Darkness pretty heavily, maybe some Heroes of Horror, and a rare sliver of the Book of Exalted Deeds.

    As far as what I'd managed to get through with my friends, our characters had managed to unearth evidence of a plague, magical in nature yet resistant or immune to the standard methods of treatment (potions and spells had no effect, and there wasn't any mundane treatment that could safely be attempted). This plague struck a small thorp (no more than 50 residents), and the heroes were dispatched to see why the down suddenly "went dark," as it were. Some fighting ensues, some asses are kicked (the PC's, mostly), and some questions are raised.

    And then we got assigned to different work shifts (IRL) and the campaign sort of died for a bit.

    So, the question I have for you, dear potential player, is this: Do you want to play Dungeons & Dragons with me?

    It'd be fairly straightforward D&D. Character sheets should be done through Any questions, character actions and dice rolls would take place OOC (through, join the room IWAKU 3.5 Game with your username as your nickname, then post the results here in the OOC) or with the dice app I didn't notice until after I posted this, then the story would be written around those elements.

    For example:
    • OOC: Player 1 asks: "What do I see inside the house?"
    • OOC: DM replies: "You see that the candles are out, but the moon from outside allows you to see a vaguely humanoid shape within, sitting in a chair in the corner of the bedroom."
    • OOC: Player 1 says: "I want to break the window and throw a bottle of alchemist's fire into the room."
    • OOC: DM replies: "Okay. Roll a strength check to break the window, DC 5 to pass. Then, if you pass that, go ahead and roll a ranged attack to see if your flask hits whatever you're aiming for. What are you aiming for?"
    • OOC: Player 1 says: "The figure, of course."
    • OOC: DM says: "Okay then, in that case I'll let you know if you hit." [This is because I like it to be a bit more suspenseful. If you know the AC to beat, it becomes a game of numbers. This way, there's still some feeling of uncertainty, which makes each hit that much more rewarding.]
    • OOC: Player 1 rolls a 15 (13 on the dice roll, +2 STR), breaking the window. Player 1 then rolls a 18 on their attack roll (16 on the dice roll, +2 DEX). DM says that this is a hit, and the figure is now covered in alchemist's fire, and illuminated, revealing a very surprised half-orc, who takes 4 points of fire damage.
    • IC: Player 1 writes:
    • The rogue peeks through the window, wondering what treasures might lie within, ripe for the taking. However, upon pressing her nose against the glass, she spots a figure in the corner of the room, barely visible even with the light of the moon piercing the gloom.
    • After ducking down beneath the windowsill and calming herself down, she peeks up again, decides to throw caution to the wind, and reaches into her pack. Withdrawing a flask of luminous orange, viscous liquid, she holds it at the ready.
    • Wrapping a bit of her cloak around her hand, she strikes the window, shattering the glass, before lobbing the flask of alchemist's fire into the room. Her aim is true, and the flask breaks open on the figure.
    • As his clothes ignite with the substance, the fire reveals some of his features. The half-orc, now roused from his sleep and finding himself to be on fire, begins thrashing about the room, attempting to beat the fire out with his hands, only for it to burn his palms as well.

    For the most part, regular roleplaying would determine the direction of the story.

    And, in the spirit of good DMing, I would make a PC designed to not steal the spotlight. Most likely a bard, cleric, or archivist. It would depend on what those of you who would like to play, would like to play. :P


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  2. Dude.
    I love you. And I miss having those books.
    Need possibly a rogue? :3
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  3. So far the only interest I've received is in a cleric. Rogues are always welcome. :)
  4. Awesome~
    I can't seem to find the character sheet maker thing on the site
  5. You do, I can't figure out How else to use it though.
  6. If you want I have actual paper sheets and can just write everything down then type it out if you tell me what I can do as far as race and what books I can use outside of players handbook.

    Give me a level to start with at least, and then a money limit or something to pick my equipment with.
  7. Or just let me know what I can't have~
  8. Let's go with level 5, 9000 gp starting gold, no single item worth more than 2250 gp. As for books, I'm fine with material from the Complete series and Races of series. If there's something else you want, let me know what it is, the book, and the page, and I'll decide.

    And to work the myth-weavers sheets, you go to sheet index, create a new sheet, name it, and then go in and edit it (there is a button to the side). But if you want to just write out your info, I can work with that too.
  9. Okay, I'll be working on it,
    No promises on a deadline.
  10. Same here on the deadline part. It's been a while since I've made a character sheet and I have never been a cleric. :)
  11. Well, if anyone needs help, I am available.
  12. Im realy interested but the only books I own are pathfinder which is basicly 3.75 How can I get invloved?
  13. Well, I'm not too familiar with Pathfinder, but if you want to roll up a PC with a 3.5 sheet, you can submit it to me here or via PM, and we'll set you up. Most 3.5 books are available online as PDFs anyway.
  14. Now, to make this an apocalyptic campaign, or tone it town to a more "Black Death" level epidemic...
  15. 3.5 is compatable with pathfinder, becuase they gave the rights away to pazio and they went off on their own game basicly. Ill make a sheet here later today and send it to you. And Im think Apocalyptic
  16. Very cool. I look forward to seeing your character.
    Apocalypse: 1
    Black Death: -
  17. I'm also thinking Apocalypse b/c it can unite various interests in a hurry and because a lot more can happen in it. The bonus is that it also works with my character motivations. :)
  18. One last question do we roll our stats here?
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