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  1. I have seen all Three Seasons of the television show Glee! I seen some of the fourth season episodes though, the new cast didn't fit my taste so I am only using characters from The first three seasons.

    Mr. Shuester x Terri.
    Mr. Shuester x Emma.
    Mr. Shuester x Sue Sylvester.
    Kurt x Rachel.
    Kurt x Finn.
    Kurt x Mercedes.
    Kurt x Blaine.
    Rachel x Finn.
    Rachel x Quinn.
    Rachel x Jessie.
    Rachel x Puck.
    Rachel x Mr. Shuester.
    Finn x Puck.
    Finn x Quinn.
    Finn x Santana.
    Finn x Mr. Shuester.
    Quinn x Puck.
    Quinn x Artie.
    Quinn x Sue Sylvester.
    Artie x Brittney.
    Artie x Tina.
    Satana x Brittney.
    Satana x Sue Sylvester.
    Brittney x Sue Sylvester.
    Tina x Mike.

    I knew it seems like a lot of pairings but I am only accepting a few of these. So please, what is your favorite pairing? I know you have one. I'll be waiting.

    R.I.P. to Finn(Cory Monteith.) D':
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.