Is Anybody O U T T H E R E? [searching for roleplay]

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  1. A Few Things You Should Know:

    • I am sixteen years old, and I don't really partake in mature roleplay. Sorry.
    • I prefer to play females, but I'll play males sometimes too. I'm cool with doubling up.
    • I like decently sized reponses, so no one-liners. At least not too many.
    • Please don't abandon me in mid-roleplay without any warning, I hate that.

    Uber bored right now and I need some RPs! So here's some stuff I am/am not interested in;


    More stars = more interest. I'm happy to do mostly anything based on these fandoms;

    Hunger Games**********
    Being Human***
    Harry Potter*
    The Mortal Instruments********
    The Host****

    Other Stuff I'm Cool With:
    - Vampires
    - Werewolves
    - Original Ideas (Just tell me and I'll tell you if I'm interested).
    - Modern Fantasy
    - Post-Apocalyptic
    - Realistic

    Shoot me a PM or reply here, thanks!
  2. Oooh! The Vampires sound interesting...hmmms...

    Vampires, or/and Hunger Games (you'll have to lead's been a while and the plot is fuzzy in my mind), or/and Post-Apocalyptic or/and realistic.
  3. I'm good with anything, so it's up to you really ^^
  4. Humm....
    Okay, we can do Vampires..if that's okay.
    Oooh! What about a Vampire and a Vampire hunter!
  5. Okay that's cool, you can shoot me a PM if you'd rather discuss on there.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.