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  1. Shit.

    And that was the only thought running through Matthew's mind as he continued to drive back towards he and his girlfriend of two years apartment, his brows furrowing as a red light stopped him of his movements. Sighing, he let one of hands off the wheel and brushed his fingers through his hair, shaking his head as he blew out a breath. Great; when he said that he was actually going to be home from work relatively early tonight, he ended up being later than he normally ended up being. And he was more than positive that he was going to be chewed out about it.

    Not that that's anything new.

    With the roll of his eyes, he pressed back on the gas pedal as the light changed back to green, his jaw tensed as he clenched his teeth together. Maybe he shouldn't have gone out with a couple of friends that night. Maybe he should have actually kept up with his promise of being on time, so that he and Isabella could, possibly, have a good night. You know, maybe go out to dinner, or maybe even stay in and cook her dinner so that for once they could have just a nice, casual, conversation with one another. To leave all the yelling behind, to leave all the arguments in the past... He doubted if that was going to happen at any time, or at least in the near future.

    But why should he feel any hopeful about their relationship? It's not like they had gotten along with each other in a long while, so what was the point in trying much any more? No, he knew why he continued to stay with this; because he thought that maybe they could bring what ever they had back. That was probably why he felt so bad about tonight. But no, of course he had to get caught up with the ambiance of his friends, since he hadn't had a night out with the guys in a good while. He just wanted to have fun. on a Friday night. Wanted to actually smile and be happy for once. Didn't want to feel like he had to put on a face, though he normally didn't, in front of everyone so that they couldn't guess how he felt about any of this.

    Thank God he just didn't drink much, and that he was still within his full, stable mind.

    When he pulled the car into the apartment complex, he pulled into the spot that he normally did before shutting the car off, but instead of instantly getting out he sat there for a good few minutes, just staring out of the windshield with his hands still on the wheel. Why were they putting each other through all of this?

    Finally getting himself to move, he took the keys, closed the door behind him, and locked it before he headed towards the building where his place resided in, heading up the stairs to the second floor. Looking this way and that, he noticed that most lights were off while a lot were still on, shadows being caste through them as someone would walk by. Nothing unusual. Jiggling his keys around as a means to distract himself a bit, when he finally made it to his apartment he put the key in the locked, listened for the click as he turned it, and then twisted the knob to open the door.

    Now only to wait and see what wait on the other side.
  2. Bella was furious. Matt had said that he'd be home early- but now, here he was, much later than usual. At first, she'd just thought that maybe he hadn't been able to get off as easily as he had been. But the more time that passed, the madder she got. She'd hoped that maybe they could have gone out for dinner or even just a few drinks- but it was too late for that now. She was still in her jeans and shirt from the office, because she'd been waiting for him.

    It seemed like recently, everything they did seemed to piss off the other. They were arguing over every little thing, and it was becoming a lot harder to just kiss and make up. He was constantly late, and frankly, she was starting to have her suspicions. There was this pretty little thing at the office that Matt seemed to be fond of. She hadn't said anything about it, but when he was always so late, she was starting to question it.

    She heard the key in the door and stood up, folding her arms and moving to lean against the couch. As he came in, she raised her eyebrows. "What the fuck happened to 'I'll be home early, Bella'? You could have at least phoned and made up some bullshit about why you were going to be late."
  3. And here we go.

    As soon as he walked in the door he was bombarded with the response that he wasn't at all surprised to get. The anger that came from Bella's tone, to which he figured she probably had good reason for, but still. It was irritating to think that he couldn't even put one foot in the door without having to deal with any of this, or her rather.

    He rolled his eyes, shaking his head before he finally closed the door and locked it behind him. "Well things happened and I ended up not getting home early." No beating around the bush. He knew that that would only make things worse. "And if I would have called you to give you a bullshit reason as to why I wouldn't be getting back early, you'd still be as pissed as you are now, and you know that." Matt finally turned to look at her then, his eyes a bit narrowed. Rolling his shoulder, he stepped away and headed towards their little kitchen area, setting his keys down on the rack on the counter.

    "All I did was get a few drinks with a couple of the guys; it's not a big deal." Maybe he should have drank more. He could have gotten himself a cab; kept his car there overnight since he was a friend to the owner of the bar, and then he wouldn't have to deal with this. Sure, it probably would have been one hell of a hangover in the morning, but now he was beginning to think that it would have been worth it. "I'm sorry," he said back, sarcasm evident in his tone. Not really, or at least not anymore anyway, but he thought that maybe, just maybe she would let it go then. It was highly doubtful, but he could only hope, right?
  4. She scowled, running a hand over her hair and straightening up a little. "If you would have called, I would have known that you were going to be late, and I'd be slightly less pissed. It takes two freaking seconds to send a text." She didn't know if that was true or not, but she wasn't going to back down that easily. She wasn't going to back down at all if possible. She hated being wrong.

    "Don't be sarcastic. I know you're not sorry." She snarled, walking out to the kitchen after him. She knew that she should probably just shut up and let it go, but she was too proud and too stubborn. "How do I know it was just 'drinks with a couple of the guys'?" She made quotation marks in the air with her fingers. "It's not like I can just call them up and ask. You coming home late seems to be a regular thing recently." She stared at him, raising one of her eyebrows and folding her arms.

    She wanted to stop arguing and just... She didn't want this negativity in her life, but for some reason, she stuck with it. And she regretted it. But while she was at work, part of her looked forward to coming home and the possibility of a nice, calm evening. Not that she ever got it. And admittedly, she never helped, because her combined temper and stubbornness were stronger than her desire for that.
  5. And of course she didn't let it go. Not that Matt thought that anything different was going to happen. Actually, had she even let the conversation drop he might have been a little scared, because in his mind her ever dropping a conversation or argument meant that she was either just completely fed up with it or she was about to kill him. And while he wanted to believe that it would more than likely be the former, he didn't want to push his luck. He was still young, and he would rather not be six feet under.

    Opening the fridge, Matt looked through the contents that lay in there, half way listening to what Isabella was saying, resisting the urge to just walk out of apartment and never come back. The thought had crossed his mind multiple times, but he always stopped himself. Maybe they could work it out, maybe things would get better for them... He was beginning to believe that less and less now. Breathing out heavily, he pulled out a bottle of water before pulling back and closing the door back. "Why would I lie about something like that? What, do you think I'm going out with other people, with other women?"

    He scoffed, twisting the cap to open the bottle before he turned to look away. Shaking his head, he took a swig of the drink before rolling his shoulders. "You know, maybe if I didn't have to come home and deal with any of this, then I'd actually make an effort to try and make it home early and on time. Because to be honest, half of the time I don't want to be here, because I know every little thing I do is going to get criticized by you. And then we'll yell, and we'll argue, and who wants to deal with that, right?" He finally turned to look back at her, giving her a tired expression.
  6. It was a good thing that she wasn't holding a knife- because when he scoffed, she probably would have thrown it at him. Not necessarily to kill him, but making him shit himself would have been a sufficient result. If she would have hit him, it would have been an unfortunate happening, but she knew a few good lawyers. She forced herself to take a deep breath- not to try and calm down, because she was past that by now, but just so she wouldn't break something.

    Her scowl deepened as he turned around to look at her. "Of course, this is all my fault. It's always me screwing everything up. I shouldn't be mad when my boyfriend is late after promising he'd be home early without as much as a text. I shouldn't be insecure. I always start the argument. If I'd just shut up and held my tongue, everything would be happy and we'd all drive off into the sunset and have our fairy tale endings." She didn't hold back on the sarcasm and the venom, letting the volume of her voice raise.

    It was times like this she missed the early days of college. She still missed getting high from time to time. It would be nice just to have the peace of being so freaking high she couldn't remember her name.
  7. At the raising of her tone, as well as the words that were spit back at him, Matt couldn't help but grimace and give a little wince. Okay, so maybe he shouldn't have made it seem like all of this was her fault. It wasn't, and he knew all too well that he as just as much to blame for their failing relationship as she was. But when did this start happening to them? When did they stop being lovers and turned into each other enemies? Where did this animosity come from, when did it all start? Matt couldn't even remember the last recent time they had been able to actually have a nice night or day with each other! "I never said that this was all your fault," he shot back, though his tone not as harsh as hers had been.

    "And I've never once expected for us to ever 'ride into the fucking sunset and live happily ever after' because things like that don't happen in real life. I'm not stupid, and I've never expected you to ever not voice your opinion about something. But I'm also not going to put on an act just to make it seem like I'm happy when I'm not, especially when I'm here." He shook his head before throwing his hands up in a defeated manner.

    "So what, what do you want me to do? Do you want me to come home on time so that we can say we're getting better when we know we're not? Do you want to have actual conversations with each other, when inevitably they'll turn into screaming matches? Do you want to act like we're happy with each other when we're not?" He gave her an exasperated look then, his hands dropping to his sides. "So what do you want from me Bella, because I'm getting sick of all of this?"
  8. She ran her hands over her hair as he spoke, turning away. As he finished, she whirled around, spreading her arms wide. "I don't know!" She yelled. "I don't know! I just want all of this to stop! I'm sick of it too! But it's like everything you do, you do it to drive me mad!" She stopped, not wanting to start an actual screaming match. She covered her face, forcing herself to take a deep breath. She kept her tone controlled as she spoke again.

    "I just... I just want you to try. Just try and make it home on time, try and have actual conversations. I don't want you to pretend or lie, I just want all of this to stop. I don't want every night to be like this. I don't want to be constantly arguing. I just want to have even one evening where we're not at each other's throats. And I thought tonight was going to be that night. But evidently not." She shut up because she was starting to feel her voice break, and she wasn't going to let it. She had to keep it together.
  9. Matt waited until she was finished, sighing as he listened to her speak. She wanted him to try; wanted him to try so that maybe they could fix all of this. But even he knew that he wasn't the only one who had to promise anything, or at least promise any change. Relationships were equal partnership, and there was no one way about it. If they both wanted it to work, then both of them had to make an effort. Both of them had to want it. Both of them had to want to bring back the spark that they used to have. When they used to be happy with one another, when they used to be able to stand each other. Laugh together, joke together... Matt found himself going back to the time when they first started dating, when he tried to hard to impress her so that he would mean something to her. He missed that.

    "It's not like I mean for everything I do to piss you off. It just... Happens." Maybe it was a way to get her back? But get her back for what? He wasn't exactly sure, but he did know at one point that he did want to make her as mad as he felt, so he did things intentionally. Now, he guessed, that it just became habitual. That wasn't good.

    Again he breathed out another sigh, licking his lips before he took a couple of steps forward and set the water down on the counter. "I really am sorry," he spoke, this time quite than he normally would have spoken, him actually meaning it this time. "But I'm not the only one who has to promise to change. I promise if you will. I'll try and come home on time, I'll try not to break my promises... I just miss us." And he really did.
  10. She listened to him, forcing herself to try and calm down. She knew that he didn't mean it- much like she never meant to lose her temper. But, unfortunately, her temper was far too easily lost. She couldn't stop thinking about when they'd first met- how she'd always been excited to see him, about how she'd often done her makeup and gotten dressed too early because she was so excited. It felt like a lifetime ago, like it was two strangers wearing their skin.

    She nodded as he finished, running a hand over her hair. "I know. I'll try and keep my cool a bit more. I promise I'll try. I miss us too." The anger was gone, and her tone was a bit more composed. She stepped towards him, wrapping her arms around him and leaning her head on his chest. Maybe they did still have a chance. They both wanted it, so maybe what they had wasn't gone entirely. Maybe it would all work out in the end.
  11. It definitely came as a surprise to Matt as Isabella wrapped her arms around him, her head resting against his chest all in the same process. He looked down at the top of her head, sighing as he too went to wrap his arms around her smaller frame. How long had it been since the two had even hugged each other, embraced each other like this? The thought made him frown, but he shook his head to clear it from his mind. Maybe it wasn't too late for them, maybe it wasn't too late for them to change, to get back what they had before. He liked that. No, loved it actually. He liked it when he could actually say that he loved her without it sounding forced. He just hoped that he'd be able to say it again.

    He pulled her in a little tighter to his body, reveling in the warmth that she brought. "Maybe we could do something tomorrow?" He questioned, raising his brows before he pulled back slightly to look at her. "I don't work, don't really have anything planned either." He could take her out on a date, he figured, if she went for it. Start over, essentially. It was an odd thought to have, but maybe that was what they needed.
  12. Something inside of her relaxed as she felt his arms go around her too. It felt like forever since they'd just been able to do this. They'd just screamed and shouted at each other until one of them had stormed out. This argument had felt like it had cleared the air a little, and it felt good. Maybe they could make it work. Maybe, at least, they could cut down the amount of arguing.

    She smiled into his chest as he tightened his arms around her for a moment, then looked up at him as she felt him pulling away slightly. She nodded, grinning. "Sure. I don't have work either, so we can work something out to do." She shrugged a little, still smiling. Maybe things would all work out in the end.
  13. When he watched that grin stretch out across her lips, Matt couldn't help but get a little bit of a warmth to run through his system. That too had been something he hadn't seen in a while; her genuinely smiling back at him, and it wasn't until then that he realized how much he missed it. It made her look beautiful, or rather more so than he already thought she was. True, though they had been arguing and upset with one another for the past couple of months, he was still attracted to her nonetheless. "Okay," he said, nodding his head, happy to hear that she was agreeing to it. "We can do lunch then. Maybe even go to that restaurant down town that we always used to go to." It was definitely a favorite place of his, or one of them anyway. He rose his brows in question at the thought.
  14. (Seems like a good point for a time skip, me thinks)

    She nodded, still smiling. They hadn't been there together in a while, and if they had, the day had been ruined by arguing and bickering. It would be good to go when they were finally getting along again- assuming that they lasted that long. But she was confident that they would- when both of them were trying, they should be able to make it at least 24 hours without a screaming match. "Sure. Sounds like a great chance to get dressed up." She said, still grinning.


    Bella stepped into her heels, glancing at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a white shirt, tucked into a high-waisted skirt and a leather jacket over it. She loved to wear skirts and heels, but unfortunately, her job called for more sensible shoes and trousers. Her makeup was as close to perfect as she was ever going to get it, and she'd managed to find a pair of tights that didn't have any holes in them. Was she.. nervous?

    She hadn't been nervous about a date since they'd first started going out. Then again, this was a first date, of sorts. She tugged a little on the hem of her skirt, before stepping out of the bathroom.
  15. Running his fingers through his hair, again, Matt frowned a bit as he looked at himself through the mirror that sat above one of the dressers in their room, wondering again and again why it wasn't cooperating with him. Huffing to himself, he figured it was going to get as good as it was for the moment and just decided to drop his hands and leave them at his side. He then brought one of his hands up and rubbed his fingers down his cheeks and chin, reveling in the smoothness from him having shaved, and then he looked over the rest of his attire which consisted of a black buttoned up shirt with a pair of gray jeans. Nothing too fancy, but then again nothing too causal he figured. Then again, he wasn't too sure. After all, he usually consulted Isabelle earlier on in their relationship for what he should wear out to a certain event.

    When he heard Isabella's heels clicking and saw her form begin to emerge from the bathroom, Matt turned his attention to look from himself in the mirror to her, a smile gracing his lips at the sight of her. She really was still beautiful... At that moment he found himself a bit nervous, oddly enough, however he figured that it was only welcome and normal. He didn't want to mess anything up, for once, and wanted to actually have a good time out with her. After all, it had been a while since they had decided to do this together, as sad as a thought that was. "You look amazing," he spoke as he leaned his hip against the side of the dresser, folding his arms over his chest. "Are you ready to go?"
  16. She smiled at his compliment. "Thanks. You look great too." She nodded as he asked if she was ready to go, picking her bag up from where she'd left it on the coffee table and sitting it on her shoulder. She held the door open for him as she left the apartment, before walking beside him as they headed down to the car.The restaurant was a short drive away- they probably could have walked, but the weather was a bit miserable, and her outfit wasn't exactly ideal for walking. She kept telling herself that everything was going to be okay, that it was just a meal, that not much could go wrong.
  17. Matt smiled, nodding his grabbed the keys on his dresser and then following her out into the living room, and then out the door. He closed it behind him, locked it, checked, and then headed down the staircase that would lead to the parking lot that would lead to the car. It was a bit cold out, the air around them a bit nippy, but he figured that he could deal with it. He tilted his head to look up at the sky, squinting his eyes as the gray clouds shadowed over head. It looked like it was going to rain. Hopefully not.

    The nerves hadn't settled in his body, even as they drove down the road towards the restaurant. It was unnerving, very, but it was also a bit irritating, however he just figured he'd deal with it. After all, it almost reminded him of when he first started dating her, though now he knew the circumstances were different. Back then, they were just getting to know each other, trying to start a relationship. Now they were trying to see if it would really work out, to see if they could save what they had. He blew out a breath at the thought. Maybe he shouldn't think that way anymore. Thinking about it just made it worse.

    Like suspected, it didn't take long to make it to the restaurant, and after parking the car, opening the door for her since he was trying this best to be a gentleman, and then closed it behind her when she got out. And once they were in the restaurant, it hadn't taken long for the hostess to find them a seat, lead them to it, and then gave them menus before their server would come out. And Matt definitely found himself at a loss for words. "So... how's work been?" Mentally face palming himself for the lack of creativity in starting a conversation, he grimaced to himself. This was off to a great start. Yeah right.
  18. She smiled as he opened and closed the car door for her, following him into the restaurant and taking her seat. There was a few moments of awkward silence, before he asked her about work. Perhaps it wasn't the best conversation starter, but where were they supposed to start when they already knew everything about each other?

    "It's good, yeah. I'm mostly just typing up interviews that other people have done, but it's a start. I'll be conducting those interviews before we know it." She grinned, taking a sip of the water that their server had given them. "How about you?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.
  19. When their waiter came around towards them, giving them their waters to start off with, he said that he'd give them a few more minutes before he would come back for their orders. Matt glanced down at his menu briefly, already having figured what he was going to get, given how he normally got the same thing every time they came to this restaurant. He picked his head back up, though, when Bella started talking, his brows raising as he listened to her. "You'll get there," he said, giving her a quick nod as he took a sip of his water. "It's been relatively good, I guess." He frowned a bit at the thought, but shook his head and shrugged his shoulders. "Just a lot of paper work and looking over things that have previously been done because the company has found a few mistakes with a couple of things. It's all just.. Tedious work."
  20. (Sorry for the delay- I've had family staying and a lot of homework and study)

    She nodded. "Sounds it. Paper work doesn't exactly sound appealing. Hence why journalism is more my thing." She took a mouthful of her own water, and was thinking of something more to say when she heard a vaguely familiar voice. "Bella?" She looked around and grinned. One of her old roommates stood a few feet away. She stood up. "Ed! How are you?" She said, hugging him. He returned it. "Great, how are you?" He said. "Great. Ed, this is my boyfriend of two years, Matt." Ed smiled at him, before turning back to her. "Marie is a few tables down- she's on crutches, so she couldn't make it down." Bella nodded. "I'll run down and say hi." She turned and walked away, towards the table.

    Ed sat across from Matt. "I'm not staying here. I just wanted to ask how Bella is doing. She must be what, three years clean?"
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