Is A Thief's' Life Really Worth Fighting For?

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  1. ((RP with @LoveandHate91))

    It had been only a year since she assembled her team, and it only took that year for her to cause so many problems. She never imagined such a small idea with a few other individuals could turn into something so massive, something so widely known. Well, maybe not as widely known in certain areas considering the world was a much bigger place than most even understood. The clear blue skies, beautiful green grass and rays of sunshine that lit up this particular day on the college campus was only such a small part of the mass universe this girl had come to know.

    Her mind wandered off again as it usually did but she managed to get back on task. She couldn't have looked anymore different than the other young adults walking around the campus, shifting from class to class on a Tuesday afternoon. Her emerald green eyes scanning her surroundings as her mid length dirty blonde hair picked up in the slight breeze. She moved her bangs out of her eyes since the wind was becoming a slight nuisance to her vision. Despite the bright sun beaming down on the young adult girl her skin was a beautiful pale color, not damaged by sun or sunburn. She wore pretty comfortable clothing, a simple pair of black sweatpants with cloud comfort tennis shoes as well as a dark blue tank top to go along with her dark blue backpack she carried with her. Her small frame and height of only 5'6 was extremely misleading to most. She looked no stronger than a sorority sister who could barely hold her own pillow during pillow fights. If only those around her knew the truth. There was one individual that knew enough about her to understand who and what she truly was, who better than a friend and colleague to walk beside her.

    He stood much taller than she was, standing at a height of 6'1. His overall demeanor and look though seemed very awkwardly tired and alert at the same time. A strange mixture to be but somehow he pulled it off very well. His dark blue eyes were tough to see behind his thin framed glasses, and only a small amount of his blonde hair could be seen underneath his typical college beanie that he wore on his head that covered his ears. He was extremely skinny for being so tall, at least that's what could be assumed underneath his large black sweatshirt and heavy jeans. He to looked like he never went outdoors, as could be shown in his pale looking skin. He kept his hands in his jacket pockets as his backpack fit comfortably over his shoulders. He didn't look down at the girl next to him as he spoke, but his words were directed to her.

    "So, heading to the library now? You sure you don't want to sit in another psychology lecture?" He questioned her in his accusing tone of voice. He sounded like an older brother scolding their younger sister.

    She rolled her eyes but didn't look at him. "Well forgive me for being interested in the layout of the campus." She muttered, getting a good laugh out of her partner in crime. When he finished his amusement from her answer she continued on, "yes, library. It's where their main database is held with all the account information for the financial aid and bursar building. Without that account information it's going to be much more difficult cracking into those safes." She explained, realizing he wasn't looking at her anymore. "You even listening to me?! This is important!"

    "Yeah yeah yeah, database, library, I heard ya." He replied, waving off her worry with a hand and slight smile. "Don't get yourself so worked up. You picked the right guy for the job." He reassured her.

    "Well prove it." She prompted him, showing she was done playing games with him. "Scout the building now so that we can figure out what database their using so that when we get back home you can hack into it. I don't want to waste too much time here." She explained. "We have too much to get done before tonight."

    "Yes ma'am." He responded lowly to his short but proven right so far boss of operations as they continued their steps to the library on campus.
  2. *Tosen a guy of 5'10 toned body in a black Kimono with his hair tied back and a Washing poll in its sheath on his back is walking behind Hydra a blond haired girl standing at 5'5 120 ibs in a leather coat and jeans with wires coming out of her hand into the laptop in front of her she smiles*

    "Looks like we may have found our targets heading to a library you may want to alert Ryyker, Nova and my brother Hydro'

    "Well good we finally will be able to take this people down they caused enough trouble just make sure you keep up with your cyber warfare"

    "Do I ever disappoint"

    *Tosen pulls out a phone and dials Ryykers number Ryyker a Elf nearing his one hundredth year with slightly pointed ears and a shaved head with a wide brimmed hat one with a large black feather on it in a sleeveless trench coat which hides his two swords and wands underneath it answers his phone*

    "Ryyker here"

    "looks like two people fitting the description are approaching the library"

    "Oh good you need to stay and protect Hydra we will meet our new friends at the library"
    *Ryyker stands up and looks to his two companions Nova with her blue eyes and blonde hair halfway down her back in her blue one piece dress with a double bladed staff with the blades hidden inside underneath and a wand with a ruby on top of it and Hydro at 5'8 in his leather jacket white shirt jeans playing with his new gold stud earrings and two hook blades on him*

    "Oh goody we actually get to do our jobs maybe after we get payed I can finally get that purse I've had my eyes on"

    "As long as we end evil I don't care what we do"

    *The three arrive at the library while Hydra links the camera to her computer setup so she and Tosen can watch*
  3. She narrowed her eyes, stopped in her tracks and put her arm out in front of her partner in crime, leaving him greatly confused. Something wasn't right, she wasn't sure what it was but something in the air was off. As her eyes scanned the area she couldn't have noticed them any clearer than day. Right in their path they stood, it was obvious to her that they meant to block her path. Luckily to the actual college students on campus they could have cared less, assuming that maybe the man in the kimono was reenacting or part of a cosplay. She could only hope that the other students didn't get too concerned over the weapons they so clearly carried, if even one of the hundreds of students assumed the weapons were real campus security would be all over them. It would be quite useful for the thief girl, but regardless this was not the attention she wanted.

    "They didn't think this through very well, did they?" She questioned her counter part, still not looking at his eyes, but looking at her now three targets with a slight sigh. "How idiotic. Who shows their weapons and tactics like this in broad daylight? Their are civilians everywhere." She mentioned to him, hoping they didn't plan to hurt the other students around them.

    "Civilians that can be used to our advantage." He pointed out, looking down at her with a smirk.

    She couldn't help but slightly laugh, giving him a slight nudge and a smile. "Now that's the kind of thinking I can get behind." She mentioned, looking at a group of random students who were walking towards the library. A plan slowly devising in her mind, a simple plan to get them in and out of the building without harm.

    "Excuse me." She kindly interrupted the group of about seven students, confusing them slightly and grabbing their attention. "I couldn't help but notice that you were heading towards the library. We're freshman on campus, and we're looking for Freud's autobiographies. You wouldn't happen to know which area of the library they're in, would you?" She asked, sounding as lost as she could, her counterpart looking as confused as he actually was.

    One of the students, a male in the group smiled. "Know where they are! I'm currently studying Freud's work! Come on I'll show you where they are!" He said as he and his group of friends started leading the two fugitives into the library.

    "Thank you so much." She said kindly before looking at the opposing team of three with a sly smirk. It was as if she was questioning them. Would they really go through the trouble of hurting innocent bystanders just to catch a petty thief? Was it really worth it? Wouldn't that act just make them as criminal as her and her counterpart? What a tricky situation.
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  4. (Well Tosen the samurai guy and Hydra the one on the computer weren't with the group they are in a different room)

    *Ryyker sees the students that the two thief's are now with and he just looks over to Nova who notices the look and understands what he means and just continues to act normally she grabs onto Hydros arm acting like they are together and they enter the library ahead of Ryyker who fakes a yawn as he walks in*

    *Ryyker approach's the group as they walk in*"Excuse me young lady may I have a word with you"*Ryyker has a hand in his pocket on one of his wands with a low spell that would cause no bodily harm in his head*
  5. ((My bad! I fixed it!))

    Boy was he forward! She stopped in her tracks but didn't look at him just yet, debating on how she wanted to approach this. She sighed and began to turn around, concerning her partner. He to was getting ready to confront the new stranger, but she stopped him. She looked at her counter part with a serious look in her eye, "do me a favor and grab that autobiography for me, will ya?" She asked him.

    He must have known what she meant, because without outwardly communicating with her he stopped pestering and nodded to her response. "Sure thing." He answered back, following the group of students into the library.

    The group left her alone, what looked to be defenseless, but was it really. She turned around to look at him. She didn't look like she wanted to play games, she almost looked irritated, which was a strange look for a nineteen year old. "Lets cut to the chase. You think you're the first group of people to bother me during my work? Good one." She started off, rolling her neck as if acting like this was nothing. "However, I would be curious to know how you found me so quickly. I know my disguise isn't great, but I thought I picked a decent location this time." She looked back at him and crossed her arms. "What's really annoying is people butting into my business without so much as asking what I might be doing. Do I go and bother you during work? No! So, what's it gonna take to get rid of you?" She questioned, looking around the library. "This really isn't the best place for a confrontation, if you know what I mean. The fact that you would even approach me here is ballsy enough." She narrowed her eyes at him, clearly annoyed. "You're only putting civilians in danger here."
  6. Ryyker
    "No im not the first but depending on how this situation I could be the last on to bother you your disguise would work but im not sure someone whos demon can fool what cyborgs can see so that's kind of the point here neither of us are human anyways and that's not hard to notice and what your doing is planning something to help you steal more things isn't it and if you bothered with my work you may have ended up dead already and take to get rid of me give up and let me take you in and I approached you trying to end this peacefully but I do have another plan to keep the civilians out of this so that dosnt need to worry you and arnt you a criminal what do you care for civlians?"
  7. She rolled her eyes and put her hands on her hips, as if she was going to lecture the man, or cyborg, that was older than him. "Threats like that are just rude. I've not threatened you once. Who's the real criminal here?" She jokingly questioned with a smile. She was interested in him being a cyborg, she looked at him confused. "So you can just see through people? That's amazing. Who built you?" She shook her head, she was getting off track. "And of course I'm planning on stealing things. That's the only option your damn government gave me when they didn't listen to me the first time!" She gave such an awfully vague explanation as she shook her head. "But why would I expect you to understand?" She muttered, hearing his last question which peaked her interest. She looked back at him with her big fake emerald green eyes. "Do I look like someone who would put innocent people in danger? I steal things, I don't kill people. You're file about me is a huge pile of lies!" She challenged him, crossing your arms. "Ask your department all about it." She muttered again, clearly annoyed.
  8. *Tosen whistles from the room he's in with Hydra she's a feisty one and not bad looking ether Ryyker smiles hearing Tosens remark about the girl*
    "I'm not making a threat I'm giving you a option so I'm being as polite and gentlemen like as I can. No you haven't threatened me which I thank you for. And the real criminal your group are thief's and I'm a mercenary so criminals here is you and your team because I've been hired to bring you guys in for the crimes you've committed. It also seems your a little confused I'm not a cyborg but I have cyborgs with me the man who built them is part of my mercenary guild which is always recruiting the best that we can and me I'm a elf."*He lifts part of his hat to revel one of his pointed ears. And what did the government not listen to and your group seems really skilled so we can fake you and your teams deaths pick up the bounty give you half and you join my guild doesn't sound to bad to me. I do understand I'm a Elf looked down by everyone seems my species is different from the races they have I was placed even lower to be discriminated against but now I have a guild full of species from Elves to dark Elves cyborgs humans even demons and devils are in it. And maybe you don't fit the look but demons are quite dangerous and pretty damn mean so who knows I have to expect everything"
  9. She slightly laughed at his comment about being polite and acting like a gentlemen. Then he called her a criminal again, grabbing her attention full force. "Criminal is only a title that was given to us." She defended. She would have apologized for her earlier misunderstanding of him being a cyborg, but he seemed to get over it pretty quickly and gladly explain how he was actually an elf. Join his guild? "Thanks for the offer," she began, looking at him. "but we'll have to pass." It was weird of her to use the term 'we' when there was only her and one other person. It was clear she took on the role of a leader if she chose to speak for her entire team. "As you say, we are 'criminals.' I can't risk putting your guild in danger. We can only fake a death so long before we are found out." She explained sincerely. When he explained his cautions she could only smile, "well you can only expect everything. We aren't always what we seem." She looked at the clock in the library before looking around, wondering if...

    "Hey! Where did he go?" She heard from upstairs in the library. He must have done it. A good job well done, and she was glad to know he was already safely out of this building and probably safely back home. Her on the other hand...

    "Well this has been fun, really. Lets do it again sometime." She smiled and waved before a blue fire rose from her feet all the way to her head, vanishing her from her spot in front of him and out of the library. As much as she liked to think she was invincible that was far from the truth, her powers were so limited in the human world. She could only foxfire travel so far, she only made it to south campus, close to the psychology building. From the library that was probably only a good ten minute walk from there. "Damnit." She muttered to herself before she started running on foot. "Need to make it back to the portal before it closes. Before they find it." She muttered to herself.
  10. Ryyker
    "And its the only title that I can call you unless you want to offer me your name. Well that's a shame if you don't join the only other option would be to take you in and too bad sounds like Tosen would have liked to meet you. You don't have to worry about my guild we have bases in many countries if we became wanted for helping you wed leave to a new place and start a new there. And don't worry some people in the guild have faked their death and are new people. Yes but we try to plan for everything we have some tricks up our sleeves as well"

    *Hydro intercepts the man in a alley close by*
    "Did you think id let a criminal just walk away?"

    *Hydra contacts Ryyker about the girls location that she found by the cameras she hacked into and Ryyker grabs one his earring to teleport nearby and then try's to find the girl when he does he pulls out his wand and fires a green glob of a stick substance at her to trap and immobilize her the substance is really resistant to elements if fire was used it would burn the one trapped before melting*
  11. (If it's alright I already let my boy escape this scenario.)

    She continued running before realizing that he had found her and was right on her tail. "But how?!" She mostly was talking to herself though she did ask the question out loud. She looked around and saw that some of the buildings did have campus security. 'Unless they have their own techno nerd?' She questioned in her mind, wondering if that's how they found her so quickly. Regardless, that wasn't her main problem right now.

    The first weird glob that was thrown at her she managed to jump over. She was greatly confused about it but saw how the globs stuck to the ground pretty fiercely. She knew the last thing she wanted to do was get stuck in one of those things. Her thoughts ended too soon as she stumbled almost head first into the concrete as her right foot was trapped in that damn green gunk he was throwing at her. No problem, she would just foxfire again! As soon as she tried she yelped in pain. She looked at her leg and realized that she actually had scorch marks on her ankle and she didn't move anywhere. She grinned her teeth together, clearly frustrated with her situation. She pulled out a small round looking walkie talkie device from her pocket that had a letter 'F' on it, pressing a button on the side before speaking into it. "Cadalena, when I get through the portal take defense measure 1. Repeat, defense measure 1." The girl looked at her leg again before taking a big breath, knowing what she had to do.

    On the other side of things, literally in the demon realm, she heard her communicator go off. The girl could have been no older than thirteen as her cloudy looking blank white eyes looked at her communicator. She looked as if she was blind, but that was very misleading. Her straight across bangs and neck length black hair flew back as she jumped out of her bed and out her bedroom door, taking her communicator with her. She was out the door too fast for her to even be questioned by her other two teammates. She stood no taller than 5'2 and looked a bit too skinny to be healthy. She looked inhuman, a large pair of light tan fuzzy fox ears and a small light tan fuzzy fox tail to accompany her medium tan skin along with her animalistic like feet would make her look a bit scary to your average everyday Joe. She wore a simple white spaghetti strap dress with no shoes and a soul ruby pendant that hung around her neck. She ran outside the base to the vast abandoned desert where they resided, looking around once before using her ruby pendant to open an illegal portal to a new location. Once stepping through, she stood in front of the portal her male counterpart stood, waiting for the girl still, a portal still open waiting for her.

    After taking that deep breath, the girl trapped in that strange green liquid tried using foxfire once more, and boy did it burn. She screamed as she continued trying, but managed to get herself loose. Not only that, she managed to get herself quite the distance this time. Instead of being on south campus where the psychology building was, she was miles south of the city, deep in the deserted forest. Once she was there she looked down at her leg once more to see the burn marks reach all the way up her knee. She knew it might take some time for that to heal, and was very careful to walk through the portal to meet her other two teammates on the other side.

    She was out of breath from using so much energy in the strange world and from being half burned. She looked at the young girl she earlier called Cadalena. "Okay, do it. Redirect the portal." She commanded.

    "Yes boss." The young girl responded, not arguing whatsoever. She held that pendant around her neck one more time before a slight flash happened with her portal. If anyone were to enter the portal from the other side now it would take them to a new location, not the current location of the team.

    The female boss sighed in relief before heading back to the base, quite a walk from where they were. She looked at her male counterpart. "Did you get the info Rylee?" She asked him.

    The man, now known as Rylee, smiled and held up a small chip card. "Did one better, I actually have the program." He reassured her.

    She smiled at him. "Great job, now we can get the real work started." She said, still sounding out of breath.
  12. (ok)
    *Ryyker shots a thunderbolt from his wand at the walkie talkie planning on destroying it*"I wouldn't try to get out of that if I was you you'll cause more pain to yourself."*Ryyker is quite surprised that she used that much fire and damage herself to get away*"Where are they at Hydra"

    "No where in the city that has cameras but I do know where there next job will be"

    "well next time forget about them being alive permission to kill is now granted such a shame this will be I would have hoped to get there help but alas we have no other choice left"
  13. After a few days of planning, mapping, and double checking the team felt ready to go. It had to of been no earlier than 2 am, since campus was quiet and all students and staff were warm in their beds. The three of them made their way to the financial aid building, dressed in dark colors. Those oddly enough, these three might not have been the girl the mercenaries were looking for.

    Once man could be recognized from their earlier encounters, a taller skinnier man with glasses. He accompanied the girl that day in the library, and he was back today, dressed in black and doing his best to pick the lock in front of him.

    "Come on Rylee. She would have already had this done by now." The young Cadalena prompted, as if worried about her surroundings.

    There was a third figure with them, a huge man that probably stood around 6'4 and looked as if he loved muscle building more than breathing air. He had a tan complexion and even darker brown short but soft looking hair. He looked like the oldest in the group so far, probably in his 30's. He let out a slight chuckle at the small girls remark. "She's not impressed with your work Rylee." He joked.

    The smaller nerdy man known as Rylee sighed in frustration. "Well I'm doing my best, alright? I'm obviously not 'boss' and I don't see anyone else trying!" He explained, finally hearing the click to get the door open.

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the United States, she walked with another one of her comrades. He was a short man, standing maybe only an inch taller than her at 5'7. He had a small build but still seemed well built for his small stature. Regardless of his human like ears to keep a disguise, his white spiked hair and bright blue eyes still looked out of place. He walked with his 'boss,' looking around his surroundings. "You sure it's a good idea to leave those three alone?" He asked her.

    "They'll be fine!" She encouraged him as they walked down the semi busy street of New York, New York. "It would only make sense to use that program we confiscated at the same location, right? That's why those three are there. But I'm sure those mercenaries aren't actually after them. You realize I've been very careful to keep you four from any police files, right?" She asked him, not getting any response which slightly annoyed her. "Right?" she asked him again.

    "Yes boss." He finally responded.

    She smiled. "Ya'll are important to me. But we do need to get this gem, and thankfully the program that the university uses to secure their financial aid records is the same program the museum uses as their security system." She explained to her new counterpart.
  14. *Hydra sees three getting into the library from the camera*"Maybe i should let Tosen deal with them"

    *Tosen stands up and heads for the library as Hydra switches to the cameras that had the same security that the library had*"And who do we have here two people walking to a museum this late at night good luck I've already hacked the museums security"*She sends a message to Ryyker and he gets it and responds with*"Capture the three and the other two will come"*Hydro then joins Tosen going after the other three*
  15. As Rylee finally opened the door to the financial aid building it wasn't a surprise that all the lights were off due to the late hour and supposed security measures. He knew he had sixty seconds to disarm the alarm before a signal got sent to their central security office in central campus. Once he found the keypad he inserted a small chip into the system and typed in a code, unarming the building. "We should be good." Rylee reassured the other two before walking into the building.

    "Think again, we have company." The muscular member of the team mentioned as he looked back at the two newcomers with a glare in his eye, taking up a defense position in the process.

    "Why do we have to get interrupted? It only makes things more complicated!" Little Cadalena complained, standing behind the massive muscular member of their team, though she didn't seem nearly as defensive as he was. "I'm guessing you're not here to help us?" She jokingly questioned them.

    Meanwhile back on the other side of the map in New York, New York the two continued their steps until they got to the museum. They looked to see two guards stationed outside the main entrance. She only rolled her eyes and smiled, figuring how easy this would be. She picked up a nearby rock and threw it as far as she felt necessary to the right, causing the rock to hit a trash can on the museum's property.

    The two guards looked at each other, "did you hear that?" One asked.

    "Yeah, lets check it out." The other finished, the two leaving their posts to go check the distracting noise.

    Since the two were away from their post the two thieves made their way to the front door. She put a hand on the door and a hand on her counterpart, helping both her and him vanish in a blue foxfire and appear on the other side of the door, inside the museum. Once they found the security code lock to the building she inserted the same sort of chip Rylee had earlier and typed in the same code, though this time, it was invalid. "What the?" She tried again, and again it was invalid. "There's no way he gave me the wrong code. He's a damn genius." She muttered.

    "Then someone knows we're here and has tampered with it before we got here." He calmly explained to her, not seeming worried in the least.

    That only made her smiled and crack her fingers. "Well, I guess we'll be doing this one the hard way then." She mentioned.
  16. Tosen
    "No we arnt here to help you"*Tosen draws his sword and calmly walks in their direction*

    *Draws one of his swords but dosnt move from his position he just stands in his one area*

    "Found them"*She informs Ryyker of the last twos locations and then hacks the system causing the museums alarm to go off*

    *Ryyker grabs Nova and teleports to a close building and has Nova cast a illusion on the two making appear to them that the other member is frozen in ice as well as one leg*
  17. Rylee turned to look at the two with an irritated glare. His backpack proved to be much more as it seemed to unzip itself, a few metal rods scattering their way out of the bag and forming onto his arms. Once completely formed, the metal took shape of both Rylee's forearms and fists, giving his punches a much harder impact and his defenses a bigger boost as well. By his appearance it was obvious he wasn't that strong physically, but he was very smart and technologically advanced, that backpack was his savior. He went straight for Tosen, fists at the ready.

    The larger man on her team was in fact the muscle, but he was also their sharp shooter. Lifting both hands he had two machine guns appear in each hand in a blue foxfire. He pointed them both at Hydro and with an entertaining laugh began shooting at the man.

    The young Cadalena on the other hand, stood behind her two teammates and analyzed the situation. She didn't attack and she didn't look like she was going to defend. What was she waiting for?

    The other two on the other side of the continent however, where stuck in quite a bind. The alarms were going off, authorities aware that there were people in the building, the operation was blown. The girl was obviously annoyed, grinding her teeth together, even showing her canines for a slight second like an annoyed dog. "We can't do this today. We have to retreat." She prompted her teammate, hearing no response. When she looked over at her teammate she saw that he was frozen in ice. "What the hell? Rosue?!" She called out to her teammate, pounding on the ice she saw, as if trying to get him out.

    On the other side, Rosue was doing the same thing. "Boss?" He questioned, wondering if she could hear him. He didn't hear her earlier instructions about needed to leave, so he wasn't exactly sure what to do. His number one priority was trying to get her out of this damn ice block! He looked down at his leg, irritated that it too was stuck. He put one hand out in the air and with a flash of blue foxfire a spear with a hooked end appeared. He started stabbing at the ice around his foot. When he realized that there was no ice chipping off he was greatly confused. He landed his spear through one more time before realizing it went straight through, an illusion? With that part solved now it was time to get his boss out! He took his spear and started aiming it towards the ice that his boss was supposedly stuck in.

    Back on her side of things, all she saw was a strange incoming spear come from nowhere, very out of place. She had to move her head to avoid getting hit by it. That spear looked familiar, it was definitely Rosue's. How could he be using his spear if he was clearly stuck frozen in ice? She grabbed the spear and yanked on it, pulling Rosue through the fake illusion, revealing to her that he was fine. "What the hell do you think you're doing?! Trying to kill me?!" She questioned him.

    "Trying to get you out of ice... fake ice." His voice was so confused as hers was clearly frustrated.

    "We need to get out of here. It's too dangerous to continue. You lead." She pushed him out back through the entrance, working towards an escape.
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  18. *Tosen moves forward with incredible speed and swings his sword at Rylees legs if the attack hits it could sever rate legs at the bottom of the knees*"You need to work on your form"*Tosen says jokingly*

    *Hydro puts his hands up and a wall of water forms in front of him stopping the bullets but then he uses water to shoot the bullets back trying to send the bullets back into the guns to break them*

    "Nova cast some invisibility on me"*Nova makes Ryyker invisible Ryyker then jumps off the building and use a spell of levitation to land on the ground without a sound he then shoots the green goo at the bosses head(Sorry forgot her name) since last time she dealt with burning herself the get out he then draws his sword and makes the blade extend aiming for Rosues leg but when he uses the spell his invisibility wears off revealing himself to them while Nova makes a illusion of guards coming from the opposite way that Ryyker is at*
  19. Rylee was too distracted with his upper half to have much movement in his legs. Luckily his defense mechanism caught on in the nick of time to prevent him from losing any limbs. That nifty backpack of his sprouted mechanical legs, as if a large spider. It only did this long enough to lift Rylee off the ground so that Tosen's strike landed on the metal of the machine instead of Rylee's flesh. Regardless, it caught Rylee off balance and caused him to fall backwards onto the ground, letting out a large 'huff' as he landed on the floor, looking up at Tosen with a nervous smile. "Yeah, I'm usually not on the front lines." He admitted, putting his hands up as if he surrendered.

    As Charu saw what was happening his eyes looked shocked at Hydro's maneuver. He knew people had many different abilities, though this was not something he had seen before, quite creative and effective. Though his thoughts quickly shifted as he realized those bullets were going to come back towards him. "Holy sh-" His words got interrupted as he used the two guns to shield his head. The ricocheted bullets hitting the metal of the guns pretty hard, making them useless. He looked down at his guns in sadness. "Aw man, those were a pair of my favorites." He muttered, before putting his arm out again and bringing forth another weapon in a blue foxfire. This time it took form of a large bazooka, aimed right for Hydro with a devilish smirk on his face. "I guess this will have to do." He said jokingly, but before he could fire he was interrupted by his own teammate.

    "You idiot you can't do that. You'll blow more of this campus to smithereens. That's not why we're here." The young looking pre-teen explained as she finally took a step forward, walking calmly past her two teammates. She held her hands up, one arm aimed at Tosen and the other aimed at Hydro. Her hands began to glow a strange looking black shadow, her blank cloudy eyes also glowing but a ghost white. With this display shadows formed beneath the feet of Tosen and Hydro, arms of ghostly figures appearing to grab and hold onto the two to prevent them from further moment. Though their grip felt real, it was not harmful. It was as if she was intentionally not harming either Tosen nor Hydro. If she didn't harm them, would they harm her?

    Cadalena looked back at her teammates, specifically Rylee. "Get up." She told him calmly.

    Realizing he might have a break in time, his hands that were up in surrender managed to help him scramble to his feet, his backpack mechanics retracting closer to his sides, standing in defense. Charu, the gunman did not yet fire his weapon. None of the three harmed Tosen or Hydro yet. If the two did not figure it out yet, the three were simply trying to distract them as long as they could.

    (Lol! You don't know her name because I haven't posted it yet. ;) )

    Rosue and the girl continued running, doing their best to get out of the now dangerous area and failed mission. As they continued running she felt something, a shift in the air somehow. She sniffed the air, a scent, a familiar scent. It had to be that guy that throws that strange goo! But where was he?! With a slight panic she pushed her teammate even further ahead with both hands. "No matter what happens you keep going!" She encouraged him, and just in time. Due to her gesture her hands were directly in front of her face, so the green goo that was aimed for her head ended up hitting both of her hands and pushing her back with such force she hit the wall of the nearest building, arms pinned above her head with her feet just out of reach from the ground. Regardless of how strong an individual she was, getting thrown against a brick building and smacking the back of her head against it still hurts, but she did her best to shake the feeling off so she could figure out what just happened. She looked up at her hands, recognizing that damn green glob. "No... not again." She muttered to herself, remembering the pain she felt the last time she tried to escape. Hell, her leg still hurt from burning her own flesh trying to get out of it, she really wasn't sure if she could do that again. She made eye contact with Rosue, realizing he stopped running. "I told you to keep going! That's an order!" She yelled at him in anger, wanting to make sure he was safe.

    Without another word he did as he was told, regrettably so though. It was shown on his face that he didn't agree with her demands, but he respected them. He turned around to continue running, seeing the blade try and make contact with his leg. Luckily for Rosue he was the fastest of their team of five, and by a large margin. With lightning speed he was able to dodge the strike to his leg, and he took it one step further and used that speed to run from the area, running to sanctuary.

    "I'm the only one with a bounty on my head so there's no need to go after him." The girl prompted Ryyker, really hoping he would listen to her as she stood, uncomfortable and defenseless against a brick wall. She didn't look too happy about it, and she knew she could get out of it if she really wanted to, but what would be the point? She would be in so much pain that they would just catch her right after, she was really stuck between a rock and a hard place.
  20. *Tosen seems to disappear into the shadows when then seems to grab him which was use of his shadow walk ability he then jumps over the railing on the second floor and aims the hilt of his blade Cadelnas head Hydro also being immobilized seems a pressurized stream of water at Rylee making the water freeing cold*

    *Hydra sees the guy running and decides to hack a nearby security bot and send it after him*"Well this going to be fun i get a chance at a target"*The security bot flys above the city but then dives at the target she sees*

    "I don't need to go after him but someone else is at the moment so are you going to come with me peacefully this time or do i need to use that goo on your face so you can only breath this time?"
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