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    Paris France.

    Claudia stood there, tapping her high heel impatiently against the hard tile floors of the condo Periere in south Paris, a red lip stick stained cigarette hanging out of the corner of her mouth, a gun in her hand. She had on nothing but the lingerie which she had worn since last night. Her vibrantly red hair pinned up loosely and messily and her auburn eyes staring into the mans whose arm she had been on last night. "For my service you will pay me" she said blankly, pointing the gun at the mans head whom she had cuffed up this morning to his bed. This was a routine for her.. and she thought it might have gone more smoothly, but apprently not. This man was just a little bit more smart than the rest of them... this was her job, she would get dressed up after she was booked, and go out with a man something like an escort, she was to pretend as if she slept with him, but actually drug up their drink, have them pass out and wake up not remembering anything, she would then convince them she had slept with them, take their money and go. One might think it was easier to just take their money while they were sleeping, but sometimes it didnt work out like that, sometimes they would wake up and she would have to convince them which was normally very easy.. not with this one.

    "I know how it feels to be drugged and I was drugged last night! you wont be getting a penny from me!" the man protested, struggling against cuffs which bound him to the bed. Claudia smirked, ashing her cirgarette "Do you know the difference between a gun that is loaded and one thats not? .. they weigh just about the same and its hard to tell... but I gaurantee you.. it is loaded and ready.. I have no problem blowing your face off" she informed him, as calm as can be. The mans eyes widened, he was sweating.. nervous. "You will pay for this!" he screamed, before begining to curse her in french -of course she understood every word. "You will pay.. I never go down. You will go down for harboring prostitution ... how would that look in the tabloids pier?" she asks the man, a raise of her eyebrow, watching him struggle against his binds. This man was famous around France, his uncle was a high political figure. She began walking around the condo, looking outside to see a black phantom pull up -its windows tinted. "My ride is here.. you can either avoid public humiliation and just give me the money and not say a word of this.. or you can be killed.. if not by me then by Armand... choose wisely." The man was panicking now, but she could tell he was giving in, she smirked. "Where is the money?" After a few moments the man sighed "In the safe.. in the walk in closet just down the hall" He said quietly. She immediately made her way to the closet. finding the safe and bringing it out and on to the bed "Combination." She said flatly. "1,3,5,2" Pier informed her and she immediately opened it. "Take only what I owe you!" he screamed at her. She only smirked, putting four stacks of money into her purse "you are in no position to give orders.. for the trouble Im also taking this diamond ring." She spoke lowly and with a giggle, putting it on her ring finger. There was a knock at the door, and she closed the vault, before looking in the peep hole and then opening it, 2 men assigned as her body guards came inside. Locking the door behind them "Is he giving trouble Madame?" the bigger one asked. "A little.. but hes paid.. we may leave." She informed them both, before slipping into a little black dress and heading out of the room. "Thank you for your sevice" she yelled behind her. "Wait! that ring is for my fiancee'!" he yelled behind him but the door already closed behind her and the 2 men. They left him there cuffed to the bed, before making their way out of the building and into the car. She would be taken immediately to Armand.


    She was taken to one of his Condos -he had 5 here in France, 2 in the U.S and one in Florence -a busy man with lots of business to handle. "You are late." He mumbled as her heard the door lock behind her, he stared out the window to the busy streets of France. "Yes well that man was smarter than others.. he knew he was drugged.. but I highly doubt if he will say anything" she informed him before dumping the money on the bed for some girls who were in it to count. Of course he didnt question this, Armand only fucked with clients who had shit to lose. Armand Adored Claudia and would never make her have sex with the men unlike the other girls he pimped out. "Yes well.. I hope you got more for the trouble" Armand said as he made his way over to the kitchen where she poured herself some coffee "Of course.." she spoke softly, sipping the coffee quietly. "The cops are becoming hot on our trail.. but they will never have any evidence to convict.. thats what foot soldiers are for... it just gets annoying every time someone reports something to me" Foot soldiers were those that did the dirty work for Armand. Taking the girls to their destinations, putting the clubs under their names which he owned.. every thing. His prints were never on anything. "Exactly.. so dont worry about it.. they should just stop trying.." Claudia answered, placing the mug down. Armand smirked, sitting down at a table on the balcony and lighting a Cigar "I like to watch them try.. they can die trying". Armand was never worried about the police.. France's police were a joke.. and a lot of them were crooked anyways. Armand was normally cool and collected about everything.. but he was a killer at heart -cold blooded, he cared not about most people, no respect for anyone except himself and his business. His personal life was X and his business was Y and he never mixed the two.. but from where someone else was sitting just looking at him it probably looked 110% different. He was clean cut and very handsome.. but he had to do what he had to do to ensure he lived a lavish life. Even shed a little blood, sell a few girls, own a few illegal businesses.. thats just the way his world worked. To him you were either on the bottom or the top.

    It was irreversible.


    Trenton New Jersey.

    A few select grade A agents had been summoned into the 'Movie Room' as some call it, because of the big projector which was just as big as any IMAX movie screen -normally used for rookies who were briefed on what the cans and cannots when being an FBI agents -the stuff they don’t tell you in school or when being briefed on when a team was being sent out on a mission for high profile suspects. This time it was definitely the second option. As soon as all men were present, Anthony Ramos, who was the CEO of this division, came on the stage and the projector came on, the lights dimming. "Good morning men... and women" he said playfully teasing Monica, who was the only woman on this particular team, everyone chuckled a little, even Monica who knew it was only in good fun. "I’m sure you all got your papers faxed to your offices about coming here, the ones who aren’t present obvious need to check their Fax more often but hey, what can you do?.. There are about... 15 out of 25 who are supposed to be here so I’m just going to start and they will just have to study the papers that will be FAXED after the presentation. This also made the team snicker -they hated reading the papers, presentations were always better.

    "So let’s begin... France's federal agency has reached out to us in hopes of capturing this man" he said, pointing at the screen. There stood Armand, a mug shot from a few years ago, he was smirking like the confident bastard that he is. "In case you guys haven’t heard of him this is Armand Desoire'' " Agent Ramos said in his best French accent which was horrible and the agents chuckled at it as they began to write their notes. "Charming bastard isn’t he? he was arrested here in the U.S when his parents sent him over here for a better education.. He was well off... until he suddenly dropped out of medical school because he wanted 'more' than what the American dream could offer him -and quicker" he went on, his hands behind his back. "He was arrested for conspiracy to commit murder... but got off... his parents hired the best lawyer in town and he was out on the streets within a few weeks, however with his visa revoked he was immediately sent back to France where he met this woman" The screen immediately lit up with a picture of Claudia, she was walking her pure white poodle in a figure flattering black ensemble and laced up high heels. "Claudia Le' Beau ... She has never been arrested a day in her life but she deserves to be... she could be tied into MANY murders committed by Armand and his little foot soldiers... he runs a cocaine business and a prostitution business... we aren’t sure whether or not he sells her also but she’s been spotted on the arms of many men.. She might just be a gold digger who knows? All we know is that if you see her Armand is normally not far... and if you get her then 9 out of 10 chance you will get him too" Ramos explained. "Why don’t they just go in and arrest this guy and her?!" An officer yelled after raising his hand. "Because they have nothing on them... and People are afraid to talk... victims are afraid to talk... they have only had about ... 6 out of... probably around 600 victims come out and say something.. And that’s not enough they need concrete proof that’s where we come in... Also, Armand is a smart man and can sniff a French FBI agent out very quickly, they have tried before and failed... apparently they need better enforcement if they are paying the U.S to come in and do something about it... your mission is to go in there.. You will be disguised... as wealthy men coming for business... whether it be cocaine, prostitution, gun trade... and while there get as much evidence... take pictures, record things, wire yourself anything.. Gain their trust first... and then I’m sure it will all come pouring in... Also... don’t underestimate the woman... we’ve heard she can be very deceiving herself... and can easily seduce a man… don’t fall for it.” Agent Ramos informed them, again james raised his hand “Can we sleep with her at least? I mean damn!” this of course made everyone laugh again, Agent Ramos only rolled his eyes “Absolutely not.. see that’s exactly why Im picking the guy who will serve as the client… there will only be 2 because if too many 'new clients' come in at once it might look suspicious and that’s why only 2 of you will really be on scene and the rest will reside in condos set up for you.. We are sending so many just in case something goes wrong and back up is needed... You’ll take notes behind the scenes. Lukas youll be the Client.. because youre the youngest male and you just look like trouble" he teased the man, the others laughed in agreement. "Youll go in.. say your looking for business.. maybe an escort? to accompany you to a party... say you want Claudia and that youve heard much about her.. gain her trust.. continue business with them.. order in things like cocain.. guns.. anything you can supply as evidence.. you will be accompanied on all your foot work Jay youre partner.. he'll act as nothing but a good friend ... you are there for a few months on a political business trip but will return to the states soon... thats youre story.. all expenses will of course be paid for. The rest of you stay in the background and out of sight.. got it? everything straight?... remember.. this man may seem charming but he is a cold blooded killer and cares for nothing or no one but how hes going to get his next check.. his net worth is estimated at around 300 million american dollars now tell me does it seem he gives a damn if upping it to 400 mill ment ending your life? not at all.. so be careful.. youll be leaving tomomrrow.. youre all dismissed."
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    Lukas, but with darker hair. :3

    tumblr_m6dseahGa91qhdyjfo1_500.jpg Ariela, hair is a little bit lighter.

    Paris, France.

    "And 5, 6, 7, 8!" the dance instructor yelled out as everyone began to dance. Ariela hit the moves the hardest, sweat trickling down her temple. She swayed her hips, letting her feet jump out so she could land with ease as she began to do the other dance moves. Ever since she first came to France four days ago, she'd been taking numerous opportunities all around the city. She's been taking dance classes, art classes, and cooking classes. Soon, she'd be out of money and calling one of her brothers to help her out. She finished the dance, and the instructor praised every student. Ariela smiled, her chest heaving for air. "Hey, Ariela want to come out with us tonight? We're going out to a club a couple blocks from here," Rosa asked Ariela. She wiped sweat from her forehead, and shrugged. "I'd love to," she murmured with a sweet smile. She was shocked that the others wanted to go out with her. She was a foreigner, someone they barely knew. However, she wouldn't pass the time to go out and have a ball. She needed to have fun while her money lasted.

    hours later..

    Ariela was singing to her music, listening to Drake on her iPod as she blew out her hair. She huffed, opening a window to let some air in the hotel room. She finished blowing out a few pieces, and her hair was now perfect. She placed on a grey and gold dress that stopped at her mid-thigh. Her black heels were placed on her feet, as she wiggled her coral-painted toes. She placed on some coconut spray and fluffed her hair out. Her make-up was done, gold eyeliner and a subtle smokey eye with her lips covered in clear lip-gloss. She looked at the time, seeing that she was running on perfect timing. She walked out of her motel room, wishing she had more money to upgrade to an actual hotel. She ignored a couple whistles she received as she walked off to the club. Ariela walked past the dance studio and noticed the club the girls were talking about. Sure enough, they were all on the sidewalk giggling. "Hey, there you are! C'mon!" Rosa urged, and they all walked off into the club. The music was bumping, and that's what Ariela loved.


    Trenton, New Jersey.

    Lukas sat comfortably in his seat, right next to his partner Jay. "Ay, when's your sister coming back?" Jay asked him. Lukas rolled his eyes, and couldn't help but smirk. Jay always thought Ariela was gorgeous, and always wanted to take her out on a date. He was too nervous, however. "Bitch, relax. Even if she was here, you wouldn't ask her out," Lukas retorted. Then, the presentation began. Lukas listened, and chuckled all in the right places and what not. Lukas listened intently, taking note on what Claudia looked like. She surely was gorgeous, but definitely not his type. Lukas wrote down a couple notes. Once everything was done, Anthony called out Lukas saying he looked like trouble. Lukas couldn't help but smile, knowing that surely was truth. When he was younger, trouble was his best friend. France? It was perfect, he could probably stop by and see his sister. He wouldn't admit it to anyone, but he surely missed her. He hadn't seen her in what felt like forever. His ego wouldn't admit that to anyone.

    "Alright, when are we going?" Lukas asked as he got up from his seat. Jay followed as well, and they looked at each other with a mischief gleam in their eyes. They couldn't wait to fuck up Paris. Lukas and Jay were the best of the group, and the youngest as well. He checked his phone, seeing if he could get any text messages from his family or Ariela about her. He had nothing, and he was wondering if she was okay or not. She hadn't called anyone since she landed, and Lukas had to admit that he wanted her to check in. Being part of the CSI, he knew everything that was happening before it happened.
    Ariela's dress.

  3. "How much did you make this week girls?" Armand asked as he waited for Claudia to come out of the back with a dress he had just bought her.. they would be going to one of the clubs he co-owned tonight Club Fatale' which was a strip club and a regular club in one -girls danced in cages at the top where they couldnt be touched and everyone else danced wherever the hell they wanted to. It was a nice club, didnt get as much attention as the in Florence he owned but it was pretty packed -especially on fridays, which was today. Everyone got paid on friday, and everyone went to Fatale' , which was good for him because it just meant more money for him, his men sat in the corner of the condo's polishing his girls while the girls continued organizing the money. "All together or separate?" Jolie, one of the girls asked as they began putting rubber bands around the different stacks of money. If looks could kill, Jolie would be dead. Armand continued glaring at her for a few moments before speaking "Do I ever ask for how much you make separate? what good would it do for me to know how much you made separate? TOGETHER how much did you make TOGETHER? I didnt know I had to be specific with you fucking morons!" he yelled which made them flinch. "5-5 thousand" Jolie stuttered out, before Claudia came out in a little black strapless dress, which brang out the color of her hair and the fairness of her skin. "How do I look?" she asked, interrupting the argument nonchalantly. He looked over her before sighing "Turn." he demanded. She took her time, turning slowly so that he could get the just of it. Armand nodded "Its fine." which was his way of saying she looked dazzeling. "So you all made five thousand?... what about the other group?" he asked with a raised of his eyebrow. "8,000" Jolie informed him softly. "8 thousand there is no reason you all should be behind.. in fact starting today if you dont make AT LEAST 10,000 a week then you wont be getting any pay.. I might just have to.. dispose of you" he warned, they all knew exactly what he meant, but it didnt make it the slightest bit better that Claudia came out, smirking and aiming her gun at them. "Bang,Bang."

    Later that night.

    Armand arrived to the club with Claudia next to him and made his way to the VIP section very quickly -he hated being amoungst people that he felt were below him, people he just thought were ants.. ants that he made money off of. Waitresses immediately began delivering them the usual Dom Perignon and Chante' which were both very expensive champagnes. Unlike her partner, Claudia liked to get drunk, so she always had some kind of hard liquor. "Tonight Im looking for recruits.. so if you see any women who fit the description you make sure do your job" he told one of his foot soldiers, who nodded and pressed on the word -on they went, to look through the crowd for women.


    "Do you think paris will have hot women?" James asked Jay, who rolled his eyes. "Hey Im just saying...since the target is off limits.. the things I would do to her before reading her, her rights" he joked which gained a few laughs on the way out, James was always the clown of the group. They had an early flight in the morning, so all the special agents were sent home early to pack.

    It was going to be a long trip.
  4. Ariela was on her second drink, and she was just starting up the night. Her feet weren't screaming yet, so she wasn't partying hard enough. She giggled and smiled with the girls as she hung out with them. Ariela was dancing with on the floor with Rosa now, wiggling their hips this way and that as they did spins and what not. A small crowd was watching, but they hadn't noticed because they were busy dancing. Something Ariela was born to do. Even some of the dancers above in their cages watched in awe. Ariela couldn't remember having this much fun since she was home. She missed her family, she truly did. But, she had to live without them for a few days. Independence was something you found alone, and that's what Ariela was doing.

    Once the song was done, so was Ariela and Rosa. Their little crowd began to smile and clap. Ariela blushed, and thanked them as she walked off to the bar to get another drink to rest.


    Lukas woke up with difficulty. He wasn't a morning person, and hated waking up early. He was still rubbing sleep off his eyes from hours ago. They got onto the flight with ease, and even got first class. Lukas thought that was awesome, but he was too sleepy to even say anything. Jay began to talk about the fascinations of Paris, and the shit they could do. "Chill, chill. I'm going to sleep," Lukas groaned as he got comfortable in his seat, closing his eyes. Jay then glared at him, not wanting to be the only one awake. "Hey, think we can visit Ariela?" Jay asked with a smile in his tone. Lukas reached over to flick him on the forehead, then went back to sleeping.

    Hours Later..

    "Welcome to Paris," a flight attendant murmured over the speaker, with a smile in her voice.
  5. Claudia watched the crowd dance to the music, drinks, partying... to her this was all typical -the same routine. She knew she was being a brat and that she should feel grateful because after all she was very well taken care of... but sometimes being taken care of wasn’t all it was cracked up to be -because when your life is set for you, and all you have to do is sit there and look gorgeous on some man’s arm, it got dull.. Then again she did enjoy the other side of her life... the killings, the interrogations... all of that was fun... but it was only 50% which meant she was living with her glass only half full. "I’m bored." she announced to Armand and the rest of their entourage who sat in the VIP above everyone, the floor made of security glass which was unbreakable, which they could see through to down below where people danced, or on the flat screens which showed various areas of the club. "You are always bored... go dance... have fun... why so uptight?" Armand asked her with a smirk as he filled her glass again. 4th drink. Claudia raised an eyebrow, looking down towards her spiked Jimmy Choos and then out towards one of the flat screens which displayed the girls which seemed to be the center of attention downstairs. Typical tourists. "Not in these heels...” She said quietly, before lighting a Cigarette and inhaling, she held it for a while before exhaling "Excuses, excuses" Armand replied as his foot soldiers came up to the VIP area with stressed faces. "We did not see any girls worth it." Jean Claude, his main man informed Armand who shook his head. Claudia looked up to one stripper, who pointed up to a flat screen which displayed a girl, who was quite pretty, thanking people who clapped for her for some reason. “What about her?" she said over Jean Claude who was still trying to explain. Armand looked to the flat screen, eyeing the girl who was indeed beautiful. He then looked back to his men who looked oblivious. "We... we did not see her...” Jean Claude tried to explain, but Armand wasn’t hearing it. "Of course you didn’t... you must be blind...” he said bluntly. “I’ve done their job for them" Claudia praised herself with a smirk, taking her drink and sipping it. "Yes, it seems you have. I might just send you on that trip to Saint Malo you've been wanting to go on after all" he appraised her, before taking a shot. "As for you all... just sit back... I’ll handle this since it seems... you fucks cant" he scolded his men, before heading towards the elevator and taking it downstairs, everybody knew who he was, and many didn’t hesitate moving out of his way as he walked through the crowd with not a lick of insecurity. He wanted her and he would have her. Rosa, who knew of him well having lived here in Paris, immediately blushed nervously once she knew he was coming their way. "Pouves vous y couise! (Can you believe it!?) It’s Armand Desoire! He is a very popular guy around here... he owns this club I think" she informed Ariela in her thick but clear accent, just before Armand approached the two. "Hello ladies... can I buy you two some drinks? Yes?" he asked them both in which Rosa quickly nodded, before looking to Ariela.


    Once settled into the apartment they were set up in, a knock was heard at the door, before it was opened and James appeared with two bottles of Ciroc. "HELLO PARIS!" He screamed before chuckling. "Did you two actually think Agent Ramos was going to keep me away from this mission? I just took my vacation days and decided to use them wisely... to Paris I came" he explained before sitting down next to Jay and setting the bottles down "I mean... this has got to be the coolest mission ever.. No way in hell I was going to turn coming here down just because I wasn’t assigned." he mumbled before pulling some shot glasses out of his bag and setting them down. "You weren’t sent here because he knows you would be side tracked by the woman... how many suspects have you fucked? You’re lucky you haven’t been fired" Jay informs him with light laughter, he wasn’t surprised at all the James had come anyways. "Yeah? Well... I’m on vacation now... what can I say? I have a thing for bad girls" James explained before pouring the shots. "You guys aren’t on duty tonight so what do you say? A few shots a night out on the town?" James asked.
  6. Ariela sat on a stool, giggling away with Rosa. "So, find any cuties yet?" Rosa asked. Ariela asked for a shot of something exotic and looked at Rosa with a confused expression. "Cuties? Oh no. I've been busy with dance and just...finding myself," she insisted. As a response, Rosa smirked and rolled her eyes playfully. "Isn't it an American's dream to come to an exotic land and find a man to do that one-time fling? I mean, that's mine. Only, I'd go to America and he'd fall hopelessly in love with me," Rosa giggled. Ariela laughed along with her, then Rosa's mood changed to shock as she noticed a man from afar. An exceptionally handsome man came by, asking the two if they wanted a drink. Armand, was his name. Looks like her 'American Dream' could be happening sooner than she thought. "I don't you usually buy drinks for women you don't know?" Ariela asked with a quirked eyebrow. Her shoulders were facing him, showing him her undivided attention.

    His lips curved into a bad boy smile, and Ariela felt like a high-school child once more. Going after the boy who didn't want you, or the one your parents hated. Off the bat, Ariela could tell he was the man many hated to love.


    Lukas jumped out of his skin as James came in with an overpriced bottle of alcohol. He laughed as Jay and James messed with each other. "Ya'll both tripping. James fucks bad girls only cause they think it's part of their community service, and Jay wants to get with the one girl he can't get," Lukas messed with the both of them. He got dressed into a plain white t-shirt, and some black slacks. He looked fly, even in regular attire. To top it off, he placed on a black blazer, and he was ready to pick up any chicks. Just in case. "You bitches ready to go? Cause I am," he told the two as he grabbed his phone. He took a couple sips of the Cirôc, and he checked his watch. "We got...all night to fuck this place up and act like we didn't do it. C'mon, maybe if Jay prays long enough, we could find my sister. We all know how she loves a good time."

    Lukas waited for the others to get ready, and they were off.
  7. Armand smirked -he loved the girls who played hard to get, but of course just like the rest he expected her to melt... thats if he was pursuing her... poor girl didnt even know what was coming. She reminded him of Claudia.. they looked nothing a like yet they were both exotic beauties.. if this wasnt business, he might have really tried to pursue her but business came before pleasure.. and this was business.. tomorrow she would wake up in his house. For now he needed her trust.. just to get her outside the club and out of sight. "Yes. Gorgeous women deserve to be spoiled.. whether I know her or not means little to me" he replied lowly, calling over a waitress and taking the bottle that she was going to deliver upstairs to his table and instead sitting it there, watching as she popped the cork off of it. "But if it means that much to you then my name is Armand.. and hers is Rosa.. and yours is...?" he knew Rosa, not well at all, but he knew her.. he knew everyone at least on a first name basis. He began pouring their drinks, ah yes let it begin.


    "Im going to go outside and smoke a cigarette, you want to come?" Claudia asked Freda, a friend of hers who nodded and followed her outside the club, the night air was cold, but even in her figure flattering, short, deep blue dress and spiked white Jimmy choo's one would not know -why? because she didnt show it, she would never show it, she was a pretty girl, and pretty girls never had days off... Armand taught her that.


    "This club looks like its POPPIN!" James yelled as they pulled up next to it, lines stretched around the corner on both sides and lights like las vegas illuminated it. "Yo.. chill out.. " Jay laughed, sitting a tipsy James back down in the seat, but of course James wasnt having it, he was ready to party. He turned up the radio which blasted 'N*ggas in Paris' "Yeaaahh perfect song!" James exclaimed, pointing at the radio and bobbing his head. "You know what? Im so ready to fuck some girls tonight. Not girl I mean PLURAL.. I heard they love menage a trois here" James informed Jay and Lukas. Jay shook his head "Man.. of course because they were born here, hense the french name" he corrected James who seemed to be peering at something else now. "Hey.. hey shut up.. look.. isnt that the girl? isnt that Claudia or whatever her name is? the woman Lukas should be pursuing? I know that red hair anywhere" he said, pointing towards the woman standing outside with some woman. "Damn.. she looks even better in person.. and intimidating " he mumbled before taking the Ciroc bottle and drinking straight from it. "Looks like tonights going to be a hell of a night."
  8. Spoiled? Ariela was used to it at home. All of the American boys used useless pick-up lines, and gifts galore to get her attention. Surely she kept them and gave them all a try but she eventually grew tired of them. But...she was in Paris. Everything was different now, even if it wasn't so much. "Thanks for the offer, Armand," Ariela let his name roll of her tongue. A faint smile grew on her plump lips as she liked the sound of his name on her lips. "I'm Ariela, someone you'll always remember," she spoke with confidence as she placed her hand out for him to shake. That was her little opener for anyone and everyone she met. She noticed the choice of drink, and could tell he was wealthy. Not that it mattered to her. Her legs crossed over the other, as she took a sweet sip of the drink he offered. It went down smooth, just like she liked it. "Is this how you always get women? Spoil them with an expensive drink, and let me guess...ask them to dance? Or is it the 'Why don't we go somewhere private' act?" She teased him, making sure he wasn't the predictable type.


    Lukas stopped the car, and laughed as James talked way too loud for comfort. He was already drunk, as usual on a night like this. Lukas froze, his eyes stopping on the red-haired beauty. It was Claudia. Lukas found his tongue grazing against his bottom lip. James was right, much better in person. "You guys head into the club. I'll make a quick move on Claudia. She probably won't buy it at first, but she'll be looking for me later on inside. You two, go get wasted and get some chicks, alright? You two deserve a fun night," he suggested to the two of them. They all got out, Lukas fixed himself up quickly by brushing his shoulders. Walking with swag in his step, he cleared his throat to capture Claudia's attention. "Nice hair, carpet matches the drapes?" He asked bluntly with an overly charming smile. Her friend giggled, and bit her lip as she checked out his ass. Before Claudia could say any more, he whisked away into the club so she could follow. She called after him, and Lukas smiled. Stopping his tracks, she bumped into him. "I'm sorry I was so rude. It was the only way to get your full attention. It worked, yes?" He asked her softly.
  9. Armand chuckled at her introduction, she was cute, he would give her that -attitude and all. "Sadly, Im someone you should probably know in Paris.. but I am also someone you will wish you could forget." he informs her with a smirk. "Im a heart breaker you see, so good thing you are probably only here for a vacation or something?" of course she was, he didnt need to ask, he could tell a foreigner when he seen one. He practically ran this city from the inside out. He then cleared his throat a little, running his fingers through his hair, "I dont dance.. and I dont expect you to go anywhere private with me because you dont know me... and I dont know you.. and believe it or not... I dont sleep with random girls... cant I spoil without intentions?" it was funny how, all of this was basically correct. He didnt dance, he knew she wouldnt just go with him anywhere.. and he didnt sleep with any of the girls he pimped out. That was mixing business with pleasure.. the only person he ever crossed lines with was Claudia, and even with her they had grown into something like partners in crime, plus he had never 'pimped her out' so she did not count "I can tell... you are used to the same thing happening over and over but.. I can assure you.. its different.. and please.. dont do that whole 'every guy is the same' thing.. because when you do that, youre just being the same as every girl... because every girl thinks all guys are the same" he informed her, as he began to drink his alcohol, he was already buzzed, but whats another few drinks? he could handle himself.. he just hoped she could. If she proved to be too much work he might even lace her next drink. He would see how everything played out.


    "Excuse me?" was all she could say -no one had ever insulted her before, and her English might not be 110% but she was positive that was an insult. She normally never chased.. but something about what he said set her off. She sent Freda a harsh look, which made her laughter disappear quickly before storming next to the entrance, pushing a girl who was just about to come inside out the way, then to the bouncer who guarded the door. "Move." She ordered, which he did instantly. It didnt take her long to find him, not long at all, and if this wasnt Armands club she would shoot the bastard where he stood and make a great escape.. but she couldnt, and she would have called out, but it would have been useless in this club where the music was blasting, so instead she just reached out, tapping his shoulder hard and starting to adress him, before he explained that he only wanted her attention, she blushed a little then -his accent told her that he was from America... she always admired American men... they were so confident.. well most of them. She loved the cockiness, but of course she had a reputation to uphold, so she would not praise him for the comment "Is that the way you get a girls attention.. thats sad... too bad I dont have a thing for American guys" she teased lightly, before taking a seat at the bar, "however... you are bold and I like that.. youre the first guy in a long time who had the balls to approach me... I think that deserves you a drink" she said with a smirk, nodding at the man behind the bar who put 2 shots in front of them.
  10. "Oh really? Well, I better drink up then, huh?" she responded with wit in her tone as she placed her cup in the air as if a salute. Then, gulped it down with ease. Ariela drank like this plenty of times in her lifetime, but it seemed so much more fun in Paris. "A heart-breaker, huh? Well, looks like you've met your match," she murmured to him with a nod of her head as she agreed to being a foreigner. "I may move here, hell, I'm starting to like it here more and more..." she trailed off. Ariela fought off a smile that wanted to break out on her face as she thought of how furious her brothers would be with her choice of the night. "You can spoil without intentions, but it'd just make many wonder what your involuntary intention is," she explained. Men always did something with intention, whether they knew of it or not. She knew this was a true face. A couple of her brothers met their wives that way. Something about the unexpected made people find what they weren't looking for intrigued Ariela. She wished someday it could happen to her like that. "I know every guy isn't the same. I'm talking to you, aren't I? And besides, you may have no intentions but what about me? So, this could be a bad thing," Ariela wouldn't--couldn't--miss a beat when it came to Armand. He was a man of many games, and Ariela knew how to play as well. Ariela only came out for a good time, looks like fate decided to give her an even better one.


    "Not girls, women. I do that so I can tell the difference. A woman would instantly be offended and want to protect herself by placing me in my place. A girl would only play along and play childish games. Tell me, which one are you? My mother raised no fool. Besides, her little trick perfected after she had her first four sons," he challenged her with nothing but truth. A charming smile played out on his soft lips as he waited for her to reply. "Balls?" Lukas couldn't help but chuckle and shake his head. "Balls are weak, why do you think we wear cups during games? I prefer to say I had the courage to go up to you. I mean, you could have outright slapped me, but you didn't. I think you deserve a drink for picking the right choice," Lukas teased. He grabbed a shot, and held it in the air for her to clink. He was being a gentleman, something that he was born with. His mother only perfected it, just like he said. All of his brothers learned to treat a woman correctly. Some of them learned, and all were born with it.
  11. Armand chuckled at her comebacks, taking another gulp of his drink and lifted it to his eye level, watching the bubbles fizzle inside it. "Well I can assure you I have no intentions.. you see I own kind of own this club.. my only intentions is to keep my guests happy... especially the beautiful ones.. that way they will keep coming back" he lied with ease. He would never... EVER spend this much time on a girl unless he wanted her for himself or for other things. One thing he was good at, was lying to women.. he knew how their minds worked, inside and out.. so she would have to keep up, it looked like he was also doing some chasing himself, because she was good at resisting.. but he wondered how much she would resist once this next glass of alcohol was consumed. He called over Jean Claude who was close by, talking to some girl, but once he knew he was summoned Armand had his undivided attention. "Jean Claude.. take this back.. bring me something a bit more smooth.. " he ordered, which was just a subliminal message meaning bring him the drink with the roofies in it. Jean Claude nodded and went to the back, as soon as he was out of sight Armand turned back around "So you want to move to paris?.. and do what? what is it that you like to do?" he asked as Jean Claude returned and even poured them the alcohol in new glasses. "This will go down much easier, and its one of my favorites" Armand explained with a smirk. "I think we should make a toast.. to good intentions." he suggested, picking up his glass which he knew well how to drink but not swallow. He knew once she consumed it.. after about another 45 minutes, she would be out like a light


    Claudia raised an eyebrow to his explanation, smirking as toasted with him and then downed her own shot "you think women dont like games?... sometimes games is all some women know.. some women like to be pushed around.. abused.. all of that shit" she explained, thinking about the whores who worked for Armand "Thank you for the compliment though... luckily im not one of those women" she informed him as the bartender poured them more shots. She couldnt help but giggle at what he said about balls and cups. "You are quite the comedian... you're right I could have slapped you .. I could have done lots of things but sometimes words are whats best... this isnt the time or place to get upset over a comment.. and for the record the carpets do not match the drapes.. there are no drapes actually.. despite what you might have heard about french women we actually DO wax" she informed him with a laugh, knowing the universal assumption is that women in France dont shave because they believe hair is a good thing.. but that simply wasnt the care -hair is only good on your head, at least in Claduias mind. Normally, she would never reveal something so private as the fact that she waxes but she was tipsy, and when she was tipsy she became lose with words. "So, your name?.. I never caught it..."
  12. Ariela could see clearly through his lie. Every man had intentions. It was a woman's job to find out what it was. Armand may seem like he knew the inside of a woman's mind...but even Ariela didn't know what the hell was running through her mind half the time. So, how would he know what she was thinking of? Ariela watched silently as he asked for his friend to bring a smoother drink. "I hope you complimenting me doesn't mean I have to return the favor," she asked him with a raised brow. As Armand poured the drink as she scanned the crowd, looking at all the different faces. Some looked like they belong, others looked new while most looked faded. She placed her glass against his, cheering with him as well. "To good intentions," she echoed with a seducing smile. She was going to take a sip, but Rosa tugged her arm. "C'mon, let's dance! This is my song," she urged. Ariela placed her cup on the counter top and flashed a smile to Armand. "Catch you around?" She asked. Before he could respond, she was off.


    "Women don't like games. They learn to love challenges. Am I right or am I wrong?" He asked her as he let his hands fix his jacket. "And women who like being, they're the exception to my rule," he assured with a lazy shrug. Lukas' eyebrows raised as he was intrigued by the information she bluntly shared of her hygiene. "Ah, well that's good to're confident, beautiful, and know all the right things to say to a man," he teased her with a charming laugh that came off his lips. He drank the rest of his drink, and placed it on the countertop for the bartenders to take. Lukas wondered what he should use as his name, he licked his lips. "You can decide what my name is tonight," he smoothly suggested.
  13. "Yes of course" he called out to her with a smile before turning away and loosening his leather Jacket. "Fuck." he mumbled. This was the first time that he actually had no idea what he was going to do -he didnt want to just up and kidnap her without the drug, but it looked like it was coming down to that.. he never gave up on a prize, not ever, and he wouldnt start now. He called over one of his boys, the biggest one he had who stood ay 6'3 and was pretty wide as well. Spike was the guys nickname, and Armand only used him when all else failed. "I want you to watch that girl, if she doesnt drink her drink by the end of the night then you wait for her outside, put the chloroform on her mouth and when shes out, you bring her to headquarters -okay?" he instructed the man who nodded and then disappeared in the crowd, no doubt doing his job, just from a distance. Headquarters was something like the playboy mansion, its where he housed all of his whores. It was actually a very nice mansion, in East Paris away from these busy streets and such up in the hills. Armand dusted himself out, before going back up to VIP. He would wait... because she was cornered either way.


    "Some like games.. some like challenges.. depends on the woman you are with" she answered him with a nod, crossing one leg over the other and tilting her head to look in his direction, giggling a little at his comment about her hygene being good to know "Please excuse me... Im tipsy, and sometimes things just come out of my mouth when Im tipsy" she explained to him so that he wouldnt think she was a complete airhead. She ran her fingers through her hair, taking a deep breath and sighing "Hmm... I decide your name?.. lets see... I think Ill just keep you nameless then.. " she surrendered with a shrug, not wanting to call him anything but his name, though it was clear that he didnt want his identity revealed, which in a right state of mind would have had her suspicious as to what his intentions were, but she wasnt.. she was clearly on her way to being drunk, but no worries.. she knew she would be carried home one way or the other.. in this enviorment she was well taken care of, ironic as that sounded, this club was like a safe haven, she was surrounded by people who would die for her. She took another shot, before pushing the shot glass away and shaking her head "Okay.. I am finished for tonight.. that it, no more alcohol" she informed the bartender who chuckled and nodded, taking the glass. "So... what are you getting into tonight Mr Anonymous?"
  14. Ariela danced the night away with Rosa a bit more, giggling and whatnot. Rosa leaned over to murmur in Ariela's ear. "Armand is checking you out from here," she squealed excitedly. Ariela was at first a bit cocky, but then realized she shouldn't act that way. He was used to making girls feel special like that, and as if he only had eyes for them. She knew the deal. She shrugged her shoulders, and continued dancing nonchalantly. The night rolled by, and she never went over to Armand again. Unfortunately for her, she would see him sooner than she thought. All of the girls were ready to go off and leave, including Ariela. She grabbed her clutch bag, ready to head to the exit. As she did, Spike waited until she was alone. Once she was walking down the sidewalk Spike got a hold of her. She put up a fight, but it was no use..

    Fear struck through her as she let the fumes charge their way into her lungs.


    "It's okay. You're at a club, I expect you to be tipsy or on the floor dancing," he told her, dismissing her with ease. By her posture she was indeed tipsy. Her eyes glazed over, eyelids somewhat fluttering while her hands reached for nothing in particular. Lukas was very observant when it came to reading people. Lukas chuckled along with the bartender as Claudia insisted she was done for tonight, but it seemed like she was just getting started. He stood up from his seat on the stool and he was face to face with Claudia. Even in her heels he was taller than her, he noticed as he scanned down her whole ensemble. She may be short, but her outfit made it seem as if her legs ran for a few miles. A lick of his lips showed he liked what he saw, he couldn't help but admit it. "I was hoping you could tell me that, Miss," he spoke in her ear, making sure she heard every word. Lukas had to admit, this was fun. Flirting with a gorgeous girl at a party with some kick-ass music. What wasn't to love? "My buddies left me, so would you like to be my company for tonight?" he asked, letting her decide which way she wanted to take his question.
  15. 'la jeune fille est en notre possession' (Translation : "The girl is in our possession")

    was the text Armand recieved from Spike who was probably loading the girl into the Escalade now. Armand put his iPhone back into his pocket and leaned on to the rail of the VIP looking down at the people dancing. He didnt see her, or her friends, which let him know that she had in fact been taken. She proved to be one of the hardest subjects. Most girls actually volunteered to go home with Armand, which made things just all the more easier, but she was something else.. a different kind of woman he guessed. A flower in a maze full of weeds, but just like weeds, flowers can be plucked and pulled out. He smirked, thinking of all the words exchanged between the two of them tonight "I win.. as always" he murmured to himself, before noticing something else. Claudia at the bar with some guy that look unfamiliar. This sparked his interest and immediately he wrapped up the VIP entourage and they began to follow him out and down the stairs. "Go on without me, I will be just a moment." He told the entourage who left out of the club after his words. "Claudia..qui est ce?" (who is this) he asked her as he watched her giggle to something he said in her ear. She was impossibly drunk, he could tell. "un ami Ive vient de rencontrer. Je vais rester un certain temps .. Je vais envoyer une voiture plus tard. Avez-vous la fille?" (a friend Ive just met. I will be staying a while.. I'll send for a car later. Did you get the girl?) She asked with a raised eyebrow. Armand only nodded, glaring at the man before clearing his throat "Good night... and claudia.. ne restez pas trop tard." (dont stay out too late.) With that he was gone, and once again Claudia and Mr Anonymous were left alone. "I will be your company tonight.. if youll be mine" she agreed with a smirk.


    Once they got to headquarters, they immediately tied down Ariela to a chair, knowing she would be waking up at any moment, Choloform only lasts, for as much as you put on someone, and Spike only put on enough to knock her out for 2 hours, and it had already been an hour or so. "Make sure she is tight on that chair.. also put duck tape on her mouth.. Im sure she will be a screamer." Armand informed them, which Spike, making sure the tape was secure on Arielas mouth so she wouldnt be able to come out of it. Then it was just the waiting game. Armand would inform her like he did all of the other girls, of their options. She would either die or work for him. He was sure she would choose wisely. He sat down, in a chair parallel to her and loaded, then reloaded his gun. Waiting for the beauty to wake up and see the beast.
  16. Claudia's giggle caused Lukas' lips to form into a smile. As quickly as the smile grew, it faded as he saw the man come up to Claudia. It wasn't any man, it was Armand. Luckily for Lukas, in his high school days his mother urged him to take a world's language class. Instead of taking Spanish--he already is Puertorican--he decided to take the language of love. He listened, but acted completely oblivious as he scanned the people out on the dance floor. Did you get the girl? Dammit, Lukas thought. He was too busy having fun with Claudia to even look out for Armand. He wasn't doing his job right, and it was the first night. He couldn't screw up like this anymore. As Armand left, the faint smile appeared on Lukas' face once the two were alone. "He's into or something? I wouldn't want any problems," Lukas asked, making sure to seem a little offended so it seemed as if he was interested in her. Well...the interesting part wasn't a lie. She was a different kind of woman, a woman Lukas' mama warned him about.


    Ariela's head pounded violently, a muffled groan escaped her lips as she began to regain consciousness. Everything was a blur, her brain seemed as if it would explode. Her eyes blinked rapidly, trying to regain her vision. The first thing her eyes landed on were Armand. Her heartbeat became erratic, as she finally noticed that her hands were tied down, along with her ankles. She was in deep shit. Ariela's eyes looked around the room, not wanting to believe that Armand was behind all of this. It wasn't because she liked him or anything, it just seemed that she'd never be the one to end up in this type of situation. Her throat was dry, not having a drink for a while now. She leaned back in the seat, knowing the only way to get out of this was to stay cool, calm, and collected. Fear wasn't going to take over her being.
  17. Claudia watched as Armand left, and once he was out of sight she turned back to Mr Anonymous, smirking and raising an eyebrow "Why? you jealous?" She teased with a chuckle "No he is just a very good friend is all" she explained "He was looking out for me" She went on, standing to her feet from the stool and holding his arm for support so that she wouldnt trip or anything. That was the price of fashion. Heels and Alcohol never mixed well. "So forget about that.. what is it that you would like to do? Im bored.. would you like to come sit with me?" She asked, before taking his hand and leading him up to VIP. She wasnt really aloud to bring anyone up there, but she was tipsy and so she didnt care, besides he hadnt given her a reason not to trust him. "Dont mind all of this... there were just some people up here" she said, excusing the mess, just bottles and glasses full of alcohol, someone even left their gun. "Fucking dumbasses" she mumbled as she picked it up, unloading it and setting it down on the table "Thats just one of the body guards things.." she informed him with a smile, before pouring herself some vodka out of an fresh bottle.. she knew she said she was done.. but she felt like she needed more. "So friend.. what now?" she asked teasingly as she sipped her alcohol.

    Oh yes, she was pretty tipsy.


    Armand smiled, once he knew her eyes were adjusted and she could see him clearly. "Good morning sunshine" As soon as he said this, everyone in the room turned around to face her direction, pointing guns at her. Women and men alike. There was only about 7 people in the locked room but several funs being pointed at you was a scary sight. Especially when you couldnt do anything about it. "I imagine at this point that you are scared, surprised... feeling a little dizzy in the head.. and thats acceptable I mean.. look at the circumstances you are in darling" Armand teased her with a dark chuckle "Oh but dont beat yourself up about it because theres nothing you could have done to prevent this from happening.. I get what I want.. and you were what I wanted... I bet you are wondering why Ive kidnapped you and the answer is simple.. I am a Drug, and prostitute trafficker.. just guess where you fit in" he informed her with a chuckle "You can either become my little money maker or die... the choice it really up you but please..." he begged her mockingly, as the sound of guns loading in the background echoed off the walls "Dont make this any more difficult than it has to be." and with that he ripped off the tape, waiting for her answer, assuming she was smart enough not to scream.
  18. Ariela's eyes held no expression as Armand spoke. He laughed at his own jokes, which made Ariela fight the urge to roll her eyes and muffle a couple vulgar words. She would rather die than be a prostitute, it was revolting and unacceptable. However, she knew how horrible it would be to simply quit on life so easily. She was taken aback as he took off the duct tape from her lips, and looked around the room at all of the guns pointed at her. "I'd take the easy way out...but I don't think you want to pick up my remains. Don't want to get your manicured nails all stingy, so I guess I'll be a money maker," Ariela spoke with a strong voice, not showing any fear. She wouldn't give Armand the satisfaction. "Now may I please be untied?" her voice laced with boredom and a bit of attitude. She was taught to die trying, and to never take the easy way out.


    "Jealous? No, just cautious," he told her with a wink. He walked with her carefully, making sure she didn't trip over her own two feet. She was practically piss-drunk. "Don't worry about it, I've partied harder," he joked along with her as she complained about the mess. Lukas became edgy as he noticed the gun on the table. Claudia went for it, and he thought this night was going to turn to chaos. But it didn't, she only unloaded it. He relaxed once more, and sat with her. As she poured herself a glass, he only shook his head at her silly actions. Before she could take a drink, he took it from her and downed it all. "I think you had enough for tonight. You tell me what you'd like to do," he insisted, letting her make all the calls. He wondered if she ever had control over anything in her life anymore.
  19. "Good choice" he praised her, despite her rude comments, he then walked slowly around her until he was behind her where he crouched down to her eye level, leaning his head against the side of her cheek, and then yanking her head back by her hair so that they were quite close. "I dont get my hands dirty with anything money.. and you can bet that sweetheart... if you would have chosen death your remains would have been for the birds.. that is after spike was done grinding your bones to dust somewhere so isolated not even god could hear you scream" he threatened before standing to his feet. "I dont think so.. you arent going anywhere for quite some time.. we have to register you.. give you a new identity. Just in case anyone spots you and recognizes you.." He explained as the men and women lowered their guns after he gave the signal for them to. "Now then.. what would you like your new name to be.. Ill let you pick.. out of the kindness of my black little heart" he teased with a smirk, as he began to write notes on some paper.


    Claudia pouted once he took the drink, but laughed lightly once he drank it "How do you know Ive had enough?... for all you know this is just how I act on a regular basis" she began arguing, though she knew it was a lie. She sighed, leaning back on the couch and crossing her legs again. "Its my call huh?... hmm.. thats a first.." she mumbled, trying to think of things she wanted to do with this man. He was very charming, and she wouldnt mind one bit sleeping with him.. but Armand had eyes everywhere.. if she did, he would be furious. That was the thing with him.. he could fuck anyone.. but she was a caged bird. "It doesnt matter what we do.. Im down for anything.. " she assured him as 'Up all night' by Drake and Nicki Minaj began to play through the speakers "I havent heard this song in forever" she informs him, swaying a little to the beat. "You know what you look like you could be? a male stripper." She informed him with a smirk, standing and wrapping her arm around a stripper pole that was right in front of him, mostly there for strippers to entertain VIP guests privately. She twirled around it twice, before stopping "You like the pole?" she teased with a raised eye brow, knowing full well he was no stripper.
  20. Ariela strained a yelp from her lips as he yanked at her hair. She relaxed her body, not wanting to show distress. A scoff escaped her lips as he let go. "I don't think you would've let that happen," she spoke quietly underneath her breath. She watched his every move as he began to write notes down. "Sirené, or is that already taken?" she muttered in a quick heartbeat. It was French for Mermaid. Men have always called her exotic, and enchanting. And besides, it was her middle name. However, Armand didn't need to know that. She clenched her hands into tight fists. The ropes tugging at her wrists were beginning to feel uncomfortable. "Who in the hell would know who I am? All of my family is in America?" Ariela wondered, her eyebrow quirking to show her wonder.


    Lukas watched her every moment. She reminded him of water. Her movements like a river, moving smoothly. Her blue dress helped a little bit, too. A smile played out on his lips, watching as she twirled around the pole aimlessly. He laughed as she called him a male stripper. "Hey, if I do say so myself I have the body of one," he shrugged as he said this, acting as if it was no big deal. He stood up as she stopped spinning, letting a hand sit on her hip. It felt so normal, as if it was something he did all the time. "I'm a little jealous of the pole...getting all of the attention," he murmured into her ear like he did before so she could hear him. His lips were a hairline away from hers. Acting as if he was going to kiss her, he let his lips travel to her forehead. Gave her a soft peck. "I think you've done enough for one night, hm?" He asked.