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    Now that you're here, you can never leave...

    You awake inside the chamber with a sudden jolt. There you lay on the cold, metal operating table. Your struggling is useless; your limbs are strapped down firmly. A light shines over your face. It seems as though this is some awful nightmare. It would be nice if it was, but sadly, that is not the case. The light is blocked by a tall figure, wearing a bloody apron. His eyes are bloodshot. The twisted smile on his face is far from reassuring. He tightens the binds on your hands, further crippling any hope of escape. The man's bony hands inspect your body and hold down your head. Slowly, he moved to your ear, speaking calmly with a hoarse voice and sarcastic tone. "Try not to struggle. I'll be done in a moment." the man releases a deranged laugh. Only now can you confirm that this is no nightmare. Although the darkness shrouds the room, you can still view the man withdraw a rusty knife from his drawer. He grins as terror sets in.

    The blade slides over your abdomen, and the man drags back his lips, revealing his contorted teeth. "Don't worry. This will only hurt for a moment." the blade is thrust into your flesh, with all muscles tensing around its cold sharpness. The pain is immeasurable. The man lets out a blood-curdling roar of laughter, and only now is his unnatural form in full view. Blood seeps onto the operating table. You fall unconscious.

    Once you awaken, the only thing to greet you is your filthy prison cell. All that remains of the man's sinister act is a bizarre tattoo where the knife impaled you. Where you are is unknown. Why you are here is unknown. This is Irrenanstalt Asylum, and you can never leave.

    1. This might be a bit unexpected, but please use common sense. Finding a grenade launcher inside a prison cell is both nonsensical and not permitted. It will take time to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. It's okay to have characters who are intelligent, but it's not okay to have them solve puzzles immediately and discover all the asylum's secrets in one-go.

    2. At the very least, please write one paragraph per post. Anything beyond that is happily welcome, and anything less is looked down on.

    3. Mary Sue died in the asylum. Therefore, don't make characters like her, because everyone has flaws.

    4. God-modding is not allowed. Neither is OOC bullying, because those ruin everyone's time. So don't let your characters defeat 50 demons with their bare fists. It simply doesn't happen.

    5. Characters can die. Other players can kill you. Infections can kill you. The setting itself can kill you (such as falling)! If your character dies, feel free to create another one. This might be cruel, but I will not hesitate to eliminate players who use Deus Ex Machina's blessings poorly.

    6. Sending me ideas for scenarios, back-story, enemies, and puzzles is encouraged! Get creative!

    6-B. The year is 1939, but where the asylum is located shall remain a mystery. Or at least until you find a relic that reveals it.

    7. Have fun! Otherwise, you'll figure out what happened to Mary Sue.
  2. The young woman gasped for air. A scent of ash in her nose. There was no apparent fire though. There wasn't much of anything. One bare bulb flickered, too high for to reach, even if she stood on the bed. She didn't recognize the room.

    That was an interesting thought. She frowned. Where was she?

    A clatter outside the door to the spartan cell startled her. A tall powerfully built man, and sever looking woman with a starched cap entered the room. Without a word the man restrained her. The sever looking woman injected a strange liquid into her over extended arm.

    It burned, not just the injection itself, but it felt like the liquid was crawling through her veins. She cried out.

    "How are we feeling today Miss Grey?" The nurse asked as the orderly unceremoniously dropped the young woman back onto the bed. The young woman's hands shook slightly.

    "Grey..." She said softly, confusion on her face. The nurse clicked her tongue and the pair walked out of the room leaving Grey alone again. What was this place?
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  3. [BCOLOR=transparent]Drip drip[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent], the water collided with gray brick floor with an almost silent sound. Loud enough though to catch attention of Hugo as he was zoned out in his cell. He sat up and turned his head at the bars to see yet again no one there. Maybe he was hearing things or some it something else, Hugo thought to himself as he walked closer to the locked door.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hugo had been in this cell for about two hours, still the memories of the doctor and him on the operation table are so vivid in his mind. Outside the cell is a hallway that goes both left and right with a single oil lamp lighting most of what he could see. Hugo knew he had to get out, but the number one thing on his mind was getting something to cover up his body. Not like he was naked but he hated not having a blanket or a coat over and around his body as he did his normal activities.[/BCOLOR]
  4. Emilie awoke her eyes stared for a few moments in the room she was in. 'A prison cell, and filthy at that.' She heard a voice say. Emilie sat slowly then gave a nod as if there was another in her cell with her. She looked at her arm which was still in pain, which revealed a tattoo on her arm. There were numbers, Emilie tilted her head. 'We have a number? Hmmm...There must be many others somewhere.' She heard the voice again once more Emilie gave a nod.

    Emilie closed her eyes for a moment then once more screamed. The thoughts of what seemed like moments ago the reason for her pain within her arm, were still very fresh on her mind and all of her emotions had the memory as if implanted within her. She sighed opening her eyes once more. "We should make them pay." A dark voice spoke within her cell. "No" A more wise sounding voice replied. "In time we shall for now we must wait and think this through." The darker voice that came from Emilie could be heard giving a sigh. Then for a moment Emilie was once more in control of herself she stood and went to the door. The hall had little lighting but Emilie could see enough to tell it seemed farther down to have a choice left or right. She hated choices at times for it was hard to take a vote that would have more than an even favor of the pick. "Hey anyone out there?" She called one answer was immediate and to herself within her mind. 'Always out there.' They replied but Emilie tried to ignore them long enough for an answer from another voice than herself.
  5. [BCOLOR=transparent]Then a scream rang through the halls a loud one sounding of a girl or a woman. Hugo ran to the bars to see who it might be but he saw nothing. Then a similar voice asked if anyone was there, strange seeing that it sounded oddly like the voice that just screamed. “ I’m here!!” Hugo said loudly with a french accent.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hugo wrapped his arms around himself as it was getting cold. It was odd it kept getting colder and colder like a something was coming.[/BCOLOR]
  6. Serena slowly fluttered open her bright yellow green eyes and rubbed her temples, trying to remember what happened. "Ugh.." she groaned heavily and tried to sit up, her hands grabbing the filthy wall for support.

    "W-where am I?" she suddenly shouted, her voice cracking and hoarse. She then heard her voice echo through the cell, answering her question with her question. "Hello?" she shouted once again, feeling her throat hurt like rubbing sand papers and hearing her voice bounce back once again. She then let out a fists of giggles and then grabbed her head as a pounding headache came "Ow. Ow. Ow" she muttered under her breath. She licked her dry, chapped lips and looked around the cell "How filthy." she stated and giggled once again.

    "Baa baa black sheep have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir three bag full!" she began to sing on the top of her lungs, prancing around the cell, waiting for another voice to echo back.
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  7. Grey shivered as voices carried down the halls. Who were the owners of the voices?

    She touched her stomach as flashes of pain crossed her memory. She pulled the yellow shirt up revealing spot along her waist line where instead of a jagged scar that she would have expected was instead a tattoo of fire.

    Now finally the panic that had been just at the back of the young woman's mind since she had woken up pushed it's way forward. She did not scream but instead for a moment she closed her eyes trying to block the image she saw of a large painting of a emerald green city burning. Oddly as it burned she was comfortable with the image. It reassured her. Then she wasn't comforted.

    Grey curled up into the fetal position crying.
  8. Andrei stared down the corpse placed on his surgical table. It had been around three weeks since Irrenanstalt fell into chaos, yet patients were still being brought in. The dead body which he was examining was that of an elderly man, who died from having a DEAD larvae in his chest. It would be up to Andrei to remove the blasphemous thing before it could hatch. He held the scalpel with the precision of a bomb-disposer. The blade etched through the skin, and even then Andrei could view the insect legs trying to claw out. It was slightly disappointing that the host wasn't alive at the moment. Andrei would have been enjoying this more had the man survived. While he was pulling out the larvae with a large pair of tweezers, it dawned to him that he'd been inside the central tower for three weeks nonstop. Andrei gently deposited the DEAD onto his desk, where he proceeded to decapitate it with a bone-saw. It was the only way to be sure. Afterwards Andrei looked over the weekly reports. Several new patients were expected to be attending.

    "Emillie Alice Roth, Hugo Zeus Morris, Lee Grey, Serena Vonmorst, and Augustus Braun. At least I am now aware of everyone in Block 5-C." it was Eleanor's job to keep track of all new patients. She was fairly thorough. Andrei decided to try his usual scheme. He would go through the asylum radio speakers, and fill the role of puppet master. If Andrei could tempt them with freedom, they might be willing to do anything.

    The voice of comrade Stalin shot into Andrei's head. It had been several days since this last occurred. "You know what to do with these wretches. Have them serve your goal, and cast them aside." the hallucination ordered. "Of course, Здорово Stalin!"

    Andrei stepped over to his radio set, which he installed to the speaker mainframe before fleeing to the tower. Each of the newcomers had unique skills that would serve well, if they could survive. "Hello?! Hello? Is anyone there?" he spoke into the microphone meant for Block 5-C. "I'm sure you have plenty of questions. If you help me, then perhaps I can reward you with a way out. One of your cells should have a green key. Look for any cracks in the cell walls, but that's the only clue I can give for now."
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  9. Gus had awoken to silence, in a bed which felt strange after spending so many years in a bed which accommodated his lack of legs - thus, he hadn't slept well, and he had been awake since long before the announcement echoed through the stone passageways, wavering and metallic, like a bullet's ricochet. Unlike the other patients in the cell block, he had been dead silent since he had awoken, listening to their pleas, even their eerie singing from time to time. Though his thoughts were thick with terror and confusion, those words over the intercom made some amount of sense. They brought the sense back to him. He climbed off of the bed - walking on his hands, of course. Hitting the ground hurt; like landing on your tailbone, except without legs to recover with. He gave a loud grunt of pain, surely audible throughout the rest of the cell block. "Well, kids," he called out, as loud as he could muster. He assumed they were all young, judging by their voices. Younger than him, certainly. He was nearly forty. "You heard 'im. Hop to it."

    And so he began to feel his way along the walls for the cold shaft of a key, eyes probing for a metallic glimmer. The thought that the key might be in his cell but placed beyond his reach frightened him. One key, the man had said. One key and one key only. If the key was in his cell, and he wasn't able to reach it, no one was getting out. That would be his fault. All on his head. With increasing desperation, he continued to search.
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  10. Emilie gave a small smile and a sigh of relief hearing another's voice. Then there seemed to be speakers which to her didn't help for it seemed as if a new voice was in her head. She was quiet trying to figure out what he meant. 'Way out? Green key?' She wondered then looked blankly at the door where another answered her question. "A key? Is that how you got out? Or are you out? Hard to tell with such dim lightning." Emilie stated. Next her mind wondered. 'Hmm a key. Emillie if he doesn't have it perhaps we can find it? Maybe under a floor bored? No it's wood isn't it? Or perhaps it is wood? Hard to tell when it's you only in control. Hmm... Emilie if he does not have it could I perhaps be the one to look? Maybe we can find it as soon as we have it and the others out the rest of the task can be all yours. Well for awhile anyways you and I both know how long that last.' Spoke Intelligence within Emilie's mind. Emilie breathed. "If you don't have the key. Do you think I should look for it?" She asked the boy. She trusted Intelligence more than most of her emotions for she used her the most and the others did as well therefore Intelligence rarely asked for full control so Emilie knew if she had an idea that need pacifically Intelligence to look then that's what she would do.
  11. Grey sat up listening to the voice. She bit her lip. Did she want out of this place?

    Freedom seemed important. The ability to move, not staying in one place. That was important. He... Who was he? Would be proud. Proud of what?

    Grey dried her face. The confusion and fear that pressed around her temporarily dissipated as she started to search the room. The activity was good. Don't sit still.

    Who could the others be? The voices. Were they Grey too?

    Her search took her to opening her mattress a disturbingly filthy thing. Grey didn't want to know what had caused the maroon stains on it. She tapped at the walls listening, maybe a noise would be different. The bed itself? It was a hollow metal frame... Maybe in there.
  12. Hugo covered his ears from the loud noises of the people. After a moment he recalled a man on the microphone saying something about a key. Hugo moved about in his room looking for it. Something about a crack in the wall he remembered the man say. It took awhile for him to find it about 2-5 minutes. When he did find it the key was a small one, it was green with 2 knocks on the end of it as most keys do. He walked over to the door and unlocked it.

    The door went open with a creek. He didn't know what he was doing as he dropped the key and fumbled backwards. It was cold, very cold. Hugo didn't like it so he complained "It's cold I want a blanket!"
  13. Serena then heard a voice announcing that there will be a key. "A key, a key, a key. Why do I need a key?" she asked herself confused and quickly answered "Ah! to get out of here of course. Father will be mad if I'll be late at his tea party~" she laughed and started looking around, her bright green eyes scanning every nooks and crannies of her cell. After a couple of minutes she gave up, walking over the cell bars and gripping it until her knuckles turned white "Hey!There's no key here! I need to get out. I'll be late for my tea party!" she shouted and waited for someone to help her out. She knew that there are other people around her that has the key, and she knew that she needed to get out of here as soon as possible.
  14. Emiliie didn't seem to get answered. She gave a sigh. "Here I thought someone answered me." She said to herself and shook her head. "Alright Intelligence do what you can. Perhaps we can get out of this filthy cell." She then breathed and closed her eyes seeing Intelligence was waiting. "Well good luck." She stated with a rather small voice. Intelligence gave a smile and a nod. Then opened Emilie's eyes. "Lets see." She said sounding more logical and wise than Emilie herself. She first examined the floor which was also rather filthy. "Possible but something tells me probable not." She looked at the bed. "No can't be the man said cracks in the wall I remember now. Hmm... Interesting the walls? Why would you place a key in plain sight?" She then began to run a hand on the walls carefully looking for a possible crack. She found one near the bed but she wasn't sure if that was the only crack. It could even be there because of the bed being so close to the wall itself." Intelligence shook her head. "Emilie if we don't have it lets hope some idiot doesn't get there hands on it and only lets themselves out. Or losses it." She said with a sigh. And then began to try and move the bed in hopes to perhaps find a key.
  15. The radio feedback, while poor in quality, assured Andrei that at least the new patients were relatively sane. They were allegedly processed by an undocumented employee. Based on what he could hear, it didn't sound like any of them knew about their magic abilities. Their fear and confusion was expected. Andrei was going to try and guide them further along, until one of his cryptid-sensors began to rupture with sound. He frantically moved over to the device, which was a board of light bulbs matched to pictures of all recorded monsters in the asylum. Whenever a monster was detected in an area, the bulb which corresponded to the found species would activate. Half the tower was dedicated to locating these blasphemous creatures with advanced sensors. It was the only way of being able to prepare, but these poor souls in Block 5-C didn't have that luxury. It appeared that a Shambler was breaching its way into the area. With those patients locked in their cells, a Shambler could teleport its way in and slaughter them all in seconds. Andrei leaped back to the speaker and radios. "I would suggest speeding up the process. If you don't free yourselves soon, I'm afraid you will not survive." he was at a loss. Andrei had little clue in regards to explaining the presence of nightmarish beings coming to kill them. "Just hurry! A creature has breached Block 5-C, and it's heading towards you all..."
  16. "Does someone have the key?" Grey called out. A creature the voice had said. Grey wasn't so sure, from the panic that the voice carried, she had any desire to meet this creature. "I don't want to die." She mumbled.

    A part of her sensed that death is sometimes the easier way. Grey didn't understand where that knowledge came from. All she knew was this room, and the other room. She shivered at the memory, a memory that didn't seem so bad... as bad as what Grey couldn't say.
  17. Intelligence heard the voice once more and heard him say Monster. "Just great. Emilie their might be a change of plans." Her hand looking desperately for the key. 'Come on we have to get out before Misery takes over. We just have to.' She thought panicking she breathed. "Brave might be better than me but we must find that dang key." She looked at the bars of her cell for a moment her hand still skimming the cracks near the bed. "If anyone found the freaking key. Move and get the rest of us out before you get us all killed." She yelled not caring who reacted she wanted out or to find a way out. Misery would even try to break out by the bars she knew if it came to it. Intelligence knew weather the creature cared or not. That one of Emilie's personalities would put up some kind of fight.
  18. Gus' mind was full of fear and static, but he searched on, feeling the walls up and down, groping into the cracks. It occurred to him then that he should back up - perhaps then he might be able to spot the key if it was up on a higher ledge. He walked on his palms to the far side of the room and craned his neck - ah! There it was; a green key, sitting in a crack between two whitewashed bricks. That was good. It was far beyond his reach. That was bad.

    His arms were very strong, but the ledges were too narrow for him to climb. However, he did notice that he might be able to reach it if he dragged his bed a few paces to the left, provided there were a few handholds. Dragging large objects was torturous - murder on his sensitive tailbone, that much physical exertion. But he was able to accomplish the task without hurting himself too badly, and pulled himself onto the bed. His hands reached upward, towards the crack where the key sat, but he was a finger's width away. He groaned with the exertion, then fell back onto the bed. "I found it, just give me a second," he panted out, then started to groan again as he pulled himself up closer on an exposed brick. As his fingers found the key with a final gasp, he thought for a moment how strange the sounds he was making must have seemed to the others, who didn't yet know he had no legs. He clutched the key in his hand as he climbed off the bed, but across the room, he found himself straining again to reach the lock on the door. He managed, though, and pushed it open.

    The hallway was dank, made of the same cold, bare concrete as his cell and as the rest of the place. Distantly, he could hear something moving. Something shambling. The man on the speakers had said something about a shambler, whatever that was. He didn't exactly want to find out. Directly across the hall was another door from which he had heard voices before - Hugo's door, not that he knew that. The key in one fist, he walked to the door on his hands. "Hey, kid!" he shouted, then threw the key through the little barred window in the center of the door. "There's the key. Now ask me what took me so long. I f---king dare you."
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  19. Hugo was puzzled by what the man said, his English was not the best when it came to that type of thing. His mother only taught him English words she thought he would use or wanted him to use. He then got up and picked up the key, the man that had told him the strange words was legless something Hugo had never seen. Hugo looked down at the man with his head tilted "Where are your legs?" Hugo asked with curiosity.
  20. Intelligence heard a man near by in what must had been another cells say he had the key. She gave a sigh of relief hearing he pasted it on made her wonder if they were taking turns or something. "Emilie now we must wait. But being there is something that might kill us coming what should we do?" She asked. Emilie thought, "Perhaps let Brave take over till we know it's safe? At least then we would have a better chance of survival and I won't freak out and get killed waiting to make a move." She spoke in her mind. Intelligence nodded and closed her eyes seeing a door that was a forest green. She opened it and saw a green dressed figure in the same type of outfit as Emilie just it was different shades of green for the sleeves. "Brave sorry to interrupt whatever your um...Doing." She watched Brave turn from a punching bag. "Yes?" Brave asked in Emilie's mind. "We have a problem. And Emilie and I believe you might be the best one in control. It's a matter of life and death I believe." Intelligence stated. Brave gave a laugh. "Danger? Sounds like fun. Sure I'll be glad to take control for a bit. We might not die as easily as one might think." Intelligence nodded at those words. "Now your waiting to meet others and get out of a cell. There is someone with a key." Intelligence told Brave. Brave smiled and nodded. Then Emilie's eyes opened once more a smile of confidence on her face. "Hmm... I wonder what I'll be dealing with." She said to herself and moved off the bed which Intelligence was once looking for a key. Brave grinned and went near the cell door. "Hey. You guys hurrying up a little out there? I'm not sure being trapped is a good advantage for us. We might need space if there is a monster coming that can kill us. That way we may have a fighting chance."
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