Irredeemed (Open/Accepting)

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  1. "Thus, the Harrowing of Avalon. Red and bleeding gold are the sunsets of this age. Let the ground sleep fallow for ten thousand years of night. Let them crawl back from their dark-age muds and contagions. Let them relearn all their secret sciences and magicks. They will never learn to fight us. And we will come again to rape the shining kingdoms that rise from Camelot's ashes. Now take us home to Summer's End."

    Cast into wilderness, a group of youths awaken together and alone. Banished for failure of the rites that would see them made citizens, they must survive, fight and die. Whoever returns to the city gates is welcomed with bloody hands into the Enclave, where harnessing the power of life and death are the simplest things one might learn...

    The planet is a shambles. Broken down by nuclear war, reclaimed by nature. It is centuries since the great cities vomited their concrete bulk across the landscape. Where once were great towers of glass and steel now rise again the pillars of Earth to spread their leaves toward a sky choked still now and again by the ashes of those final thrashings. A species seemingly bent towards its own death, mankind still clings to life beneath the eaves.

    The pain was great, choking agony and darkness whirled all around. Time held no meaning in that forever-moment when life was torn away to spread in cooling red across the earth. It was then that the voice came, a whisper in the dark promising with its arrival power for the life that had been so callously taken.

    Scripture tells of saviors that came down from the mountains many years ago, man in form but filled with a divinity to reshape the world. Mankind made animals by their own hands these took unto their bosom so that their charges might once more lift their brows to the heavens without despair, turning their gaze across the Earth with new-found mastery. Walls they built to shelter, food they made to sustain, weapons they forged to protect and words they inscribed upon every heart so that none might forget what has been.

    Hands were placed upon her head, struggles contained by the restraints they had wrapped her in. Slowly these lessened then ceased and after a moment she looked up at her captors with eyes wide and wet. Joy, fear, sadness warred across her features. All her life she had known only pain, terror but now, it was as if she had been awakened. Knowledge flowed through her mind as if from those fingers that now traced her raised chin, enough to show her what had been done and what could be. There was a catch, but what were a few lives compared to the glory of becoming a living god?
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  2. Accepted Players & Characters (open)
    ShiroKiyoshi: Jax
    Freyja: Nameless
    IWrestledABoyOnce: Stricker
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  3. Hello! May I make a character here?
  4. Thanks! What are we supposed to put on the sign-up sheets?
  5. There is a profile skeleton here to start off.
    Other information is in the index.
    I am here to answer any questions or to clarify points that don't come across in the text, if you need me.
    As a guideline, your character is around the age of consent, banished for failing the rites of citizenship.
    The details of said failing and anything else are up to you.
    Naming follows certain conventions detailed at the bottom of this entry.
    Your birthplace is Central, last city on the continent.
  6. O_O
    I'm sorry, but I think my mind just blew up. I swear, I'm really sorry, but it's too awesome (and slightly confusing). Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry...
  7. No need to apologize.
    So long as it is enjoyed I am pleased.
    I will help alleviate your confusion as best I can.
  8. Thanks. Uh, what is the age of consent?
  9. Something around age eighteen, give or take depending on an individual's apparent aptitude.
  10. I think I've seen this before. I will read the info again. Then I'll attempt a CS.
  11. Very glad to have you.
  12. Okay so I read over the information and I understand it to an extent. I understand it to a level where I have no questions on the information given at least, but I do have a question. Generally if I were to run into a human what am I looking at:

    Please note I am really referring to their apparel and hygiene. Cleanly super future or Dirty dystopia. You can ignore the various weapons you may see in the images.
    Choice 1
    Choice 2
    Choice 3
    Choice 4
  13. The first and fourth are closest.
    It also depends on whether or not the person encountered is part of an Enclave or not.
    Generally, if one is then chances are they are well-groomed compared to someone who is not as those beyond the walls live a more medieval lifestyle, albeit with the odd technological boon.
    The first strikes me as a middling first-stage augment, while the fourth seems more of an average citizen or non-Enclave affiliated though possibly one who keeps their replicator use understated.
    It comes down to a matter of taste and availability of resources.
  14. Awesome. So I understand a bit more now. The world is taken back, but these five sects and Enclaves have everyone on a tight leash. They are forced to cooperate because the "outside" world is dangerous. Those who don't cooperate are cast out indefinitely with slim chances of being accepted as a part of their Enclave once more.

    And the replicators are a database, weapon, or medical unit depending on the model?

    Is this anywhere near the nail or am I just banging a hole in the wall?
  15. The sects function as internal structure for the Enclaves, but yes they keep the populace disciplined and facing an understandable goal.
    The individual might not be as important as the work they can do, but as tools they are treated well enough.
    A fine balance, which on the surface appears to work.

    Replicators are all those things, the end-all development of technology.
    Relatively simple at first, their functions can be made to encompass many fields over time.
    For the clever, they can eventually reshape worlds.
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  16. I've got one more question. Is there any existence of magic?

    "Let them relearn all their secret sciences and magicks"

    This is why I'm asking.
  17. The replicator acts as a key.
    Bringing together humanity's greatest accomplishments it makes what was once myth into reality.
    Not through vague sorceries or secret rites, but tangible fact.
    After all, with a device capable of atomic manipulation what else would one accomplish but magic?
    Clarke's Third Law taken to its conclusion.
  18. Designation: 'Jax'
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Date of Birth: September 9th, 2481

    Medium slender frame. Muscles are not toned, but strength in his body is noticeable by the small definition of muscle throughout his body.
    Hair texture: Rough
    Hair length: From the crown to mid back.
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Brown
    Facial attributes: Scruff on the chin
    Distinguishing marks: Right arm is tattooed with scars and burns from work on vehicles and various inventions.
    Bearing: A barely noticeable slouch, hands normally concealed in pockets or fiddling with devices.
    Skills/Training: A novice grease monkey. Understanding of most machinery and technology. Minimal ancient technological knowledge.

    Early Years: Jax was born to a family of mechanics under the Black Sect. He grew up most his life playing with friends or reading books. Though most of his time was devoted to reading books scavenged from the outer world. There weren't many of those. They were thrilling to read, but he also took time to read up on what his father did. He saw the large machines always enter through the shop never knowing what to call them, but big. Jax did find time to play with children, but it was normally board games or if things required more activity tag was his goto. Jax loved board games though and always won, but there was one game he was terrible at and that was Jacks. To start off he had no idea what he was doing, but by the time he understood the children had devised simple strategies to win. This gained him the name Jax as a way to make fun of his terrible skill at the game.
    10 - 14: Jax's name became solid and he was stuck with it. His father even chimed in changing the letters to make his name "Jax". It was an annoyance that would provide the nutrients for his self-conscious attitude to grow. During these emotionally unstable years Jax managed to survive by finding comfort in inventing. His talent took heavy hits of failure and sudden bursts of brilliance. The little time he spent with others grew smaller as he became engulfed in his work and drew his dream on a blueprint. A war-machine that he planned to forge with his own hands.
    16 - Present: Jax's mother died of sickness when he was sixteen. This put a halt on all of his plans and killed his self-esteem. His inventions began to die out like the soul inside of him. He led a life like this taking comfort in books and silence. Filling the air with gray with every step he took. This one event caused him so much pain and only served to create more. He failed his rites of citizenship and was banished. He had become consumed by anger and has thrived on it in the outside world for little more than a year now.

    Jax has an anger issue and a serious lack of self esteem. He is motivated to finish what he starts, but has zero faith in its success.

    Outside the walls he has very limited resources, but a year of survival has helped him learn the land and regain his stature. His cheeks may never be the same as they were inside the walls, but he is no longer limp. Able to make wooden weapons and forge metal gear from volcanic fluid. He has documented the safe from the dangers enabling him to usher guidance to others. Keeping a low profile has become a necessity for him and kept him alive.
    • Basic Crafting
    • Trailing
    • Vegetation and Knowledge of the land
    • Mechanics
    • Knife Fighting
    • Wooden Knife
    • Metal Bracer
    • Leather Bag
    • Shanks x 3
    • Journal


    @Nemesis what do you think?
  19. A little touching up will do it well, but beyond that it looks just fine.
    I especially like that he's been out in the wilderness for some time, hadn't considered that angle myself.
    Go ahead and make a post if you like.
    Even if it's just you and I for a bit I'd like to attempt getting this thing off the ground.
    Others can catch up when they have the time.