Irrational Fears and Phobias

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  1. From things that leave us squirming and nauseous, to things that outright elicit a strong feeling of terror in us, we all have different aversions and fears. There are fears like fear of heights, to fear of insects and bugs, fear of the darks, and things like trypophobia.

    What are the things that you think are your phobias and irrational fears? Is there any reason why you fear them?
  2. spiders.

    do I need to explain?


    oh, and being alone I guess.
  3. Cockroaches and spiders. :|
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  4. I hate the sound of balloons bursting : |

    Seriously there's a reason why I don't really like playing those carnival games that involve balloon popping because it scares the shit outta me.

    If you try to pop one right next to my ear, it's not my fault if you get punched for it.
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  5. eating on a plane.

    Yeah, I've already established I have no reasoning to this lmao. I have been known to spend my 8 hour flights in the bathroom, crying and throwing up because they brought the plane food out. I can't even drink the water on a plane, so I get servely dehydrated. It makes me so ill kms.

    I wanna sort it out because I love flying, I just can't enjoy it because of the food.
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    • Staring into a mirror for too long (aka 5 minutes+)
    • Most insects and creepy crawlies
    I used to be afraid of sleeping alone and the dark, but nowadays they're just okay for me to deal with. Usually. I guess I've gotten desensitized? lolol
  6. Wasps and Bee's...

    Those things fucking sting.
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  7. Sneks can all fucking die. Put a snake near me, even if it is your beloved pet, I’ll fucking kill it and it will be your fault.

    Spiders can all fucking die. I’ll kill them all. Even if its your pet. It is dead and your fault.

    Heights will fucking kill us all. We don’t fly for a reason. We are meant to be on the ground. So no, I won’t take a fucking ferris wheel ride with you.

    I know, quite irrational, but isn’t that what fears are and do? Make people irrational.
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  8. I have too many.

    But some of the most terror inducing include

    - sudden loud noises
    - morning/rush hour traffic
    - talking to a stranger on the phone
    - people fighting v.v
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  9. Other people.
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  10. I have a fear of heights. If I look into the sky I feel like a hand is pressing down on me, even if I lay on my back. I am okay if there is a window between me and the drop. I've never been in a glass elevator so I don't know if that would be alright with me.

    I also fear centipedes and large spiders. They make me freeze. I like them fine in documentaries, but in real life my body locks up completely.

    Dolls make me beyond uncomfortable. This one is definitely caused by some accidental trauma in my childhood versus the instinct involved with the other 2 fears. I saw Child's Play when I was much too young so I was plagued with nightmares of my Barbies hurting me. My mom also owned a life-sized doll of a girl. She was a very old doll from my mom's childhood so she looked very ragged and marked up and overall creepy. She sat in the little room leading to my parents room for years. As you can imagine, I had a ton of nightmares about her too. There is another bad memory with dolls, but its way too personal for me to share.

    Suffice to say, dolls make me cringe hardcore. The Baby Alive aisle is my bane.
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  11. This 100 times. And mannequins in stores.
  12. One of the local stores used to have those really old painted mannequins and they were placed directly in front of the restrooms. I think everyone walked a little faster past those. lol

    I don't mind the blank fashion mannequins. My friend and I call them the Slenderpeople.
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  13. Something interesting I read a few years back.

    Scary Dolls

    @Shiri yeah I dont mind the slender people much lol.
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  14. speaking of...

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  15. I won't lie, I shuddered more than a couple of times. ^_^''
  16. Here's an irrational fear of mine... that I only just realized, to be honest.

    Whenever I pass by someone sitting on a chair, I consciously move my feet away from anywhere close to the chair's legs, because I'm afraid the person sitting will move the chair and my foot will get caught under.

    It actually happened to me twice, back when I was 11 years old, and it was hella painful. I had a bruised toe for a good couple of months.
  17. Oh my gosh, whenever I see a mosquito, wasp, bee, lovebug, or some other creature flying in my line of sight, I get all jumpy and start talking to it like "No! Get away from me!" "Stop it!" "GO AWAY STUPID BUG!" ! xD
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  18. and some more

    I'm afraid of a lot of things but I don't think many of them are irrational. Just the extent to which I'm afraid of things is lol. :( Though actually I'm way too afraid to go to the mall by myself because I'm afraid somebody will bomb it while I'm there. Absolutely ridiculous. But I'll go with other people because at least that way I won't be by myself when I die.

    yeah that one is definitely irrational
  19. Oh my god same here ;w;
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