Iron Shogun

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  1. CHAPTER 1;
    Something's in the Air

    The region of Kato was a bustling one, known as the biggest lotus producer in all of the Isles, its commerce was the envy of the other Clans. Just another feather in the cap of the Dragon clan and it's Shogun. Katos main trade was in lotus, but it was also a place known for artificers and being the Resident of Joubei Ryo, Oldest son of the shogun. A bit less of a menace then his father, the boy was none the less still feared by many simply for being of the Ryo Clan. The Province capital was the City of Iagi, Located nestled on top of a large hillside, with mountains to the west and south and endless lotus flowers to the east and north.

    The houses stretching towards the skies were monstrosities of industrial might and iron, mixed with dirty wooden interiors and paper walls. More traditional buildings could be found in the old quarters, shrines to the different gods and protective spirits, old administration mansions with stone walls gilded gates. Rickshaws crowded streets, some propelled by motors, other drawn the old fashioned ways. Wagons of produce entered trough the massive iron gates that led into the walled off city, and wagons full of artificer goods left along with their heavily armed guards.

    The bustling industrial complex of Kato capital Iagi was bustling for another reason then profit today. The mainstreet, in all its cobbled glory, had been swept free of dung and dusty and there was a distinct lack of beggars lining the walls outside the traditional inns today. Hundreds of citizens milled about on the side streets, and stalls shouted out from every alley with offers of food and drink. Celebration hung about the air as the Imperial Flagship hung in the air, a giant Dragon Clan flag hanging from its bow. Musicians played at every in and painted girls hollared to sailors and soldiers, trying to get them drop their duty for a hour, and drop them some coin. IT was the air of a city about to celebrate something big.

    Today is the day of the Wedding of Joubei Ryo, who is to wed Hinako Tora of the Tiger Clan. Another step in consolidating the power of the current Shogun further. The streets were full of life as a result, and you could feel the excitement. But there was undercurrents, all this lavish spending when there was a war going on? As people prepared for the parade that would run from the Palace to Dragon Square, others muttered under their breath about the lavish lifestyle of the rich. Dragon Square is the largest open area in the city, were festivities would reach it climax.

    For reasons of your own, you have come to this, and find yourself in the vicinity of Dragon Square as the fireworks burst in the skies, indicating the start of the Parade. Drums fill the air with booming like thunder, a dozen flutes sound unison and the voice of kabuki actors can be heard citing poems about the Elder Son of the The Dragon himself. Entertein yourself, do whatever you came to do.
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  2. Name: Iseri Asakura
    Location: City of Iagi
    Time: Midday (Assuming)

    Interactions: NPCs

    “Get back here thief!”
    Through the back streets of Iagi chased a man after what appeared to be another male. His onyx silk hair blew behind him, loose and unkempt, as he turned down alleys and weaved through merchants’ stands in an attempt to lose his predator. He donned a grey kimono with crimson and golden trimmings, and a matching red and gold thin obi. Beneath the kimono were black umanori that reached his ankles, which were covered by tabi under waraji.
    “Why don’t you make me?” The man replied, his voice was low yet almost unnoticeably feminine, though some men did have slightly womanly voices, so none paid any mind to it.

    Once the man was far enough from his chaser to get out of his sight for a moment he turned a corner and ran in the opposite direction, losing his pursuer. He began stripping his kimono, exposing tight bandages around his chest. He turned the kimono inside out revealing a different pattern; which was now pink decorated in cherry blossom patterns with red trimmings, then unfolded hooked extensions of the outfit that changed the design, making the bottom longer, just touching the ground, and made the neck line appear layered. He slid his arms through the outsized baggy long sleeves and wrapped it around himself, then tied the large obi, which was connected to the kimono, into a large bow and twisted it around to his back. As he continued to run he slipped the umanori down and turned them inside out making them pink matching the kimono, then swiftly pulled them back on.

    Upon reaching his destination; a stack of crates in an alley, he finally stopped. The man pulled a large bag from behind the stack and rummaged through it. He pulled out a black piece of cloth and wiped his face with it, removing the makeup that made his face appear narrower. He then put the cloth back in the bag, along with the waraji he was wearing. He replaced them with wooden clogs that were taken from the bag. He pulled out a smaller bag along with a small mirror and carefully brushed a thin layer of black paste on his slanted eyes. He then added light red shadows angled towards his temples from the ends of his eyes and pink to his full lips. He pulled out a brush and fixed his hair up into a bun, pushed some decorated chopsticks into it, and parted his bangs to frame his face. Finally, after returning the brush to his bag, he reached in through the neck line of the kimono and pushed down the bandages letting free C cup breast. Yes, this man was actually, in fact, a woman.

    A cocky smile pulled at the woman’s lips as she walked, one foot directly in front of the other letting her hips sway with each step, towards the street with her bag in hand. She dropped it behind a stall at the entrance of the alley, knowing the stall owner would keep it safe for her while she was away. Iseri reached in her obi and pulled out a red fan decorated with a cherry blossom tree, it was located next to her two hidden iron fans within the large cloth belt. She took a step forward when a familiar voice called out.

    “Where did that bastard go?!” It was the man who had been chasing her; he was heading her way looking frantically around her the man who swiped his ryo. He looked tired and panted with exhaustion; she mocked the low stamina of average people in her mind. A quiet sultry chuckle escaped as she lightly fanned herself.
    “There was a man running towards the entrance of the city, he may be who you’re looking for.” Her voice was warm and sweet, almost innocent even, as she answered the shop owner.
    “Thank you, my lady.” He responded as he passed. Iseri bowed in false respect, the fan covering a sly smirk of satisfaction. While he disappeared in the crowd she let out an arrogant laugh as she walked towards Dragon square.
    “Such a moron.”

    She continued fanning herself as she walked gracefully, she had heard about the wedding, who hasn’t, but Iseri didn’t really care, nor did she about the clans. She had been at sea away from the Golden Isle and it’s politics for 5 years with pirates from Zai, that lifestyle and its struggles washed away any hints of interest in politics and their organizations, not like there was much to get rid of in the first place. She was only passing through the massive municipality, visiting the taverns and friends, browsing the shops, and other stuff she did in the large cities she came across. She only hoped that something interesting would come from the extravagant event.
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  3. Jin Chiori / City of Iagi / Mid-day / Nobody of Importance Though his presence was without a doubt what some might call shady, it was good to see that most were simply content to look ahead and ignore Jin. Of those that did bother to meet his wandering gaze, a small wave served to drive most away from the “strange” man with quicker steps. It wasn’t so much what was worn: a grey haori over a similarly colored kimono and umanori, but where Jin sat. He’d probably have been lucky to go a minute undisturbed by the guards had he chosen a building even remotely close to the Dragon Square or the parade’s path. With his attire he wouldn’t have been surprised if they’d simply shot first and asked questions later either. It was uncommon for someone to carry a hankyu, much less in town, but that was a cost of being a drifter he supposed.

    At the very least his perch had line of sight to the wide open space of the Square. The heavy drum beats reached him despite the festivities below, and Jin leaned back against the bumpy tiles with a small grunt as fireworks detonated in the sky above; the hankyu unslung and laid at his side. It was a stark contrast to the daily peace and quiet of nature he knew, but not in a bad way he supposed and at least the uncomfort of a shitty “bed” wasn’t something completely new to him. The one thing he could do without was the heavy stench of lotus smoke, and he grimaced as the black cloth over the lower half of his face was adjusted. While it didn’t help his appearance in the slightest, it provided a modicum of relief to the god awful smell thanks to the herbs within the cloth.

    He didn’t manage to keep his eyes on the parade for too long given the number of buildings in the way and as far as Jin could tell, it’d be a while before it came back into view. Slightly disappointing, but the object he twirled in his hand brought both shame and a reminder of why he was up here in the first place rather than closer to the main event. A chashaku carved from ivory flitted away from a stall when the owner was distracted by an actual customer. When he finally snapped the piece to a halt and stored it back into its container, it was with a tired sigh. He’d thought he’d come to terms with the odd compulsions, but it seemed the yokai inside simply hadn’t seen anything that’d caught its attentions throughout his travels.

    Rather than dwell on the thoughts though, knowing that would only sour his mood, Jin closed his eyes and let the noise surrounding him become his world once more. It was relaxing in its own sense to simply let the mess of noises and voices wash over him.
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  4. Keiko
    Name: Keiko Hanae
    Location: City of Iagi
    Time: Midday
    Interactions: NPCs

    The air was cooling down from the summer heat; a sign that autumn was just around the bend. The breeze was gentle today, cooling the traveling towns people. The sound of chatter and motors filled the air of those in the town. Looking above her head, Keiko breathed into her breather as she sat behind her mother and father while on the way to the Dragon Square. The motorized rickshaw was new and the motor hummed evenly as the three traveled through the street. Keiko had been summoned by her father to the square, to watch the parade. It was a rare occasion to see her mother outside of the villa, so the young female agreed to join the two. All three wore kimono's of similar material and warm colors to match the season. Keiko, however, wore the colors of her temple; a simple kimono of a pale blue and grey, one she wore outside of the temple on days like this. If it was for a special occasion, Keiko would have worn more decorated kimono and the golden wings her father had given her. That day was just a simple outing with her family to watch the wedding processions of Joubei Ryo and Hinako Tora; no special reason to wear anything to dramatic.

    "I can hear the drums!" Keiko's mother exclaimed, smiling towards her husband. Keiko smiled to herself. The boom of the drums and the music of the flutes started to get the priestess excited herself. They were within walking distance of the square, so her father had their driver pull over to allow them to walk the rest of the way. As she stepped down, Keiko could feel her tessen shift within the obi that was tied around her frame. The female gently fixed the large cloth belt, making her tessen within reach.

    Keiko could hear the kabuki actors citing poetry and the young female felt her excitement grow a bit more. "Father, do you hear them?" Keiko began, her smile gentle as she looked to the older male that walked with an intricately made cane. "Their reciting the story of the gods," her mother said, smiling calmly, walking along side her husband. Brown locks, pinned out of her face by beautifully made hair pins, bounced slightly as the young female nodded her head. A story the priestess knew by heart, often reciting it for the younger members of the temple just as it was done for her as she grew up at the temple.

    The older male walked on, his wife beside him and Keiko behind them, watching and remaining quiet for the most part. The parade was something she would not usually go to see, but if it was a wish of her father, she would join her parents on such a simple outing.
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