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  1. In a far away universe, war is threatening a solar system.

    A hundred years ago, the Battle of the Sign was fought in the local gravity well of the planet known to the Unaff Confederacy as Regarda. This final battle was fought between the Holy Livonian Empire and the Unaff Confederacy, and ended in a crushing victory for Livonian forces, forcing the Unaff back into their space stations. A massive arms race has been involved since that time, as skirmishes between the two nations have been continuing on and off throughout the last century. As the Livonians hew close to their traditions and their tried and tested methods, the Unaff instead treads into dangerous territory, researching new and dangerous technologies, and digging up new and frightening realities.

    Now, however, stirrings are happening in both realms that might shatter the tenuous peace that exists between the two powers. The Unaff has accidentally released an experimental prototype mecha that has rampaged through several quadrants before seemingly falling silent. And rumors say that the highest parts of the Livonian scientific and theological communities are busy at work on something big, hidden under the surface of Regarda. A complete loss of faith in the Unaff government has occured recently, due to the ridiculous way in which corporations have power at every level in the government, and a succession struggle is brewing within the Holy Livonian Empire, as a result of the heirdom being passed to a bastard son, rather than the blood heir.

    Background History:

    The land of Regarda is one that has been in struggle and conflict since civilization has existed upon it. The first major recorded war was known as the Thaussian War, when the now long-defunct Thaussian Empire invaded and utterly destroyed the even more long-defunct Rheindall Empire, seizing almost all of its lands except for an easily defensible peninsula known as Reval. To the North of Thaussia laid Norgard and the realm of the Skraelingar, a land that was, again, too hard to simply invade, and to the east of the continent was a small archipelago known as the Baldassarian Republic. The Duchy of Reval and the Baldassarian Republic were closely intertwined during this time period, due to necessity, although as their bonds of alliance grew, their bonds of trust grew as well. A second war broke out, known as the War of the Oathbreaker, where a legendary warrior of Thaussia known as the Oathbreaker due to his betrayal, born in Norgard, fought on the Revalian side, and led them to a crushing victory, destroying the heart and spirit of the Thaussian people and leaving them as little more than nomads and vagabonds. Further to the east, however, Rheindall settlers had settled on the shores of a far distant continent.

    Those settlers integrated with the local peoples, a strange race of white-haired and blue eyed humans, and adopted their culture as well when contact with Rheindall ceased. Their culture revolved around the worship of their god, Theos, a god that preached that to understand how the universe worked was to understand it. Expanding quickly due to their technological superiority to other cultures nearby, this was the beginning of the Holy Livonian Empire. The Baldassarian Republic at first offered trade to the Livonians, and were accepted, before Baldassare quickly saw the Empire as a dire threat. Combining its resources with the now Arch-Kingdom of Reval, it fought wars on and off with the Empire throughout most of history, their lands dwindling down while Livonia grew only more and more powerful.

    Finally, in an age analogous with our modern era, the Baldassarian Republic and Reval finally fused together, forming the Unaff Confederacy, and began trying to find ways off of the planet. Advancing greatly in spacefaring technology, the Unaff managed to make it to space and build several colonies. When the Unaff were firmly entrenched in space, the Livonians saw their chance. Attacking Unaff strongholds on the planet, they forced the Unaff away from Regarda in a battle known as The Battle of the Sign, for the strange, green beam-like sign that appeared during the middle of the fight from the polar icecaps of the planet.

    Unaff has now dedicated almost their entire time to researching and developing new weapons and combat systems to counteract Livonia’s superior forces.


    - Holy Livonian Empire (HLE): The Holy Livonian Empire is in control of both their and the Unaff Confederacy's home world, Regarda. It is a Theocratic Absolute Empire covering the world, with excellent social services and a government that really, truly seems to care about what you do, how you do, and why you do it. Their technology is heavily based off of real robot technology, and revolves around utilizing the most out of tried and proven weapons, propulsion, and other systems. Their religion, instead of being one of rejecting science and technology, instead embraces it as the means to understand the universe, and therefore, understand their god, Theos.

    The major ethnicities present in Livonia are a smattering of whoever was left on the planet and weren't picked up by the Unaff, such as the Norgardians, and obviously, the Livonians. Some Skraelingas serve as mercenaries to the Empire, serving under the banner of Barangias, one of the most famous mercenaries of the most northern reaches of Norgard.

    Unfortunately, not everything is a bed of roses in the HLE. Other religions are treated as minority groups, freedom is rather limited, and the idea of free speech is laughable.

    Their leader is Basileus Ilexani Belisarias.

    - Unaff Confederacy: Originally hailing from Regarda, the Unaff were originally a combination of two nations from that realm, the Arch-Kingdom of Reval and the Baldassarian Republic. As the two nations became closer and closer together, they began to try and find a way off the planet. Dedicating almost all of their time to space, the two nations combined and became the Unaff Confederacy, a trade organization focused around exploring and exploiting the resources of space. When the Livonians came to power, they resisted on the planet, but could not stave off their religious fervor, or their AGEIA Drive-powered mecha. They mostly research lost alien technologies when they can, and build this into their mecha, in order to try and get an edge over the Livonian forces.

    The main leaders of the Unaff are mostly descended from the Baldassarian Trade Princes, and so most commonly have blazing red hair and green eyes. Lower classes generally tend to have more common features amongst them.

    As a "democracy", the Unaff Confederacy has, compared to the HLE, incredible freedoms and rights for its citizens. As a plutocracy in reality, however, only the rich actually get to seriously enjoy and make use of these freedoms and rights, as other classes are too busy working to really notice the change that such rights bring.

    Their leader is Doge Andre Guttre.



    There are three primary races within the Iron Hearts universe, separated by specific attributes that define them.

    ~ Humans: Humanity is, as usual, the bare norm, however, there is something special about humanity, some spark, that is hidden. (Talent is hidden and GM determined, but is usually stronger than a Genahu's talent or the Livoniianoi Precognition.)

    ~ Livoniianoi: The Livoniianoi are the descendants of the original Livonian people, and make up the vast majority of the Livonian Empire's military forces and government. They are similar to humanity, but with much paler skin, usually a light shade of hair, and a wide variety of hair colors, as well as them being frailer than the average human. Some have noted that the Livoniianoi have a strange tendency to be able to predict things just before they are about to happen. (Talent is Precognition. If something is about to happen in a fight, Livoniianoi characters might get a heads-up before other people do.)

    ~ Genahu: With the advent of genetic manipulation, GENetically Altered HUmans are created lifeforms, usually by the Unaff Confederacy, that have a wide variety of features assigned to them. They could look like just about anything, although they always have a human-ish shape to them. Animal DNA is a common modification. (Talent can be chosen by the creator, although it will be weaker than the Livoniianoi Precog and the Human Hidden one.)


    Beta CS:

    {Place Picture Here}


    (Optional, if you have a picture) Appearance:



    Piloting Style:



    Talents: (This is where Racial Talents go, but you can buy talents for a flaw each. These modify how you pilot your mecha.)

    Flaws: (Can be none, but see Talents.)


    Beta MS:
    {Place Picture Here}
    Company Who Built: (More common in the Unaff Confederacy, Mecha construction is state-controlled in the HLE.)


    Statistics: (Yes, there are statistics determining how good your mecha is. In fights against other mecha, this will be taken into account as the base factor on how the fight goes, modified by either talents or built-in systems on the mecha. All stats are based at C. Adding a level requires you to drop a level in another stat.)

    Armor: C (Determines how much hull protection your mecha has.)
    Cockpit: C (Determines how well-shielded the cockpit is, and how shock-absorbent it is.)
    Energy: C (Determines how long you can run your mecha for, and how much stuff you can fire at the same time.)
    Speed: C (Determines how fast you can go. Derp.)
    Maneuverability: C (Determines how well you can turn.)
    Sensors: C (Determines how good your sensor suite is at picking up other mecha, or picking up missiles sent your way.)


    Weapons Systems: (This can be anything that conceivably can fit on the shell of the mecha, but keep this relatively balanced compared to the sample mecha that I am putting up.)


    Built-In Systems: (These are like talents for mecha. You can have one free without buying any flaws. You can buy up to three, each one past one costing one flaw. These Built-In Systems can either passively increase statistics, or can be a special activated system such as cloaking, chaff for missiles, etc.)

    Design Flaws: (Again, flaws for mecha. You don't have to have one, but if you want more system options, you need to take them. These, similarly, can be either a passive reduction in statistics, or a seriously fatal flaw in the workings of the mecha, such as, say, it has no melee or ranged weapons.)


    Figured I'd throw the setting up as an interest check to see if anyone is interested before just making a full-on signup.
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  2. *kicks the door in and steps inside.*

    Did someone say MECH RP?
  3. Yes. Mech RP. Mostly focusing on Real and Super Robot anime-style mechs.

    Do note, however, that neither side are "good guys".
  4. You've got yourself a role-player. I already have a character idea surrounding the HLE, a dogmatic believer in his beloved Empire. To him, it can do no wrong, and he will commit questionable atrocities that, in his eyes, benefits the people.
  5. And that is what I am aiming for, although even he will find some reason to question the path they are taking within the course of the RP.

    After all, a succession war is brewing.
  6. Of course! No character is complete without self-examination! I suspect he will start strongly pro-blood heir. Now we wait for others.
  7. Well, there's the bit of a challenge with remaining faithful to the blood heir and remaining faithful to the bastard heir.

    The bastard heir has been pretty much championed by the Basileus for the last few years as the heir to the throne, and the legitimate one at that.

    And the blood heir is kind of a dick.

    I might pop in a CS if I can dredge it up from some long-lost location.
  8. Remember, dogmatic and blindly loyal, at least at the start. Nothing creates better friction than the foil to hero types that would stand with the bastard son. I'll brew on the character details while we wait for other interested parties.
  9. You might also want to think on what kind of mecha you want to pilot, if you don't want to use the default mecha assigned to the HLE (which is actually a pretty bitchin' mecha, all things considered).

    I am allowing custom mechas, even those based off of shows, but obviously refitted to work within the universe itself. If you have questions on that front, feel free to ask them.
  10. In other news, I made a beta CS and MS. Feel free to offer suggestions to add or remove features to it.
  11. I do have a good idea for a piloting style that will reflect in how his mecha is run. It'll be pretty wild and dangerous, just how he likes it.

    EDIT: This just came to mind... how high up will I be able to place my character within the HLE? If at all possible, I wouldn't mind playing some sort of knight to the throne, and not just a lowly grunt in its general military. It would help add substance as to why he is such a fervent believer at first.
  12. Gonna need to make the sample mecha so you get an idea of what kind of machines you'll be dealing with on the HLE side. If I only get people on the HLE side, that'd be cool, as it'll cut down on GMing, but Unaff characters are fine too.

    As for the question, which I just looked at, you will start as a low-level person in the military hierarchy, although you can come from noble birth. The military in both nations is one of the few places with actual meritocracy involved.
  13. Oh, fancy. No problems with that, I was just curious with how much I'd be able to do when it came to a biography, etc.
  14. Stylistically speaking, I can give you a bit of a preview of what the Livonian mechas generally are designed like.


    This is actually a commander model of the standard model of HLE mecha, the Klibanophoros Kataphraktoi, as denoted by the shield drone.
  15. That's sexy. It even fits the idea of how I'd balance my mech: low on armor, high on speed and agility.
  16. Well, that is generally the tactical doctrine of the HLE. Very fast moving mecha with an emphasis on energy weapons, but low armor and defenses.
  17. It's a shame that I'm not too likely to get more interest in this.
  18. Yeah, a shame indeed. I spent a good thirty minutes writing down key words for my character with a pen and paper. I have his history and piloting style in mind. I'd hate not being able to use him.
  19. Why do people just not like giant robots? Giant robots are awesome.
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