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    It's taken a few days to throw this thread up since the universe maintains that I am unworthy of consistent internet connection. I've joined up before but didn't find activity because of the same issue but aim to find some this time around. Kourui also joined with me (or I with her, can't remember the order >.>). Although relatively new to the site we both have a fair share of time invested in the hobby of roleplay and hold a neat eagerness to maintain that investment here!

    Let me see, about me: I am a super gummy bear lord by day and a super-duper, loveable serious face superhero by night. For real though. True story.

    I have an active imagination anyways, not as obvious, but tend to toss them out on impulse without any real structure to them. I' on that. >.>

    And I think that's it. I think. Am sure. Well, I'm definitely almost sure. I'm sure it's definitely almost for certain.
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  2. He means Lisu and Dimas.

    But yes, hello, I am Kou (lisu). I'm much less hyperactive..

    I suppose all else I have to say is that I hope to have fun here. ~o~
    This place looks really nice.
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  3. Well then, hello to both of you! >:3 Welcome to the community!