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Corvus Corax

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Basically this is what would happen if someone in Iwaku suddenly (and eccentrically) became a millionaire one day and decided that they wanted to gather everyone that would come from Iwaku into one hotel for a bash. If you want to use a char you've made instead of your real identity, then fine. Just no powers, this is real life people. I myself am going to use my own first name and all of my personality.
The lucky new rich person, payed for each person to get to the hotel and back home with a 2oo dollar add on.

I don't ask a char sheet, just relax. Have fun and don't spike the punch…its got enough alcohol in it already.

BTW: I need a millionaire…any takers!?

Questions that need special attention: pm me or if you wish IM me.


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Heather couldn't stop jiggling her legs up and down, god she was nervous. Her Adhd didn't help her nervous inability to stop fidgeting either which was just dandy. Why had she agreed to come to this? And why had she been invited in the first place? This was beyond crazy, in fact it was probably a prank. Well at least she would have thought it was a prank if she hadn't seen the confirmation on the news that one late night as she was typing away at her laptop. "Paranoid as always girl,"…talking to herself: such a "Not" insane pastime. The bus finally came to a stop and she jumped to her feet, laptop bag in tow, to half run to the exit. It wasn't even a half run seeing as when she got halfway to the front there was a grizzled old woman that popped up in front of her. Well I'll get there one day, god this ladies slow. C'mon granny, she started to cheer the old woman on in her head to move faster.

At 1:32pm Heather made it off of the bus to get her bag from the underside storage area of the buss. She had sped past the old woman as soon as space was provided to get around her. Her grabbed black bag held no makeup save a single black eyeliner and a mini lipstick. She felt no need for anything else make up wise. The other stuff was just assorted and crudely packed clothing and toiletries. Unorganized was a understatement about how she kept things, her room could attest to this. Clothes were strewn everywhere and her nightstand was a battle zone of random trinkets. Cleaning? Hated it.

Her mind wandered about her unorganized self as she lit up a smoke, taking a grateful puff as she walked funnily down the street. The bags were tilting her over to one side as she walked towards what she hoped was the right direction. Heather was on her way to the booked hotel, it was so booked by the newly made millionaire. Honestly she still believed this to be a dream as she turned the corner and sighed heavily, when had she gone insane as well as unorganized? Three steps later she timidly stopped a passerby to ask directions so she wouldn't go to far in the wrong direction. Interacting with people was so hard for her but she pushed down the awkward and paranoid screaming feeling in her gut to shove out a sentence: "Can you point me to the [to be filled in later] Hotel?"

The blonde looked Heather up and down while she scowled before sneering out a answer, "You are either blind or stupid as fuck, its right behind you."

Lovely. That just encouraged her on so many levels, Heather wanted to go back home already and she hadn't even made it to the hotel yet. She shot a wounded puppy look at the ground and held her tongue as always as she strode towards the hotel. The smoke puffed to nothingness by her nervousness was tossed as she fixed a fake smile to her face. The door was opened for her as her as she stepped up to it. She held on to her bags, quickly shaking off any help that was offered, they were like a security blanket at the moment. Cool air greeted her as she hobbled unbalanced like into its grasp, it was a huge lobby and it made her feel so scared. Just get to the room….just get to the room. She told herself this over and over as she walked up to the desk, her throat tightening with each step. Words were exchanged quickly for a hotel key card, the words being the password sent to her via pm on the site. Corvus corax's pm.

On the elevator ride to her room's floor things weren't different, her mind was just a'humming with worry: Damn why did I come here…this is crazy. God I wonder who's going to want to fight who and who's going to jump who…god why am I here! This was insane…a whole site of rp'ers invited to meet and party at the newly made millionaires expense. I hope I don't regret this to much…

Jump to the room:
She spots a note on the bed and sets her bags set on the floor before she picks it up.

All guests can come when they wish into the party room, the party starts officially at 2am.

Short note, huh. Heather checked the hotel clock to see that she had hour upon hour to wait. So she did what she normally did around this time of day, she slept.
(Ill be the millionaire)

A lit cigar burned, smoke slowly drifting from the sword hilt ashtrey whilst the 20 year old snorred loudly, stirring at first before leaping from the chair with a groggy growl.
"not again" he muttered, picking up the cigar and putting it between his teeth and walking to the the source of the noise that had woken him.

he opened the door suddenly with a huge grin on his face
"G'day, welcome to tha boat!" he said, slightly putting on a "paul hogan" accent.
Welcome to the whaaa?....

Unknown male…in her room. Her half awake brain registered this after a few seconds, SOMEONE WAS IN HER ROOM! Enter panic mode! Heather, in a tangled mess of covers fell out of the bed as she reached for the hotel phone to use it as a weapon. "HOW DID YOU GET IN MY ROOM," she was yelling hysterically, floundering about as she was trying to stand. The telephone was jerked off its cord and thrown in the persons direction before they could even answer when she finally got to her feet. Sadly (or luckily) she had shitty aim, so the phone probably would end up putting a dent in the door frame about the same level as the guys head.

Hello first impressions!
The streets streaked by reflected in the black visor. He rode slower than he usually would, the added weight of his luggage causing him to be cautious, and it had taken all morning to get from the rest stop to the city, but he wouldn't have traveled any other way.

The Honda pulled up front outside and he kicked down the stand cutting the engine before dismounting. It took him a moment to re-adjust his backpack and sling the guitar bag over his shoulder and, sliding the key into his jacket pocket he walked into the hotel, and boldly up to the desk.

"Hello there, I'm here with..... party, the warmaster is expecting me." he said.

"And you are.....?"

"Oh right sorry.." He fumbled with the helmet strap and pulled it from his head relieving short brown hair and blue-gray eyes. "Aaron..... There we go." he said pointing to an entry in the register.

"Very well sir.. enjoy your stay."

There was a moment's confusion as he realized both his hands where full but it was solved by putting the room key into the helmet.

In the passage out side his door he was inserting the fey into the lock, having put the helmet back on when a phone bounced off of it from the room opposite

"OI!" he shouted out of fright dropping his bag and whirling around to face the back of someone smoking a cigar,

"Who the hell is throwing phone around? If I hadn't been wearing this..." he banged his helmet with the palm of his hand.. "I would be more than a little angry, and possibly ingured."
"fuck me dead!" Mick exclaimed, almost biting into the cigar as the phone slammed next to his head and he looked from the wall to the girl who had thrown it at him, then back to the wall, then back to the girl, and repeated the motion a few more times
his attention was then captured by the guy going off about the phone, and mick sighed inwardly, though he was rather happy that people were turning up so early
"I rented the entire floor mate, if your up here its because your from iwaku" the short, portly man grinned and rubbed his unshaved jawline
"fucking good through though" he added, smirking a little.