irl troll

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That One Wendu

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what do you guys consider an irl troll, eh? You guys of all peoples should know.

This guy in my calc and engineering class always goes out of his way to drop memes, and always draws soviet russian penguins on the board

I call troll but he vehemently denies it.
Why are all your threads about trolls anyway? One would think you're a traumatized hobbit.
We don't call those people trolls IRL. We call those people socially maladjusted.

(Sorry guys, but it's true.)
Once, we ordered a Supreme Pizza with No Olives.

They sent us an Olive Pizza.

The recipe I used last night told me to add a cup of bread.

A CUP of bread.


He sounds like he wants attention to me.

IRL trolls live under bridges, threaten billy goats.
eh, the idea of someone helplessly thirsting for attention amuses me.

Partially because I know what the feeling is like, I really do, and also, I've always been interested in psychology.

Yes, this kid is definitely socially underdeveloped. But he has friends. All of which are also a bit trollish in conversation.


Maybe I should work that billy goat thing into conversation with him.

Though he goes by Billy by name.

So, uh.

Whatever guys
the person you described is hardly a troll. he's just a newfriend.
I got a bag the other day that was 50% stem and 45% seed.