Iriswalk Academy for the Unnaturally Talented {POSTING}

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    Name|Age|Gender|Talent|Played By...
    First Year Circle One {ROOM 205}
    Charlie Deering|15|Male|English|Hacking|Played By... Felilla
    Mckenna McIntyre|14|Female|Scottish-Greek-Native American-Persian|Multilingual|Played By... ~Happily.Ever.After.~
    Edgar Hamblin|15|Male|French|Green-Thumb|Played By... Taichou
    Sierra Loveless|15|Female|American-French|Parkour|Played By... Ookami

    First Year Circle Three {ROOM 201}
    Mason Olliander|15|Male|French-Swedish|Photographic Memory|Played By... ~Happily.Ever.After.~
    Astrid Abel|14|Female|Swedish|Organization|Played By... Felilla
    Nóri Kaníson|14|Male|Icelandic-Italian|Flexibility|Played By... iKalamity
    Skylar James|15|Female|French-Italian-American|Singing|Played By... Ookami

    Second Year Year Circle Two {ROOM 203}
    Michael Geier|15|Male|German|Vectors Genius|Played By... firejay1
    Sabina Johnston|15|Female|Brazilian|Investigation|Played By... Karma200
    Hector Cox|15|Male|Swedish|A Way With Animals|Played By... Fellila
    Ivy Kearny|15|Female|Irish-Scottish-English|Obedient Animals|Played By... ~Happily.Ever.After.~

    Second Year Circle Four {ROOM 206}
    Lucifer|15|Male|English|Adoptive Muscle Memory|Played By... parkpyro
    Adore Vanderbilt|16|Female|French-American-Italian-Swedish-Russian|Acting|Played By... Prince Dragomir
    Michelle Geier|15|Female|German|Fighting|Played By... firejay1
    Wisteria Anderson|16|Female|American|Marksmanship|Played By... Felilla

    Third Year Circle Three {ROOM 207}
    Samson Sawyer|17|Male|Canadian|Mimicking|Played By... Feililla
    Coira Armour|17|Female|Scottish|Musical Instrument Expert|Played By...Karma200
    Shen Ying|16|Male|Japanese-American|Painting|Played By... Prince Dragomir
    Sofia Visscher|16|Female|Dutch-Spanish-French|Dancing|Played By... ~Happily.Ever.After.~

    Third Year Circle Five {ROOM 202}
    Angelo Degotardi|17|Male|Italian-Russian|Imitation|Played By... Rhapsodic Insouciance
    Megumi Oshiro|16|Female|Japanese|Lying|Played By... Felilla
    Anatolios Orion|17|Male|Greek|Invisibility|Played By... Taichou
    Raine Leverett|17|Female|American-Russian|Truth Telling|Played By... Gore

    Fourth Year Circle One {ROOM 208}
    Fritz Johnsson|18|Male|Icelandic|Stealth|Played By... Doc_Halladay
    Yvette Lowne|17|Female|German-American|Dexterity|Played By... Gore
    Ronan Andrews|18|Male|American|Exceptional Memory|Played By... Felilla
    Ayla Ronstrom|18|Female|Swedish-French|People Person|Played By... Rhapsodic Insouciance

    Fourth Year Circle Three {ROOM 209}
    Casper Jeanan|18|Male|American-Dutch|Strength|Played By... Gore
    Gabrielle Sansom|18|Female|South African|Eidetic Memory|Played By... Rhapsodic Insouciance
    Jackson Cole|17|Male|American-Italian|Sports|Played By... Ookami
    Maude Bellamy|17|Female|English~French|Strategic Thinking|Played By... Felilla

    Fourth Year Circle Five {ROOM 204}
    Percival Ito|18|Male|Japanese-French|Martial Arts|Played By... ~Happily.Ever.After.~
    Alice Harlow|18|Female|American|Acrobatics|Played By... Felilla
    Sen Takagawa|17|Male|Japanese-Italian|Iaido|Played By... Rhapsodic Insouciance
    Lyra Fairchild|17|Female|German-Irish|Survival|Played By... Poisoned Rose

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  2. Astrid Abel
    The first day was always the worse. Astrid knew this very well, more than most. The child of a family that constantly moved; it was no wonder she wasn't as nervous as she probably should have been. After all, this was the last school she would be attending; the only boarding school. Iriswalk Academy. The small blonde haired girl stared up at the huge building, her calmness faltering for a mere second. What if she didn't fit in here? What if no one liked her? It was strange that she was so doubtful, but most schools she would just leave behind, barely having enough time to make friends. She wasn't like Piper; she didn't make friends easily.

    Oh well... This would be different. With a huff, Astrid strode towards the dorms. Her eyes scanned the doors as she darted around other people, having reunions with their friends. Or Circles, as the groups were called here. Four talented individuals in a Circle. The brochure had said that most people became friends for life. Astrid hoped that was true. 201. A small smile danced on Astrid's face as she pushed open the door. It dropped when she saw that no one else was there.

    The room was relatively large with four bunk beds {two against each wall} with desks underneath as well as a wardrobe to the right of the beds. There was also a door to what she assumed was the bathroom and a large window at the back with a window seat. Astrid wondered if everyone's dorm room was like this. It was nicer than she was used to.

    She glanced around once before seeing her possessions by the bed on the far right. She set her mouse's cage on the desk chair gingerly, letting Quinten run up her arm and onto her shoulder. She unzipped one of her three bags. The other two bags were already stacked neatly against the bunk's ladder. She methodically began unpacking and almost mindlessly organized her stuff. She was color-coordinating her shirts when the door swung open.

    Wisteria Anderson
    "Welcome back to Iriswalk Academy, Miss Anderson," a teacher greeted with a warm voice at the front entrance.

    Wisteria barely recognized the woman as her math teacher from the year before. Like all the teachers, she had been a former student at Iriswalk, her talent being mathematics. She was the first person Wisteria had met with the ability to calculate virtually any equation in her mind. Very impressive. "I'm glad to be back," Wisteria replied dully before walking onto school grounds.

    There were a few new faces mulling around, but several faces were also familiar to Wisteria. One of the First Years gawked at the pistol strapped to her thigh as she walked by. It wasn't an actual gun, just a pellet gun, but it was still funny seeing people's reactions. She walked past them quickly, balancing her two bags almost precariously. Her dorm room eventually came into sight. 206. Briefly, Wisteria wondered if she would be a bit more open this year before banishing the thought entirely. She would open up to her Circle when she felt ready.

    She strode to the same bed she had the year before and found Aki's cage waiting for here. "Baby girl! I missed you," she cooed as she opened the cage. She had seen the animal on a few minutes before, but she loved her pet with all her heart. The panda stumbled out into her arms as someone else entered the room.

    Megumi Oshiro
    Tricking the taxi driver into thinking that she was actually a teacher at Iriswalk had been easy. Feed the man some lies about how she was the youngest teacher to ever work there and bam, she got a free ride because she accidentally left her wallet on the plane. She still felt kind of bad, so she stuffed a twenty dollar bill in the seat. Hopefully, he would find it, but it wasn't really her problem anymore. Next to her, Mori yipped. She glanced down at the fox and smiled warmly. "That's right, Mori. We're home."

    She walked casually to her dorm. 202. When she pushed open the door, she was instantly greeted with the scent of her three Circle mates. She walked up to her bed and dropped her stuff onto the ground. She pointed to the pet bed already against the wall. "Mori, lay down." The fox trotted over and quickly fell asleep as Megumi walked over to the bathroom. She couldn't wait to have a hot shower.

    Maude Bellamy
    Maude tugged on her hoodie as she looked up at the school. She was always nervous when she came back. It was probably a subconscious thing; like her Circle would've changed over the summer or something like that. Pyon-Pyon clucked quietly in his cage. "Yes, yes. I know. They haven't change yet. Why start now?"

    She skipped up the path to the dorms, ducking under people's arms. She pushed open her dorm door. 209. Something about it immediately comforted her. She dropped her bags with a huff and let Pyon-Pyon out of his cage. She began to unpack her stuff as she had for the last three years. Her head swung to the side the moment the door creaked open.

    Alice Harlow
    Alice had arrived the night before as usual, so she was spending her time wandering the school's gardens before she returned to her dorms to meet her Circle once again. Her watch beeped and she climbed the stairs with a grace that made some of the first years stop and stare. "Hey, missus!" one of them said, a small blush on his face. Two boys jeered him behind them. She assumed they were triplets by the way they almost all looked identical. It was unusual to see siblings at Iriswalk, but not impossible. "What's your talent?" the boy inquired quietly.

    In response, Alice did a back handspring. "Acrobatics," she replied with a smile. She pat the first year on the head before walking away. Soon, she found herself in her dorm room. 204. No one was there still so she sat down at her desk and began writing in her journal before Nalona jumped onto her lap with a meow. The door opened and Alice spun around. "Welcome back!" she said to the person in the doorway.

    Charlie Deering
    Charlie huffed. He couldn't believe that he was being forced to attend some stupid Talent School. Well, it was better than being in prison... Maybe... He didn't bother taking in the view as he pulled out his phone and immediately connected to the school's wifi. With practiced ease, he navigated around the other people walking up to the school. He only glanced up momentarily to find his dorm number. 205.

    When he located it, he shoved the door open with his back and dropped his bags onto the ground next to the bed that already had the rest of his belongings under it. He pulled out his laptop and other electronics, laying them on the table as he pushed in his earbuds. He didn't hear anyone come in.

    Hector Cox
    With Genesis on his head and other animals crowding around him, Hector could barely force his way into the room. He loved animals, really, he did, but he couldn't train them, so it was almost worthless. If it wasn't for Ivy, he doubted that he would have been able to keep Genesis. He trudged his way through the animals crowding him, greeting familiar ones with a smile and a pat on the head. Eventually he made it to Dorm Room 203. He dropped his bags by his old bed and flopped onto the floor, already exhausted. The animals would get over it in a day or so, but the first day was always the most difficult. He turned his head when someone came in.

    Samson Sawyer
    Samson hummed under his breath as he walked to his dorm room. He was honestly happy to be back at Iriswalk. His parents still found his mimicking really weird, especially since they didn't know the sound of their son's actual voice. It wasn't like he could help it, but they still avoided him a lot. He opened Dorm Room 207's door and entered the room, letting Nike out of her kennel. Subconsciously, he wondered who brought luggage up to the dorms, but he figure it wasn't that much of a problem. After pocketing his key, he disappeared into the bathroom to take a shower.

    Ronan Andrews
    Ronan winked at one of the girl's obviously whispering about him and she looked about ready to faint. While it was true he was a huge flirt, he had never really had a steady girlfriend. It was a pity. There were so many interesting girls at this school. Ronan pushed open the door to his dorm, 208. He climbed the ladder to his bunk and dramatically dropped onto the bed, waiting for someone to arrive as his cat crawled onto his chest.
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  3. G a b r i e l l e S a n s o m

    The plane landed heavily on the tarmac of the airstrip, precariously gripping to the surface and around her, she could see several people grimacing in discomfort at the admittedly rough landing. As she stood, shuffling into the isle with her back pack in hand, she ran her mind through the most recent memories she had garnered during the plane trip. The man next to her had oleander root dust on his collar, something she'd noticed almost straight away. The subtle scent of oleander oil had permeated his suit and she wondered where he was from. He was from South Africa, quite obviously. Sounded Northern, perhaps from Durban, if she guessed correctly. Durban produced Nerium oleander asafatus, a crucial medicinal development for the treatment of immune disorders and especially for the treatment of AIDS.

    Such a fascinating thing to learn but as she stepped of the place into the warmth of the early morning, she brushed it from the forefront of her mind and travelled with quick purpose through the airport terminal. She collected her bag from the luggage terminal, stepping through the security desks with little fuss and out into the wide expanse of America. The taxi trip was quick and rather inexpensive, something she was not used but Gabrielle merely shrugged it off and paid the driver quickly after exiting the backseat. Ayita was asleep in her carrier, the small fox all tuckered out from the excitement of the trip over, as long as it had been. Managing her bags in one hand and carrier in the other, she recalled her room number and information and made her way to the appropriate dorm room. 209 was blazed across the white door and she shifted the bags in her hand so she could open it. Another girl was already in the room, pink hair vibrant and cheery as usual and she stacked her bags against a nearby bed, nodding to the other occupant. "Good morning... I trust your holidays went well?"

    A n g e l o D e g o t a r d i

    The school was just the same as normal, though as he flitted from friend to friend, the wide eyes of a First Year watched him switch from personality to personality as if it were nothing but the flick of a switch. And that's all it was, really. Just a simple switch, from to humorous to serious and back to being feminine once again. Just simple, simple changes in behavioural mechanisms and voila, a different person to the one you were talking to five seconds ago.

    Megumi was already in the room by the time he had gotten through the milling crowd of students at the gates of the school. Well, he assumed she was here since her bed was taken and the little fox she'd had throughout the years was curled up on her bed, asleep he assumed. With a soft sigh, he placed his bags at the end of his bed and sat against the well alongside his bed and stared at the ceiling, wondering when the others would arrive.

    . : S e n T a k a g a w a : .

    Sen grinned at the blushing first year girl as he leaned over her, the flirtatious glint in his eyes firmly in place as she stuttered and blushed and practically melted below him. He grabbed a pre-written card with his number on it and popped it into the pocket on her shirt, grinning as he straightened. "Call me sometime darlin." He sauntered away, hands in his pocket and just grinned at the wide eyes of the newer students as they saw the sword casually slung across his back and eyed it with a mix of awe and envy and probably a fair bit of disbelief.
    As he reached his dorm room, he grinned at the exuberant welcome from the girl already in the room. "Well, it's great to be back beautiful. Welcome back to you as well!! I missed your beautiful face when I travelled the world."

    . : A y l a R o n s t r o m : .

    Ayla hadn't even been in the school for a day and already, she was helping people. She'd found the younger girl just an hour ago, crying in a far off deserted corridor and immediately, her protective maternal instincts had taken over in regards to the young girl. She was missing her home. She hadn't wanted to leave apparently, but her father had just remarried and practically abandoned her to the school once they had offered to 'take her off his hands'. Ayla let her arms wrap around the younger girl and let her cry against her, gently rubbing her shoulders as her sobs trailed off into teary hiccups. "Now, kiddo." She began affectionately. "Your father may have left you but it doesn't mean you don't have a family anymore. This school gives you a second chance at that sometimes. You have three other people to rely on, care for and help support you. They are your family and they'll never forsake you, not ever. They are going to be your brothers and sisters, even lovers one day and it's up to you if you let them help you." She stood and pulled the younger girl to her feet, wiping her eyes and smiling happily. "If you need me, at any time, let me know. Okay?"

    She made her way to her dorm room, smiling as she saw Ronan on his bed and just grinned at his lackadaisical perch on his bed. "Mornin Ronan. How was your break?"
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  4. Mckenna Nim McIntyre {Micki/Kenni/Kenna} ~ 14 ~ Year 1, Circle 1, Room 205 ~ Multilingual ~ Klaki {Icy/Icy}; Cat
    After a very long flight from the nearest airport about an hour from her family's current residence in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, Mckenna felt exhaustion course through her body as she boarded a bus for the last leg of her trip. Even though the fourteen year old was a very experienced traveler by now, this was her first time traveling alone, alone. The closest she had ever gone to traveling alone was when her parents put Micki and her twin brother, Sylvester VI on a plane by themselves when they were ten and twelve so they could go spend a month with Nan and Grandpapa, her dad's parents, in Scotland. Nevertheless, Kenna found herself practically bursting with enthusiasm and energy as the bus stopped at the school to unload the students, most of whom seemed to be grumbling unhappily about being woken up from there nap. These next four years would be the longest time she has ever been in one place, the possible outcomes racing through her mind were endless. Kenni literally had to control herself from running around, yipping for joy in any language she knew... basically she restrained herself by straightening her skirt, picking up her new kitten, and gathering her two bags of belongings: one that she slung over her shoulder, the other a rather large suitcase that she trailed behind her.

    Looking up and down the halls as she wandered aimlessly around the corridor trying to find her dorm, Mckenna let out a sigh of relief when she saw the numbers on the door "Always the last one to check, is it not?" she muttered to herself before going in. Glancing around she spotted a male who seemed very intent to keep playing with his electronics... but that didn't make Kenni content. Placing her bags down on a top bunk on the opposite side of the room she gently set Klaki down on the floor so he could roam and be his curious self as she made friends "Bonjour, I'm Mckenna McIntyre, most people call me Micki... or Kenni... or Kenna, who're you?" she asked in a slightly frilly and very cheery voice as she bounded over to Charlie, hand extended.
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    Mason Burke Olliander {Mase} ~ 15 ~ Year 1, Circle 3, Room 201 ~ Photographic Memory ~ Sir Nicholas, The Not Nearly Headless Nick {Nicky}; Ferret
    "Bye mom, Bye dad, let the girls know I said to break a leg!" Mason called, waving to his parents as they drove off back toward the city to support his sister's newest performances. Glancing down Mason let out a determined sigh as he gripped a dark blue duffel bag in his right hand, a dark green one in his left, andlet his rather large ferret with a seriously too long name, scurry up and curl around his neck while he began his trek through campus to the residence building to put his belongings down. Mase knew he would be sharing the room with three other people, that was certainly a first for him, but it couldn't be much different than his accustomed apartment living... could it?

    Approaching the room, Mason set the duffel bag in his right hand down and gave a knock on the door frame, seeing as the door was ajar already and he could see a girl in the room. Picking up his bag again he pushed the door open with his foot and walked in, placing his stuff by of the remaining beds, deciding that he would put everything away later. Turning his attention to the girl he offered Astrid a friendly smile "Hey, looks like we're roommates. I'm Mason, you seem like a pretty organized person. That's cool" the teen observed as he walked over, extending a hand.
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    Ivy Skye Kearney ~ 15 ~ Year 2, Circle 2, Room 203 ~ Obedient Animals ~ Salem; Dog
    "C'mon Salem, let's go home" Ivy whispered happily as she stepped out of the beat-up car that her current 'caretaker' drove. It amazed her that the car was able to get from point A to point B... let alone back to point A all in one piece. Gripping the one, rather old-fashioned, brown leather suitcase in one hand, Ivy turned away from the street and smiled at the site of the campus before smiling down at her faithful best friend who just happened to walk on four legs.

    Walking down the familiar and very welcoming halls of the residence hall, Ivy stopped and turned the doorknob to room 203 where she saw Hector on the floor, already at home. Hector wa one of the very few people that Ivy was actually comfortable around. Unlike her dog who would happily greet any living thing until it betrayed its owner, Ivy was very quiet, reserved and shy. Of course, that isn't to say she is a push-over, far from it actually. Unlike Hector she was only ever swarmed by animals for a few moments before she put them in their place with a natural ease. Placing her suitcase on her desk, Ivy smiled as she walked over, sliding onto the floor next to her friend whom was already being jumped on by Salem "Hi Hector, how was your summer?" she asked gently before shooting Salem a look as the dog stopped tormenting the male and his hedgehog and walked over to Ivy, half sitting in the small girls lap.
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    Sofia Geneva Visscher {Sof/Sofie/Pinky/Fia} ~ 16 ~ Year 3, Circle 3, Room 207 ~ Dancing ~ Magically Mystic {Mystic/Mysty/Myst}; Horse
    {Tagged ; WIP}{Location ; WIP}

    Percival Bem Ito {Percy/Ito/PB/Perse} ~ 18 ~ Year 4, Circle 5, Room 204 ~ Martial Arts ~ Jackie Chan {JC/Jack/Chanie}; Cat
    {Tagged ; WIP}{Location ; WIP}
  5. Fritz Johnsson
    Unlike most of his Circle, Fritz had returned to Iriswalk the day before everyone was set to arrive. He wasn't a fan of his birth family and had disowned them within his first year of attending the academy. The Scandinavian's break had been spent hopping around the other countries that comprised Scandinavia before a longer stint in Sweden to get a job for the break. It hadn't been the greatest, but it had managed to replenish his funds for the school year and allowed for him to pay off the rent for his accommodations. Fritz had been spending his day creeping along the hallways, finding it too easy to walk by the majority of first-years unnoticed. Funny, considering his hair was bleach blonde and hot pink. The young man headed for his dorm room after looking at the clock, realizing that Ronan was probably back already. He really hoped so, things had been so boring without his self-proclaimed best friend and partner in crime.
    "No fighting with Ivy, okay Sykur?" Fritz said to the rat on his shoulder, his accent having re-thickened over the break.
    He could hear Ayla talking in their doorway, and that meant at least half of his Circle was already there! The young man casually walked up behind Ayla before grabbing her in a bear-hug from behind, spinning the two of them into the room.
    "Þú ert loksins kominn!" He said with a practical squeal before he stopped and set Ayla down.
    Ronan was already on his bunk on the top with Ivy casually reclining on him.
    "What took you guys so long? And why isn't Yvette here yet?" Fritz added as he set a hand on his hip.

    OOC: Translation- You're finally here!
    Using Google translate, so hopefully it's accurate enough.​
  6. Nóri Kaníson
    Nóri waved a vigorous goodbye to his mother and sisters. His sisters responded with a lacklustre wave - they had just lost their playtoy - and his mother flailed her arm around, tears running down her face. "Why are you so upset, mamma? I thought you'd be glad to be rid of me!" Nóri said with a childish giggle. His mother shook his head and speedily drove off before making a scene, just as he expected. He bounded up to the school gate, Morgana trotting behind him. "This is Iriswalk then?" He got in his letter that he was assigned to room 201, where his circle would be. The Arctic fox slunk around his ankles before headbutting him, as if signalling for him to get a move on. Nóri ran into the main building, Morgana following behind in a casual canter, too lazy to bother to keep up until they were at the dorm door.

    "Huh." Nóri mumbled to himself. Why was he getting nervous now? The boy racked his brains for any idea why he would be nervous. He had always gotten on with people, so tht asn't the issue. He looked down at his white furred fox. Morgana? No, she was totally domesticated and only got angry when Nóri didn't feed her. He had the bite marks to prove it... But no, she had never even touched another human in a violent manner. Not her. Nóri leaned backward, letting his head touch the floor, backpack slinking down to the back of his neck.. His "power"? His head was now facing the wall opposite the door. That was it. Come on, being a good gymnast was rather pathetic in comparison to everyone else's... magic ESP powers or what ever. He had talked this through with his mother. "You were invited for a reason, you're obviously important to them." Well, that was certainly true. It wasn't as if he was going to drop out - too big an opportunity. What was it this school did again? He was sure plenty other kids felt this way. Anyway, ESP powers didn't exist, said his ration side of his brain. Good. His hands finally stopped shaking. When in doubt, think it out.

    With a big grin on his face, he swung back up straight, his backpack repositioning itself with a jolt. All of his stuff was in his backpack. Nóri then proceeded to kick the door to his room wide open, yelling "I hope nobody is naked~!" at the top of his lungs. Only when the door was open did it occur to him that they had mixed dorms and there really could be a naked girl in there, but as his eyes focused, there was no naked girl. Or naked boy, for that matter. The boy and girl his eyes met with were, thankfully, fully clothed. There was a rather diminutive girl, her hands moving at high speed unpacking all her stuff in what seemed a rainbow pattern? The right word didn't come to mind. It seemed that the other boy had just arrived, as his hand was still extended, waiting for a reply. "Heya you two! You are my dorm buddies, right? That makes us a circle."
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  7. Adore Vanderbilt
    The pink haired bubbly girl, named Adore was in her bedroom, getting ready to leave. Her family all 10 of them were sadly saying goodbye. "I love you, Mi Familia!" She said, as her butler got her bags to the car. Adore was excited and sad about going back to the academy, she was in her second year. She would at least know some people. With her butler and her cheetah, Chibara, Adore made her way to Iriswalk.

    Adore was really nervous, she knew that not everyone liked her eccentric ways, but that was her. She started to play in her hair. "Chibara, are you excited? Because I am! I'm nervous too." Chibara just moved onto her lap. "Yeah...this is going to be fun. I can't wait!" Her butler parked the car, as he went to get her bags. They walked to the entrance. A man from the academy took the bags.

    "Thank you, Fredrick, tell my family I love them and I'll miss them." Fredrick, the butler bowed to her and walked back to the car. Adore, with the man walked inside. The front entrance was beautiful, Adore was amazed. "Oh wow this is amazing, I love it." "This way Miss Vanderbilt." The man ushered Adore to the elevator. It started to move as it played music. "I like this song." Adore was dancing, while they stopped on her room floor.

    Adore made it to Room 206, with Chibara. When she walked in, she saw Wisteria. "Wisteria! Hey! It's nice to see you again." With a big smile and open arms, Adore went over to Wisteria and gave her a big hug. Adore and Wisteria weren't the closest, but at least Adore knew her. "How have you been?" She said as the man put her bags down, near the bed she pointed at. "Thank you!" She turned back to Wisteria.
    Shen Ying
    Shen was in the car with his mother and father, he was just quiet, like always. Cristoff his pet wolf was asleep next to him. Shen smiled at Cristoff and rubbed his stomach. Shen's mother started to talk to him. "Shen this year, can you try to speak up more and make some friends? For me please." He just shook his head. His father turned around. "Shen!" "Yes...I'll try father and mother." Shen's voice was like a robot, it's was as if he barely used it.

    Once they made it, Shen's parents said their goodbyes and he waved and took his bags out. Cristoff following right behind him. "I'll take them, Mr. Ying." The man at the entrance said, Shen just shrugged him off and shook his head no. He walked in the academy and he got on the elevator. Shen wasn't really excited or nervous about this, it was his third year, so he wasn't a fresh puppy in the pound or anything now.

    He got off the elevator and went to Room 207, he heard someone in the shower. His roommate he guessed. After putting his stuff on the bed farthest away, he took out his sketch book, he started to finish a drawing he was doing earlier. The drawing was beautiful. Shen was an awesome drawer, but he was in the school for his painting, which were magnificent and made people awestruck when they saw them.

    While he did that, Cristoff spotted a black and white dog in the room. Cristoff howled with excitement, he went over to play with it. Shen just looked up and smiled, Cristoff at least was making new friends. He went back to drawing, waiting for his roommate to reveal themself and whoever else was in his Circle.
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  8. Lucifer.

    Lucifer stepped out of the car as it reached the gates. "Thank you" he said to the driver, handing him some money for payment. He looked at the familiar building. Another year hear then, he thought to himself.

    As he walked through the crowds, he shoved past other students. Making a few rude remarks and giving a evil stair where needed. Lucifer wasn't the friendliest of guys.But not doing anything else. Unless he was doing something he liked, Lucifer was rather lazy.

    He finally managed to make his way to the dorm rooms, with the help of a small map. The place was so big he could never fined where anything was. " we go 206" he said to himself as he reached for the door. He could hear someone had already turned up. But he couldn't tell which girl it was. After all he was the only guy in his circle. But he wasn't complaining.

    Just as he opened the door. Kise, his smudgy kitten poked his head out of Lucifers shirt. "hello" Lucifer announced as he entered, Kise giving a soft pure as well.
  9. r a i n e
    The air was familiar. So, so familiar.

    Among a bustle of fresh pupils and old ones alike, a small young woman was walking. There was a well-sized duffle bag on one of her shoulders, stuffed with haphazardly-organized clothes, and she was carrying with one of her hands a rather large pet carrier. Overall, she seemed to be struggling with holding both of them. The creature within the carrier was calm, a dark cat who trusted his master after so long of being with her. The cat recognized the school's scent as well, and seemed to be familiar with the atmosphere it presented.

    The air smelled of freshly-cleaned halls packed with the scents of teenagers - some with perfume on every inch of themselves, others simply neutral. She smelled faintly of cinnamon, but that was natural for her. Her deep brown sweater had a wide neck that exposed her collarbones, and one of her shoulders. Dark skinny jeans and horribly worn-down Converse sneakers were on the rest. The way ahead was clear, to the 200s dorms, where she would be coming into contact with the people she'd spend her entire year with.

    Joy, her thoughts whispered dully in her mind.

    She huffed in exhaustion as she continued a tiring path, finally reaching the hall where the dorms all were lined. nearly dragging her possessions down the hall, she took a short few more steps to Room 202, and she managed to pull her hand up to grab the doorknob and push the door open. She gave it a firm push, so that it'd stay open long enough for her to amble inside.

    There were two people. She wasn't entirely sure of their names - however, she did have a good guess on the girl. Megumi. People always talked about her and Raine being different in their talents, how they'd clash. It was a little surreal actually being in a circle with her now, but whatever. She could handle it. The boy, she didn't know. One side of the room was taken, leaving two empty bunks on the other side of it.

    She didn't spare much time looking them over. With a tired sigh, she started towards the empty bunks and claimed the one nearer to the window.

    She hoisted the pet carrier up onto the bed of her bunk before stepping up on the ladder to throw her duffle bag on the end of the bed. She climbed up a little more and clicked open the carrier's cage door, and she said softly, "You're good now, Ash." The cat promptly stepped out of the carrier and stretched. He'd been with her for six full years now - fully matured by this point. He was a beautiful cat, too. His eyes squeezed shut as he stretched and his mouth opened wide with a yawn.

    The girl then climbed up the rest of the way and sat herself down, legs crossed. Her cat rubbed up against her and she stroked his fur, evoking a rumbling purr from him in doing so.

    c a s p e r
    People stared at him as he passed. Mostly newer students, young faces he didn't recognize. He wasn't surprised, though. They had to crane their necks back a bit to actually see his face.

    The practical monster of a boy was walking along the halls, a faint pink hue to his cheeks. He carried a plain black suitcase in one hand, with barely any effort to it. Half of the students didn't even take a glance, since they've known about him for a year or a couple by then. Veterans of Iriswalk, like himself. He thought a silent thank you to them, since the stares of the first years were enough to fluster him and make his cheeks go pink the way they were.

    He was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt, the sleeves both rolled to his elbows. It was habit for him to do that with long sleeves. His jeans were gray, skinny jeans, as usual. He wore old Vans shoes on his feet that looked relatively new, since he grew out of his shoes quickly over the years. He adjusted his grip on the suitcase as he continued walking, flicking black hair away from his face and letting bright green eyes lift as he turned a corner.

    The doors of the dorms were lined in a neat row down the hall. Familiarity flooded him. There were a few students going into their dorms, but that was about it for that hallway. His chest expanded with a breath and he sighed it out, walking slowly towards the end of the hall to Room 209. At least he'd be rooming with other fourth years.

    He stopped at the doorway, standing in front of it with a hesitance to his stature. He glanced down the hall and then back to the door, placing his hand on the doorknob and pushing the door open very gently.

    He had to lean down a bit to get through the door, but he straightened when he was inside. The pink in his cheeks flushed to a more noticeable tone when he realized it was both the females of the circle that had occupied the room already. He looked at both of them - both short. Like, really short. Even to normal standards, they were. After a moment of awkward silence, he cracked a small, shy grin and waved with his free hand to them, saying a soft, " .. Hello."

    He glanced from one to the other, being forced to make a decision on which side to bunk. They had each taken a bunk on both sides, so there were two free ones on either side. After a moment of just standing there looking lost, he finally started a path to the free bunk next to the girl with long black hair. He was quiet, excepting the small, timid smile he offered the girl as he placed his suitcase up on his bed.

    y v e t t e
    People waved to the tiny girl with kind smiles as she passed, and she, of course, waved back quietly.

    It seemed that most knew about Yvette - the small mute girl who had been there for the course of four years at that point. She had gotten to meet a lot of curious people, and they were so familiar with her at this point that they couldn't help but wave to her and her bright expression.

    She was dragging a rather large suitcase behind her, which fortunately was easier to carry since it had wheels. Luckily, that was all she had taken with her - it had all that she would need stored in it. She wore light tights on her legs and short-shorts on top of them, with a flowing sky-blue blouse under a large white jacket on top. Her long, milk brown hair was tied into two neat ponytails, and her pale blue eyes sparkled as they met with the gazes of others. The black flats on her feet were worn, but still intact.

    Her hands were occupied with the handle of her suitcase, so she couldn't really talk to anyone at that moment, but the waves and quiet hellos were enough. She turned down to the 200s dorms, and she picked up the pace of her walk a tad, feeling a rush of excitement course through her. New people! It'd probably be a little awkward at first, with her disability, but she was sure they'd adjust okay. She recognized the names of her circle-mates, luckily, so she hoped they'd recognize her too to eliminate some of the tension.

    She went all the way down to Room 208, managing to get one hand off of the suitcase she was holding to push open the door. She dragged the suitcase with one hand as she held the door, a small, but bright smile coming to her face when she saw others in the room. All three of her circle were there already, which was pretty impressive. There was Ronan, a lean boy with orange eyes and a cool disposition; Ayla, a girl about as short as she who had long hair and a friendly aura; and Fritz, a boy with pink in his blonde hair and a welcoming tone to him.

    She waved enthusiastically to the others before placing her hand back onto her suitcase. She dragged it to the nearest available bunk, the free one on Ronan's side of the room, and set her suitcase against the bed's frame, shaking her hands and arms out from dragging it for so long. She glanced back up to the others when she was done, and with another smile, her hands and fingers moved in fluid, quick motions as she finger-spelled her name and greeted them.

    It translated to, "Hello. My name Y-V-E-T-T-E. Nice meet-you all." She reached into the pocket of her shorts and took out a small notebook and pen, in case they needed translation. Despite this, she had a good light in her eyes and a happy expression on her face, and she hoped it wouldn't turn awkward for them.
    [ the wording of what she said looks weird because american sign language has a different sentence structuring from spoken english, in case anyone is confused. ( ^ ^) ]
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  10. A n a t o l i o s [ Ana ] O r i o n
    Year Three - Circle Three - Invisible

    As the tall lanky male wearing a black hoodie, with dark dyed skinny jeans, and a pair of run down black shoes with red laces strapped together with the same black duffel bag he has been using all these years at the academy, weighing almost as much as him, strapped to his back, he was looking down at a crumpled piece of dirtied paper. There was a white stick hanging down from his lips, twirling from side to side, as Ana, the third year, a returning student at Iriswalk Academy, was pondering where his room was as he walked aimlessly on the less chaotic grounds of the campus-- Lost, Ana was lost, for he was stupid to think that instead of taking a right at the main entrance, like everyone else, he would take the opposite direction, left, which lead to the main school building, a few other buildings for educational usage, and was considerably the 'longer' way to where he was suppose to go originally.
    Passing the vacant buildings at a nice, leisurely pace, Ana sighed heavily, folding the already destroyed piece of paper, stuffing it back into the front of his jeans pocket. His eyes wandered a little, seeing as the campus has changed a lot during this break, it almost seemed greener, more calm, with a relaxing vibe that dawned him the more he walked deeper into the greenery parts of the campus. The lack of people really made the beauty to all of this stand out. In the end, a detour wasn't that regrettable, until a couple familiar faces came into view who also seemed to have the mindset of exploring the grounds on this nice day. Two girls, second years, and laughing away their time as they walked together arm in arm. Out of reflex, Ana pulled up his hood, shading his face, having his brown hair cover his eyes as he hung his head down.
    The two girls that were once laughing, stopped, as one leaned over and whispered something, and the other responded with a soft 'mhm'. Ana stayed quiet, minding his own business, for he was noticed by two people already. It left off an uncomfortable sense to him while the girls started to shuffle a bit faster, while he too picked up his pace.
    It took him another 15 minutes of his detour, until he was at the door of his new living space. 202, read the door. Twirling the orange flavored sucker in his mouth a few more times, before his teeth forced its way into the hard shell of his candy, crunching away into the sugar, his hand grasped the handle, and pushed open the door, there were already three others here, two humans, and a sleeping fox.
    Ana stood there for a few moments, letting the door click behind him, then another swift moments of silence while Ana stared at the other male, then the female, who both claimed their territory the room, only to have his eyes shift at the fox on the other bed. A hand grabbed the empty sucker stick from his teeth, disposing in the front pocket of his skinny jeans. With his head hung low, hiding in the security of his hood, striding to the empty bunk that was more secluded from the others, he threw the bag underneath his living space, only to grab ahold of the ladder towards his bed propping himself up on his bed. A ache on both his shoulders began to slowly surface from carrying the heavy weight for such a long period of time. Crossing his legs, hunching over a bit, he began to do what he does best--until a squeak came from the pouch of his hoodie. Athena, his pet rat, poking its snout out, greeting Ana's hand, as she crawled into it. "Geia sas korítsi." he whispered softly to his friend.

    [ Greek words : Geia sas korítsi - Hello girl. ]

    E d g a r d [ Ire ] H a m b l i n

    Year One - Circle One - Green Thumb

    "Excusez-moi! Excuse me!" The blonde teen repeated constantly in both his native, and practiced English language, as he maneuvered himself around every student, parent, and helping staff member that were apart of this organized chaos. With his eyes filled with stars at the beauty this academy was already showing made his heart drop. Everything was so big, wide, and full of a lot of people, more people than Edgard, the country French bump-kin, could ever imagine. With one hand rolling a big black suitcase, and another cradling a black glossy pot filled to the brim with dirt, and a fully bloomed pink and white chrysanthemum that waved steadily with every twist and turned the excited Ire took as he followed the herd of beginning first years towards the main living hall. He knew where he was going, and the closer he got to his main destination, a smile that could possible out shine the sun curled happily on his lips.
    "205...205..2-0-OH! Voilà!" Ire said in excitement as his hand instantly grabbed the handle pushing the door open, grabbing the handle of his suitcase and throwing himself in the room. "Bonjour!"
    There were already two people here in his living space. A girl who was already getting acquainted with the other inhabitant that had his headphones in and was busy doing something on the computer. The girl looked lively, nice, approachable.
    As the door clicked behind him, he made his way over to the empty space that still was waiting for a inhabitant. A bed with a desk under it, right by the window. Claiming this spot as his own, not only to get the nice view for his own personal pleasure, but with the sunlight that this room can get would surely keep the present of the chrysanthemum alive long enough until he puts himself to work to grow yet another flower. Placing his flower pot on the corner of the desk, or in this way, the place that would gather the most sunlight to feed his growing beauty, then rolling his suit case over as well. With a kick of his heel, turning himself around, his arms behind his back, and a bright friendly flash of his teeth in an innocent smile, Ire began with a greeting of his own.
    "Hello mon ami's, I'm Edgard, but.. Please, call me Ire!" With a chirp in his tone, a hand swung around from his back, holding it out in a gesture of friendship, and the end of his introduction.

    [ Google translate : Mon ami - Friend || Voila - here || Bonjour - Hello ]
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  11. Lyra Grace Fairchild~ 17 ~ Year 4, Circle 5, Room 204 ~ Survival~ Azrael;Fennec fox
    The white blond haired girl had arrived to the school a but a few moments ago. Her hair was falling freely about her shoulders and her unique tricolored eyes watching her surroundings as they usually were. The first years stared at her curiously as she walked through the halls carrying her pet carrier but with her actual pet on her shoulder and in the other hand she was carrying a rather large suitcase. This was her last year here and it was definitely something she was looking forward to. She sighed shaking her head, "Welcome back Miss Lyra." Her first year teacher called out to her. Survival was such a rare talent that they had to search to find a teacher to shower her the gifts she had. "Thank you Mrs. Weatherly." She called back to her as she made her way to the room that she was to share with her circle. She had been following behind Sen of course quietly watching his interactions with the first year silently she scolded him in her head and when he stopped in the door of the room she sat her things down and smacked him in the back of the head rather hard before picking her things up, "Barely here and you are hitting on first years Sen?" She asked as he stepped by him putting her things on the top bunk on the right side of the room. The Fennec fox on her shoulder jumped to the floor and ran up to Alice yipping adorably up at the girl. "Nice to see you again Alice." She gave the other girl a small smile.
  12. ((Sorry it's so long! I promise the other posts will all be shorter)

    Michael Geier - Vectors Genius 2nd year
    My, it was busy wasn't it? Michael Geier looked up at the hustle and bustle of the school with cool blue eyes. As he looked, his lips began moving. A couple people passing him gave him weird looks as he said, "1 up, 23 right, 2.138mph, 38 incline at 5.6 feet and counting. Balancing step will fail unless at greater than 90." As if she was trying to fulfill his prophecy, a girl with long brown hair in front of him took two steps forward, before one of the wheels on her rolling carry-on jumped upwards as it hit a rock, knocking her off balance. Her right leg stretched out to balance herself, but wasn't going to make it. She gave a yelp, but Michael had his arm around her waist before she could hit the ground. "Careful there, darling." He said in his usual, smooth manner. She stammered an embarrassed thanks as he helped her right herself, then went on her way.

    Now then, time to go to his own dorm. The vectors in such a busy place kept changing and it was tiring his mind to keep updating the situation. He'd focused on the one girl, because she'd been in a less-populated area, unlikely to be knocked off course. Idly, the math geek glanced around him, wondering why they were all in such a raving hurry. Then again, most of them were getting back from vacation and back into the "school mode." He'd never gone back home, working and living on his own, and Michelle had been forced back to that ridiculous shooting school in Britain. His parents really didn't care what happened to him, merely paying for his tuition because having two kids at wealthy schools would give them a good name. They still couldn't understand why he'd even been accepted here in the first place.

    Michael had always been very sure he and his sister were special. He had been equally sure that his parents were idiots, but he didn't mind. He preferred they had no idea he had any talents at all, since it made his life easier. Michelle's abilities had always been too obvious, and look where that had gotten her - sent overseas and treated like a pawn. As far as Mr. and Mrs. Geier were concerned, the only time Michael said anything, it was nonsensical and foolish. Of course they had no idea that the numbers he sometimes randomly spouted when he looked at them were distances, speeds, and angles, all very logically thought out and predicted. It was funny, then, that he hadn't been at all surprised by his invitation to a good school. Truthfully, he'd been receiving a few for quite some time, but most of them were universities, and he wasn't interested. He'd chosen Iriswalk almost exclusively because it included standard-age students and because he'd liked the name. He hadn't kept his calculations a secret, because he knew his parents didn't read math-related papers and wouldn't understand anyways, but at one of their fancy parties for the wealthy and famous, he'd "accidentally" bumped into a famous mathematician and done a little demonstration. That had been a few years ago, and he'd done it because it was boring without Michelle to listen and understand. His parents really couldn't understand why he'd suddenly started receiving letters for good schools. He really couldn't understand how he was related to the two of them.

    He spotted the math teacher from last year, greeting some students as they came in. He made a beeline for her. She smiled at him in a friendly manner. "Welcome back, Mr. Geier."

    He grinned at her mischievously and began speaking numbers, daring her to calculate the situation he was giving her. She took the challenge without pause, giving him the answer within moments of him finishing his make-shift scenario. As usual, her calculations were flawless. Satisfied, he moved past her and to his room, 203. There were a couple people already there. "Ivy and Hector, ah my lovely animal people. It's nice to see you again." He said, leaning against the doorpost. His beautiful, colorful snake Manaya slithered over his shoulders seemingly out of nowhere and affectionately wound its way first past Hector's feet, and then around Ivy's. She was glad to see them, too, no surprise there.

    @Felilla @~Happily.Ever.After~


    Michelle Geier - Fighting Specialist 2nd year
    Michelle woke with a start, staring up at the clock. Oh shoot, she was late. She'd arrived by plane the day before, and booked a hotel nearby, only to be caught by jet lag.

    Michelle Geier swept her long black hair from her face with her seemingly delicate fingers. She didn't look very strong, short, small in frame, but there were small signs of her talent in every part of her life. Her palms and wrists sported very strategic callouses from firing guns ambidextrously consistently. As she slid out of her comfortable PJ's unabashedly, she revealed a muscled figure her clothes normally didn't reveal. She dressed with a short, casual dress with short sleeves and long black tights - it gave her pretty good mobility, but also helped preserve her decency and made it so that she didn't have to worry about marks on her clothing if she was using a weapon of lower quality. Two unloaded pistols were strapped to an otherwise unnecessary belt, her license to carry them tucked into a water-proof pocket in her dress. She had a scar on her right calf, from where one of her classmates had accidentally tripped and fired a shot. Even her movements were lithe, cat-like, making it clear she was very comfortable in her body, but somehow still conveying the sense of alertness, like a coiled spring. She pulled two hair twists onto her left wrist, a habit she'd acquired in case she had to prepare for a fight, but otherwise the only piece of jewelry she sported was a light blue, dangling earring, the back of which had been modified to be more secure. She hadn't had any piercings before she and Michael gotten these, and she had been criticized for wearing it wherever she went, but she had always refused to part with it.

    She'd received her letter halfway through her last semester at the advanced training program she'd been in a year ago. Iriswalk. She'd heard of the academy - it was famous for churning out incredible students and as far as she could tell, money wasn't the only thing you needed in order to be accepted, much less scouted like she had been. In all honesty, she'd been rather surprised; while Michelle was a better shot than a large number of adults, and had proven herself capable in martial arts, her academic record was far from perfect, and she wasn't that famous outside of certain gun and martial arts fanatic circles. Prodigy. She snorted at the thought. She'd only been able to get as good as she had in shooting because Michael's suggestions had taught her which instincts to trust when firing, and so what if she was good at some martial arts? As a result she'd been reluctant, at first, to accept the invitation, even keeping it a secret from her parents, but as the semester had dragged on, she realized that she really didn't want to go anywhere else. If she went to a school full of gifted kids, maybe she'd be able to be treated as the rule, not the exception, she'd always wanted to experience a normal high school. On top of which, she had no intention of competing in the Olympics or becoming a child spy for whichever government her parents decided to favor. Even less did she want to become a bodyguard for hire, a field that sounded as boring as it did dangerous. Eventually, the athlete knew she'd be shoved into one or another of these things since she didn't really have any other talents, but she still had every intention of delaying the inevitable as long as possible. She wasn't looking forward to it, knowing that she'd get a lot of flack for being small in stature and relatively young.

    Whatever. She refused to think about that for now. She checked her reflection quickly in the mirror to ensure she had everything necessary, then flicked the earring lightly for luck, it was her daily ritual. Folding her hands, she offered a "good morning" prayer to the Lord, then picked up her backpack, which was camouflage patterned, but otherwise very normal. As she took a cab to the school grounds, she idly wondered, as she did every morning, how Michael was doing. They did contact each other pretty regularly, but Michael had muttered something about computers taking over the world before she'd left, and they usually conversed through old fashioned mail. She'd been both delighted and surprised to find him at the same school last year. At the time, she hadn't told him she was coming to Iriswalk, because she'd made the decision rather hastily and also because when she'd called their parents to inform them, they'd told her he'd been shipped off to some other fancy school. As far as she could figure, those idiots still had no idea that Michael's brain was hard-wired for instantaneous calculations, and had no idea why he'd been accepting to such a prestigious boarding school. They didn't even know where he was going. They didn't care, so they hadn't asked.

    Since the end of school, last year, he'd simply told them that there were arrangements for people who wanted to stay over the summer, and they'd accepted it without question. Michelle, however, was forced to return to England to continue her useless training throughout the summer. As such, both of them had been separated for the entire summer from both their parents and each other. Not that the first was such a tragedy. Every morning one of those things she included in her prayer was "please help me love my parents again today."

    She threaded her way through the school, moving quickly but with the impression of utter calm, until she made it to room 206. As expected, she was the last one there. She smiled at Lucifer, Adore, and Wisteria each in turn, with equanimity that hid her chagrin at being on the late side. "It's been a while! I've missed all of you. How were all your summers?" Her words were casual as she set her things down in the last bed, unlocking Maxwell's cage to let him out. The vulture flapped and gave a caw before landing on the post of her bed, instinctively knowing where to go.

    @Felilla @Prince Dragomir @parkpyro
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  13. ♥Adore Vanderbilt♥
    |⇒Acting:2nd Year-Circle Four⇐|

    Adore turned around to where the door was opening and shutting. She saw Lucifer and Michelle. Adore forgot that the rooms were Co-Ed. Lucifer was looking pretty cute. Adore could feel her face blush, she ignored it. She ran over to them, giving them both hugs. Adore was happy to see that all her roomies made it safely.
    "OMG! Are you guys excited like I am? I can't wait for everything to start." Adore smiled at the pets playing with each other. Chibara, just like her mother, was trying to get everyone to get along together.

    Adore turned back around to Michelle. She asked about their summers. Adore sat on her bed, pink hair bouncing around. "Well nothing out of the ordinary. I went to Italy, to see my family. Then me and my family-family went to Paris. It was beautiful. The food was amazing." Adore could just smell the food, it was like she was there right now. She missed Paris, she would go back one day. Getting back to the subject, Adore looked at Lucifer. "So, Lu! What did you do over the summer?" She laid down on her bed, watching him.
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  14. Lucifer

    Lucifer didn't have much time to react before he was being hugged by Adore. Normally he would have backed up or said something, because He wasn't 'very trusting. But he had gotten used to the three girls in his circle, and hugged back slightly.

    He then walked over to his bed and threw his bag at the foot of it. Then Sat on it, his back to the wall and his body faceing the girls. He looked at them individually realising just how lucky he was. A soft smirk rose on his face.

    Lucifers attention then turned to Adore. "well I went back to England for money a bit, which was ok" he said. Kise jumping up and snuggling in his lap. "after that I traveld all over the place. I went to America, Thai land, new Zealand and Japan" he listed some places he had time to visit on his trip. He had gone not just for sight seeing, but to practice his rare talent.

    " what did you do Wisteria?" Lucifer asked. His vivid blue eyes turning to look at her.
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  15. Astrid Abel
    Astrid flushed slightly when the boy complimented her. Most people found her organization weird. She shook his hand with a warm smile, "It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Astrid." It still seemed a bit odd that the rooms were co-ed, but there wasn't much she could do about it even if she want to. Geez, this boy was cute. She wondered what his talent was. Before she had the opportunity to ask another boy burst in. Astrid bit her lip carefully, wondering when her girl roommate would arrive. It was awkward being surrounded by so many guys. "Yes, that is what it appears to be. Although we are missing one. I'm Astrid."

    Wisteria Anderson
    "Okay..." Wisteria answered the enthusiastic Adore before the rest of her Circle arrived. She watched them interact with a small smile on her face before Lucifer directed a question at her. She glanced away slightly, feeling awkward. How was she supposed to tell them what she did over the summer? "Oh, I-um... I visited my family in California." Not a complete lie.

    Megumi Oshiro
    Megumi walked out of the bathroom, drying her long black hair before she saw Angelo. "Ah, Angelo! Kon'nichiwa! How was your summer?" Before he could answer another girl walked in. Megumi watched her curiously, briefly wondering what had happened to Nelly, their other female Circle member. A girl with superb hearing. Megumi had just barely gotten used to her eccentric ways. "Who are you?" she questioned, tilting her head. She turned abruptly and saw Ana. "Ana! Don't scare the shit out of me like that!"

    Maude Bellamy
    Maude grinned brightly at Gabrielle. "Wonderful actually! I-" She paused when the door opened and a really tall, really unfamiliar guy walked in. Francis had been Expelled earlier the year before, but she didn't expect to get a replacement in their Fourth Year. Oh well. Maude grinned brightly. "I'm Maude and this is Gabby, the smartest girls you will probably ever meet. And at this school, that's saying something!"

    Alice Harlow
    Alice smiled warmly at Sen, "Thank you, Sen." When Lyra walked in, Alice jumped up, enveloping her in a hug. She pulled away, holding her by the arms. "Lyra, you become more lovely every year. You should be a bit more careful around boys." She grinned brightly and also gave Sen a hug. A small pout covered her face when she realized someone was missing. "Where's Percy?"

    Charlie Deering
    Charlie didn't bother looking up at the person as he extended his hand. "Charlie Deering, it's a pleasure," he replied with a very monotone voice. Another person entered and Charlie nearly groaned at his excitement. Why couldn't he have a nice, quiet Circle that would leave him alone? Maybe they'd be into electronics, he didn't know and he wasn't going to bother finding out. He pulled his earbuds out and whirled around. "Let's get some things straight. This," he gestured to his computer setup. "Is my stuff. Do not touch my stuff and I will not touch yours. Two, I apologize for I am not the most joyful person you will meet. In fact, I'm quite boring. If you talk to me about something interesting, maybe we'll get along." He turned back around and put his headphones back in.

    Hector Cox
    Hector pet Salem with a laugh and glanced over at Ivy. "As far as I'm concerned, it was wonderful. And you?" Seconds before she answered, someone else walked in. "Micheal! I don't suppose you want to join us while we wait for Sabina to arrive? Then I think we should see if there's any good food in the Common Room, I'm starving."

    Samson Sawyer
    Still in the shower at the moment.

    Ronan Andrews
    Ronan flipped onto his side, smiling at Ayla, "It was wonderful." Suddenly, Fritz burst in and hugged Ayla tightly as Ronan dropped onto the ground. "I don't get hug?" he gave his friend a mock pout. Suddenly, Yvette wandered in and signed a sentence. "Yvette. We know you," he offered her a teasing smile. "Are you trying to test us?"
  16. Sierra Loveless

    A black Honda pulled up out front the school and came to an abrupt stop. The passenger door opened and a small girl stepped out. She had long brown hair that reached her butt and brown eyes. The girl closed the door and walked over to the backseat door beside it. She opened it and reached inside, grabbing her large duffel bag. She slung it over her seemingly delicate frame then backed up. A large black wolf with green eyes stepped out of the vehicle as well and stood beside the girl, calm and graceful.

    Sierra said a quick goodbye to her adoptive mother then shut the door and watched as the car drove away. Sierra waited until the car disappeared then turned and walked onto campus with graceful yet silent steps. The wolf beside her eyed everyone as if warning them to steer clear of them. Sierra reached the front desk within side the school and smiled.
    "Hey, I'm Sierra. The new girl." She told the person behind the counter. The women looked up then turned to her computer and began printing things. She soon handed Sierra her schedule, dorm number, and a map of the school. Sierra thanked her then left, following the map to her dorm.

    When Sierra reached her dorm she looked down at the wolf, Fang and Fang looked back at her. Sierra nodded once then pushed open the door and walked in. She didn't notice the others cause she was to excited. It didn't take her more than three seconds to locate the rest of her things on a bed by a window. She smiled brightly and walked over to her new bed, Fang following behind. Sierra set her things down then flopped down on the bed beside them.
    "The trip was so tiring..." She complained.


    Jackson Cole

    A big white and black truck pulled up in front of the school and stopped. The driver door opened and a lean guy stepped out. He had tamed blonde hair and green eyes. Jackson leaned inside and grabbed his bag. He slung one strap over his shoulder then grabbed a soccer ball. Jackson then closed the door and turned around to greet his dad. "Here." He said coldly, tossing the keys to his dad. Jackson put two fingers in his mouth and whistled. A large white tiger leaped out of the back of the truck and landed beside Jackson.

    Jackson walked onto school grounds, ignoring his father and focusing more on today. He quickly made his way to the same dorm he's had since he was new here and pushed open the door. Jackson ignored anyone who was possibly there, thinking about the day ahead. He walked over to his bed and set his bag down beside it. Jackson then sat on his bed and groaned before falling onto his back. He looked up at the ceiling then puy an arm over his eyes.
    "Dumbass." He muttered to himself


    Skylar James

    A blue sports car pulled up in front of the school and came to an abrupt stop. The passenger door opened and a cute girl stepped out. She had long black hair put up in two ponytails and eyes as blue as the sky. She held a black cat so she raised one of her feet and shut the door. She nodded once to her aunt and watched as the car drove off.

    Skylar walked onto school campus, her expression blank and her movements graceful. She entered the office and told the lady behind the desk her name. After a short while she was given her schedule, dorm number, and a map of the school. Skylar thanked her then left and walked to the dorms, following the map's instructions. Once she got there she pushed open the door and walked to the bed that had all her stuff. She sat down and looked at her pet cat, Midnight.
    "We're here." She muttered.
  17. Michael Geier - Vectors Genius 2nd Year
    He grinned at Hector affectionately. "Why not? I'm missing our little Sherlock." He said, not the least bit derogatorily. "I've had breakfast already, but I'm afraid Manaya hasn't. Too excited." He winked and his snake hissed at him in a manner that was rather suggestive of a child sticking out their tongue at their parent. He began pulling out his sparse belongings. It was funny how, despite his family being ridiculously rich, from the first day he'd had very little with him. Average clothes, some office supplies, and toiletries; that was it. Quite literally the only things he owned that could be considered personal effects were his earring and his snake. It was just a matter of shoving his clothes in the drawers and carefully arranging the contents of his backpack on the desk. As they waited for Sabina, Manaya curled her way onto his left arm.


    Michelle Geier - Fighting Specialist 2nd Year
    She dodged the enthusiastic Adore with a pleasant smile on her face, not really one for hugs. "I see you three enjoyed yourselves." She said casually, as if she hadn't heard Wisteria's uncomfortable tone. "I visited England as well." Her tone made it sound as though she'd gone as some sort of vacation. The Geier twins had always been convincing liars. Her roommates didn't need to know the truth, anyways. Doubtless one or another of them had the exact same experience. It was better to pretend they were just rich kids who had had normal rich kid vacations. Moving on quickly, she said, "Well, I'm heading down to get some breakfast. Would any of you like to join me?" She threw that out, but spun lithely on her heels without waiting for an answer. She paused at the doorway and held out her arm, looking to her bed. "Maxwell." She clicked her tongue and the large bird came flapping down to land on her arm, claws digging into her flesh mercilessly. He was a heavy bird, but carrying him around wasn't more tiring than training, and the pain of his claws merely an extension of that.
  18. Coira Edana Armour

    She sat in the taxi with earphones in her ears "Stop Falling" by P!nk blasting in her ears. Coira was on her way to Iriswalk Academy for the third time in her life but that didn't mean she was looking forward to it. Even though Coira preferred being able to travel whenever she wanted, the academy had a comfort that other places or people didn't. How many others did you meet that had real talent? Like, a talent they were naturally born with and really good at? Not many. It made things easier for Coira when not everyone was excited that they were going to school with a prodigy seeing as how everyone at Iriswalk was one as well. In her old school Coira was adored and treated like a celebrity, even in town, which is why Coira always felt so... lonely? Was that the word she was looking for? It sounded like it fit. Lonely in a place with people who fawned over you but it wasn't like it really mattered because that was something she'd gotten use to over the years.

    "Ms. Armour, we're here," The taxi driver spoke in a gruff voice that made Coira feel as if he wanted her to hurry up and get out of his vehicle.

    "Thanks," Coira snorted with a roll of her eyes as she climbed out and walked over to the trunk that was popped open. She didn't wait for the driver to pull her stuff out and instead grabbed her two heavy bags herself, threw $30 at him and began to make her way to room 207. On the outside while she looked calm, on the inside Coira was praying that she didn't end up rooming with a bunch of weirdos. Finally reaching the dorm, Coira paused for a second before opening the door and giving the people inside a smile.

    "Hey, I'm Coira Armour,"

    Sabina Iani Johnston

    "Welcome back to Iriswalk Sabina!" Sabina heard a few students shout to her as she walked down the pavement with Kyku laying around her neck. A small smile formed on Sabina's face as she waved at the people she use to be in the same classes as last time, she's been here for two years but already many people know of her... at least the students do. In the eyes of the students Sabina is the one who goes looking for things others have lost or figures out a situation in a problem they themselves can't figure out. Sabina is their problem solver. Of course, to the teachers she's just a silent student who has remarkable grades but doesn't interact much with others. Its something Sabina doesn't mind them thinking, as long as she's under their radar which means it would be easier to sneak around campus at night and be the last one they suspect. Yea... its something she's done before.

    "Room 203... oh boy," She bit her bottom lip while making her way toward the dorms, her large luggage clutched tightly in her hand. Kyku meowed a bit as he watched her struggle mentally. How was she supposed to get along with others without making it seem like she didn't want to talk to them? Sure, Sabina really did want to talk to them and make friends but... well, she is the silent type and it isn't that easy for her to come out of her shell.

    "Ah, um... hi," Sabina murmured as she opened the door to her new dorm, her little hand raised up and waved as she entered.
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