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❣❣❣ Iris' One on One Fandom Search ❣❣❣

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Iris, Jan 5, 2014.

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  1. ❣❣❣ Iris' One on One Fandom Search ❣❣❣

    -A minimum of 3 very well written, descriptive paragraphs is a must.
    -I have no boundaries, but if you do, let me know so I don't cross any.
    -If you wish for 'Mature Themes' PM me about it and we'll discuss.
    -I can play both roles no problem at all. But prefer to take on the male role.
    -I can do Het/Yaoi/Yuri [but I prefer Het but can do the others]
    -I can double and more if needed.

    I can do Originals but at the moment I'm only feeling up for the fandoms listed below.

    If you see anything that interests you below please PM me. I will rarely check this thread.

    Now that we have that out of the way.
    onto cravings:
    Side note:
    bold = the role I'll be willing to play.
    Strike = No longer Available


    Doctor Who:

    Tenth Doctor x Rose/Martha/Donna/Clara/OC
    Eleventh Doctor x Rose/Clara/OC

    Walking Dead:
    Daryl Dixon x Carol/Michonne/Maggie/Beth[adult]/ OC
    Rick Grimes x Michonne/Beth[adult]/OC

    Harry Potter:
    Harry Potter x Hermione/OC
    Draco Malfoy x Hermione/Ginny/OC
    OC x OC

    Once Upon a Time:
    Hook x Emma/Ruby/Snow/OC
    Prince Charming x Snow/Ruby/Belle/OC
    Rumple x Belle/Emma/Snow/OC

    Dexter x Rita/Deb/Jamie/Hannah/OC
    Brian Moser x Deb/OC
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  2. I know Harry Potter and Once Upon a Time kinda well...do you have any plot ideas for any of the pairings?
  3. I'll PM you :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.