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She shivered at his touch.. his hands were as cold as death but she didnt mind...

"No...sadly I have never played though i have always wanted to... I never found the right teacher.. no one who has mastered the art like you clearly have over the years.. and i would be honnored if you would teach me" Alina continued looking at the keys pressing one key lighty... "It all sounds so beautiful to me... its like i get in a trace.. it entangles me in it-the music that is"

She said continuing to blush..

Why was she sharing so much of herself with this stranger? she wondered to herself and the question replayed over and over in her head...

she just felt so comfortable with him, She felt like she could tell him anything, like he was her own personal diary.

However, she knew better then to start trading secrets so early in their friendship so she simply sighed and moved her fingers playfully over they keys once more

"Maybe you can come by my fathers castle.. and teach me once in a while.. sort of like my instructor"
"Teaching you would be an honor and a privileged." He said as his hands began moving across the keys "If you would make the arrangements I am free most nights. He didn't seem to be playing any particular tune anymore but rather letting his mood guide him. A composition all his own and to be played only once for her and then lost in time, as unique as the moment they were sharing.

He continued in silence before the tempo slowed and and petered out, he too seemed to come out of a trance, turning to her his eyes meeting hers. "I can see you have the heart and the soul for music too, a shame you have been unable to find someone to help you explore them, until now. For now, let us leave the song, and perhaps enact the dance? For if you can dance, you can keep rhythm. A steady tempo is the basis of all song."

His next action was bold a hand, two fingertips pressing into her neck. "Feel that, your heart, that is your rhythm."
Alina's heart nearly skipped a beat when he pressed his fingers to her neck.. she wondered if he could feel her heart beating slightly faster, which she was sure it did from his touch...

Why was it so inviting?? Everything about him leered her into him...

"So... My rhythm is my heart beat.. how do you dance to the rhythm of your heart... if you cant always feel it there... can you always feel the rhythm in your heart?" She said, playfully reaching over and putting her hand on his chest... she felt no pulse.. "Thats strange... its so still I cant even feel it beating... you must have quite a gift.. to be able to dance to such a faint rhythm" She said almost in a whisper, Trying to sense it somewhere, but she could not.. She shrugged and took her hand away "Maybe im just not good at keeping pulse" She said, taking his fingers slowly down from her neck and placing them in her own hands. "So... you can paint... you can play beautiful can dance.. is there anything you cant do darling?" Alina said leaning in, not too close, she just wanted to eliminate space between them that was unnecessary. She loved being in his presence.. she was so drawn to him for a reason she could not interpret, but she would play no part in trying to fight it.. she liked it.

"Ill have to talk to my father.. and see when you can start teaching me the basics.." she nodded to herself. A little odd it was only nights he was free, but she decided not to complain, Better nights then nothing at all.
"I dance to a different beat." he said his hands going back to run through her hair. He could feel her enchantment and felt drawn to her in turn. "Though for you, the best way is to show you." he stood, leaving the moment of closeness incomplete, a seed to take root in their minds and grow into the desire to complete it, to know what it would be like to close all the distance between them, to kiss.

He pulled her by her hand out onto the floor where many balls and galas had taken place, hundreds of forgotten people had moved in time and for a moment it was easy to imagine the painting had come to life around them. He took her hand and his other curled around her waist he paused as if listening to an absent conductor tapping for the song to begin. Even without his hand on her artery he could feel her heartbeat as if it was his own, faster that usual and it was to her tempo he moved through the steps, natural and flowing, leading her, his eyes never leaving hers.
She tried to keep up, he was swift with his moves, she didn't know what beat he danced to, but she liked it, and he lead the silent dance intently, knowing exactly what he was doing with each step..

Her eyes were locked with his... as if he kept them there, As soon as the silent music played. As his firm hands kept her steady, swaying her along with him, she smiled, she hadn't had such fun in a while.

"I dance to a different beat."

his words kept playing in her head... Maybe he was being sarcastic.. but the way he danced, one had to wonder.. if he did hear something others didn't

Which wouldn't suprise her in the least... he was so unique.. different from other men. He didn't try to take advantage of her nor did he try to womanize in any way, he was natural, everything came so easy to him.. and that's probably why she was attracted to him..

She smiled and laughed as they danced around the room, as if they were at a ball of some sort and all eyes were on them.. but all they could stare at was each other.

all she seen was him..
Their eyes locked it was once again easy to imagine the room filled with the sights and sounds of it's grandiose past instead of two figures undressed for the occasion dancing alone to music that only existed in their heads. But to one who remembered the old days alone with the right woman was preferable to being surrounded by the wrong ones.

"You indeed have rhythm." he said lightly, exhilarated by their dance. "Now..." it was the finish and he placed both hands on her waist and lifted her above his head before spinning and bringing her down almost to the floor supported by a single arm around her shoulders. He hadn't meant to surprise her, he had simply let the movements flow into one another lost in the moment with her, and although their dance had taken the better part of an hour he was showing no signs of tiring.

"Would you like to see more of the castle? I could give you a tour, its been a long time since I've been able to show it off and I'm sure there are placed you'd find most charming."
The final move probably would have surprised Alina in another life, but he did it so gracefully she barely felt it... But she did accept his compliment willingly.. Happy he thought she had rhythm.. and if he said she had it she obviously did.. because he had it

"Of course I would love to see a tour of your castle.. " She said looking around

In the one place alone, she saw many wonders.. She imagined the rest of the castle was equally magnificent.. and by the time they were threw,They would probably have just enough time to get her home before sunrise.. it was perfect timing

After all it was a perfect night.
He led her up the grand staircase, the over the top entrance where couples and individuals would descend into the room after being announced into the gathered crowds. Though the grand corridor he led her towards the garden courtyard, green leaves shining n the moonlight, carefully tended flowers unlike any ever seen outside and leading her though the door and back under the moonlight he gestured to the expanse of trees, flowers, herbs and walkways.

"I could spend eternity here." he said and it wasn't an exaggeration, time flowed differently here and what seemed like forever could just be a few hours, or a moment could be a day.
Alina looked at her surroundings in amazement

The garden gave off a very relaxing energy... and the flowers were beautiful as well.

She smelled one of them, it was violet on the inside and as the color expanded it changed into a brilliant turquoise which she loved.

And it smelled beautiful as well.

"I could spend an eternity here as well..." She said smiling brightly and descending forward into the green haven

"You are selfish" She said playfully as she intertwined her hand in his-it was cold. But she didn't care.

"How could you keep this beautiful place, much like another world to yourself and not share it with anyone.. all these years?"

She couldn't explain it, any other man with a castle this big would surely use it to his advantage and it would probably work

Having big parties.. meeting women and such but he seemed secluded from the world.. much like his castle..

and her mission was to find out why.
He didn't seem insulted of even surprised by her accusation. "My family, rest them, Fell out of favor with the court, there was a feud, people were killed. It was all we could do to hold onto the castle." he looked around at the courtyard. "No, I could never let this place fall."

He seemed lost for a second before he sighed. "I would love to restore the castles position and again play host to the nobility but doing so risks its very existence... but I am sharing it, if only with one person. Its one of the reasons I brought you were, It does get lonely here."
Alina watched as He went off in a daze and she smiled a little "It is a shame that you fell out of favor... for a reason unknown.. I wont ask why.. its your families personal business.. but I am happy you share it with me.. it makes me feel special"

She says as she pulls him further into the garden with her

"Its getting late.. I think you have just enough time to show me around this beautiful Garden.. so after you good sir" Alina says playfully curtsying as she looks up at him.
He held her hand and walked beeper into the garden past the flowerbeds and benches and into a hedge maze the leaves shining in the moonlight. "Theres one more place you should see, the center of the garden." he led her though the twisting maze never hesitating when he came to a fork. It seemed to last hours as the maze stretched out hfurther than it seemed the courtyard could hold.

At one point there was a glimpse of a run down entrance, boarded up and choked with weeds at the foot of crumbling stone stairs leading underground but he hurried pat without looking at it. And what seemed like an hour later they emerged into a circular clearing in the center of the maze. What looked like a natural spring fed a fountain from which a great oak grew. The entire building had to be build around this one feature to have it in the center like this.

"This is my favorite place in the castle, its also the most secluded place. According to my gandfather only members of out family can make it this deep into the maze, hes the one that built this place."
Alina looked around at the magnificent spring water, it was so clear you could practically see threw it..

"This is beautiful" She whispered in amazement as she descended a little closer to it, she ran her fingers through the spring water, it was soothing

"This place never ceases to amaze me" She continued as she walked around the great oak grew. "This mustive been here for centuries.. generations of your family mustive kept it alive

She smiled "You have a lot to live up to"

But she couldn't help but think about to door they did not enter... an entrance sealed off with weeds and other things that seemed almost forbidden, she glanced at him and parted her lips to ask but she didnt know how to

"Arden.. whats in that room we didnt go into? the one that.. led underground from the looks of things.. "

she had a fetish for mysterious looking things, as a child her and her sisters would always explore abandoned castles and such and having an eye for it was something she was good for. So her mind wouldn't let her think past it.

It might not be much at all.. It might be a lot, either way

She had to know.
Her question made him look at her, but not like he had before, for a second he looked worried. "Its nothing but a disused wine cellar. All of it was moved closer to the kitchens during one of the many renovations."

He looked away towards the window reflecting the moon. "Alina.. there was a reason my family feel from favor, the name of this place is Castle Fraunehofen. You make have heard about it in your history tutoring." he turned back at her watching her face before he stepped closer. He wouldn't tell her what was really down there in the catacombs and escape tunnels, he couldn't. The remnants of the battle that had seen this place burn to the ground and the names of the dead, his own included. "It is late, I'd hate to be the cause for you suffering your father's ire. If you can arrange it I will meet you again soon to be your teacher."
Alina saw his face change to worry and she knew something was wrong.

But she wouldn't press the issue and only followed him to the outside of the Castle, as he helped her on stallion she looked back to him.

"When will I see you again...?"

She called out as her horse began to move involuntarily, as if it was ready to go knowing something she didnt.

She haulted it but it seemed a little anxious as it kept staring at Arden from the corner of its eye

"Will you come to where we met tommorow? and you can start my classes..."
The walk out took a lot less time than the one in, it seemed they had taken only a step back into the maze where they were in the entrance hall. "Tomorrow, shortly after sunset, dressed popper for a teacher and prepared for your first lesson."

He was facing her hands clasped in front of him. He seemed unwilling or unable to step off of the bottom step into the grounds proper. "He refreshed and ready for a long lesson, I will be gauging you level... and don;t be surprised if you're better than you expect." he smiled and "Be safe Aline, and I will see you again."
Alina smiled and waved goodbye and with that she was off to see her father about letting him tutor her.

"A piano player and a dancer you say? and a painter? He must be quite the multitasker" Her father said, raising an eyebrow as he cleaned one of his swords with thoroughly

"What honestly makes you think... That after not comming home appropriately last night I should let t his fellow teach you anything... you deilberatley dis obeyed me Alina-Marie.

"He said placing the sword back in its case and taking out another one.

Alina stood behind him, her hands clasped together in front of her and her head slightly tilted down

"Im sorry father its just... I needed to get out of the house and stay out for a while.. I get tired of being cooped up in here" She continued as she looked around at the familiar portraits and trophies in her fathers Quarters.. it had all become to familiar.. and her eyes were now interested in seeing no one but Arden again..

"Just please.. and If you dont like him then he doesn't have to come back" She continued, trying to persuade her father even more.

Her father sat in silence, cleaning the last sword then he stood "Alright then. You bring him back here after you go to meet this young man.. but before any lessons are taught I must aquiant myself with him.. what with you meeting these mystery musicians Only wanting to meet after hours.. he could be anyone" Her father said sternly

Alina couldn't hide her excitement, she rushed to her room waiting for the time to sunset.. to meet Arden

Once more.
It was barely an hour after sunset when a figure appeared o the country lane. dressed more formally than when he had been out simply for a ride through the country. Alina still in possession of his cape he wore instead a coat and over his shoulder a leather satchel held sheet music. He moved at a stead canter his hair tied back tight giving him the air of a gentleman.

He didn't know if he had been accepted as her teacher of what kind of welcome he'd get as he dismounted servants coming to tent to his horse. It looked uneasy as he shied away fro them but with a hand on it's flank and a whisper in it's ear it calmed and allowed itself to be led.

Looking up at and manor he breathed in deep, this was the second night in a row he was out.. Second night in a row he was going to see her. He shouldn't push it.. the contract that allowed him and the castle to remain alive limited the time though could spend in the mortal world. Yet enturies in solitude here wearing on him and he craved companionship, relationship and yet part of him question is he should take someone from thier worls and bring them into his, int he end the choice would be hers.
"Ahh.. You've arrived" Her father said as the men lead him to the main social area. He smiled greeted Arden "Im Alina's father... George.. she tells me your an exquisite Musician Painter and all of that sort.." he says pouring himself wine. "You seem too young to be so talented.. how many years did it take you?" Her father said In a slightly suspicious tone.

He was very intrigued by the young man in front of him.. who looked just around his own sons age, but didnt know a lick of piano or how to paint.

He examined his skin, his eyes, his everything.. after all this was his daughter

"You must not get out into the son too much lad" He continued...

"Are you hungry?"

"If he is hungry then I shall be the one to feed him" Alina's voice called down the hall as she appeared, smiling brightly as she always did when she seen Arden. Every time she looked at him she couldn't help but smile, and now he was in her own house.


"Shall we?" She asked, holding out her hand to him. To escape her fathers wrath.
"My entire life, just about. My father was a pianist and my mother a painter." he explained. "And they were both adamant I grow up properly cultured." He was doing her best to be friendly towards George.. if Alina's father was good at reading people he would be asking Arden what his intentions towards his daughter soon and it was with relief and genuine happiness that he greeted her with a smile.

"Alina.. Lovely to see you again, you're looking better rested tonight." he said taking her hand and letting her lead him deeper into the manor. "Did you want to get started immediately?" he asked almost hoping she didn't as much as he was looking forwards to teaching her he wanted to get to know her better, connect before he guided her though his passions. Also simply talking and being with her was a pleasure he was growing to love.