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  1. So far, we've got the perspectives of the Ire Prince and the Aqueous Prince not wanting to go to the ceremony of the peace treaty between their kingdoms. They will have to spend long periods of time in each other's company. And everyone knows Fire and water don't mix.
  2. Damien sat on the chair in his room, his back was facing the door. "My father is an idiot" He muttered, running his fingers through his shoulder-length crimson red hair. Why did he had to go to the darn peace treaty signing? Everyone knows fire and water doesn't mix. Standing up and sighed, he should start getting ready for the end.

    "Prince Damien are you dressed yet? Your father is almost ready to go" A voice said from behind the large double door.

    "Almost" He shouted, taking off his button down crimson shirt. He didn't think that his father was so eager to sign this peace treaty so badly. Maybe he was right, they needed go settle this feud.
  3. Seskel, similarly, was not too happy with this arrangement. He went to his room, refusing to leave. Of course his father would get him and he had prepared for that, icing the doors so that no servants could get in. They tried anyways, until his father had gotten irritated with his attitude and broke his doors. Then dragged him, bodily, from where he'd been lounging on the sofa.

    "I'll not have you acting like a child, Seskel." The King said, voice calm like a still lake. But the anger was in the set of his shoulders, extremely controlled."You're a prince, I expect you to act like one and take care of your responsibilities."

    "Fine." If he was a typhoon, than his father was a tsunami and he wasn't even near that level. So, he had no choice but to nod and listen to 'reason'. He got dressed as he was told and was ready and looking impeccable, if he did say so himself, within a half hour. Checking himself out in the mirror, Seskel smoothed down the soft fabric of his vest and shrugged on a jacket. He didn't like suits, but he looked good. And that was something that he loved.

    "Seskel." The King simply walked into his still broken doors. "We'll be leaving soon. Come along."

    The Aqueous castle, the main one anyways, was actually underwater as well as a lot of their territory. The small amounts of land they possessed included strategically placed port cities and a few islands in the tropics. Getting to the underwater cities was not hard at all, even with it being underwater. Most people are magically inclined so they can get anywhere they want. All and all, the Aqueous Kingdom was pretty wealthy, having made money by booking tours around the seas and oceans.

    Opposite types of people, such as the Ire and Aqueous, cannot go into each other's territories simply because the chemical make up of their bodies wouldn't allow it, especially not the heart of those territories, where the temperatures are extreme and could easily kill an opposite. This is why the Neutral territories were created. For meetings between the kingdoms, or treaties. The Neutral territories are just as their name implies, not specific to any one kingdom, so no one will ever have an unfair advantage that the surroundings gives them. Those territories are also fixed and cannot by claimed by any one kingdom, no matter how close they were.
  4. Damien stood outside the throne room with his fiery red bangs covering his eyes, this was the time where he needed to talk to his father about this agreement. Pushing away his fears as he opened the large double doors that lead to the throne. "Father, I have something to say and I'm sorry if you don't agree with it" He bowed his head a little before straightening his posture. His father was a ruthless man, yet understanding man which kind of confused him sometimes. "I don't see why we should do this treaty at all. Since the beginning of time our people have been at war with Aqueous people, Father, Fire and water will never mix nor would they ever get along" Turning his head to the side, to watch the reddish orange flames dance all around the room.

    "Damien, don't you think it's time to make a change? We have lost so many good men and woman to them should we end this." He stood up off the throne and walked over to his only son, towering over him. " How many mothers have cried when they found out that their son or daughter fighting from their kingdom? Way to many to count. Think about it Damien, we been fighting for way to long" The voice he spoke to his son, held so many different emotions that even Damien was moved a little.

    "Father" The prince didn't say more, his father was right in a way and he knew it. "I will sign the treaty as well as get to know the Aqueous prince" Looking up at his father with determination burning brightly in his amber eyes. If sighing this treaty would save the troops then eh would do it, not for his father but for his kingdom.
  5. "Are you sure that I have to attend this signing, Father?" Seskel asked even as he followed his father off of the grounds and towards the platform that led to the surface. "Like a hundred percent?" His hair curled up in the presence of water, but other than that there was no consequence of them being in the water.

    "I have told you already, Seskel. This is mandatory for you and you will not be getting out of it." The King said firmly, sounding more than a little exasperated with the youngest prince.

    "Oh man, I just thought of something. I'm going to have to hang out with the Ire person aren't I?" When his father nods he groans. "Why? You know I don't like them. Why should I have to hang out with them? Because they might be my age? No, I'm not going to take that." He frowned at the King, who simply ignored him and let him rant. "I bet you expect a marriage to come out of this. Unite the Kingdoms for peace and prosperity and all of that crap." He bristled, water around them becoming unstable.

    "Seskel, shut up and calm yourself." The King said it so calmly that it just irritated him more. "I do not expect a marriage. But you seem to want one." He chuckled at the prince's horrified stare. "No, I just want you two to spend some time together and learn to respect one another. You'll have to for this treaty to work out when we step down." The King said this as he stepped on to the dry sand of the beach. Neither of them were wet, even though they'd just been submerged in water. If anyone from Aqueous didn't want water touching them, they could become hydrophobic for a while and repel water, this talent is very good for when it rains.
  6. Damien wasn't the type of person to judge nor was he the type of person to make fun of people but, all that was a compete lie. No, he wasn't uncomfortable with the treaty at all because of the point his father made earlier. Too many of his soldiers died protecting their kingdom , and by signing this treaty it will hopefully cut the death poll down some. Turning his head out the window and watched as the scenery changed., The sound of horses hooves was the only thing he heard. The carriage ride couldn't have been any longer in his opinion, he told his father that they could use their fire to carry them their but of course, his father said 'No'.

    "Damien, I'm glad you finally came to your senses about this arrangement" The King said, looking deep into his sons amber eyes. By looking at them he could tell that his emotions conflicting with one another. He could understand why because they were about to go to their arch rival kingdom even he was feeling a little bit nervous.

    "I want to do what's best for my people" He muttered, trying to calm himself down before he explode, literally. The one thing that everybody no about Ire's people is they can't control their emotions very well. In result of not being intone with their emotions, they explode. The explosion won't kill them or anything but I just make them slightly calmer.
  7. The carriage waiting for them took them to the castle. Seskel stared out the window, bored. He wasn't looking forward to this at all. Nothing in Royal proceedings were quick, there was always a huge thing with every little decision. Well, this was a big thing, so its different. But anyways, they'd be there for three days. Three days? Are you serious, right now? He sighed. Instead of getting there, signing the damned thing, and going home. They'd have to get there, wait a day, sign, discuss how the treaty will affect the Kingdoms, stay one more day to finalize, celebrate, then they could go home. It was exhausting and that wasn't even the worse part. The worse part was the fact that this was absolutely none, and I mean none, of his responsibility. His brother had some great timing with the marriage thing.

    The King watched his son's mood get worse and worse. "Seskel, it wouldn't do for you to pout like this the entire time. You'll make the Kingdom look bad. Do remember that you're representing the all of us with your actions." He frowned. "Don't look at me like that. We're doing this so that the War will end. And our people can return to the Kingdom."

    Well, he didn't have to be guilted into it. He'd thought his father was above that. But, it turns out that he's not. He sighed, not answering the King. Fine, he'd do it for their people. He'd get through this and never have to even think about it again. And everything would be fine.

    When they arrived at the castle, he was impressed. It was good to know that the money they spent for the upkeep of these places was worth it and in preparation for their arrival, the castle was fully stocked and employed with plenty of servants and cooks and cleaners. That much, was good. But the whole situation. He still wasn't pleased with it.
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  8. Damien stuck his head out the window and spotted the Neutral Territory part up ahead, He couldn't remember the last time that they been their . Turning his attention back on his father who was smiling at his son’s expression. ”Wow, I guess it's still the same as ever huh?" The king asked his son, stroking his small black beard.

    “I don't remember this place but the last time we went I was still in diapers I think” Damien nodded his head in agreement before he settled into a frown. Why must they sign the stupid peace treaty? Him and the prince of Aqueous were going to fight with one another. So what was the point to this? The decrease of deaths would be the only good thing about this treaty but, other than that he couldn’t see anything else good. His amber eyes flickered from his father to the floor; he didn’t want to seem selfish or anything but, was this truly the right decision to make?

    “What’s the matter my boy?” The King asked, placing a hand on he’ sons shoulder and sighing softly. Closing his eyes and nodding his head, his son was in doubt. Hell, he was too about this whole treaty. But he had people to protect and that comes first. “Open your eyes son, this has been going on way to long” He continued speaking in an eerie calm voice. “As a prince and a future king, I need you to think about the people first then yourself. What do you think is right for them and what do you think is wrong?”

    “This treaty would be prove to be an asset to us in the future. Our people can finally feel safe knowing that the feud between us is finally over” Damien looked up at his father and smiled a soft smile; he understood what his father was saying to him. It wasn’t about him nor was it about the Aqueous prince it was about their people and how to protect them.

    “You finally understand Damien.” The king of the Ire kingdom gently ruffled his teenage son’s hair before turning his attention back to the window.

    They arrived at the terrioty with small smiles on their faces as they seen people moving all around them, preparing the kings and princes of both Aqueous and Ire kingdoms. Walking over to a maid that was having trouble lifting the basket full on fruits and vegetables in it, gently picking it up and smiling a warm smile. "Here let me help you, were do you want this at? " he asked, earing a squeal from the maid.

    "P-P-p-p-prince D-Damien, I got that " She tried to get the basket from the man but to no avail. He was too tall from her, so she gave up and pointed to the kitchen. "On the counter please"

    Damien nodded his head and walked into the kitchen, placing the basket on the counter. Walking back over to his father who was smiling ear from ear.
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  9. Seskel was immediately lead to the suite that would serve as his quarters for the duration of the time of the time that he was at the castle. He sighed, looking out the balcony window, towards the direction of the sea and the rest of the aqueous territory. The room they'd set him up in was nice and everything, but it was very impersonal and as he sat down on the bed, the prince couldn't help but think of all the other royals that had been sitting on this exact spot. The thought made him long for his ocean and his room even more.

    This treaty signing wil have been the first time that Seskel had been out of the Kingdom since he was a child and that was a long time ago. He was noot nearly was well travelled as his father or older brother, but again, the responsibility fell to him as the next in line.

    Eventually he decided that he would not be kept in one place, hiding (because that's exactly what he was doing), from the Ire royals. He would wander about and see what the area had to offer, maybe find a stream somewhere on the property and mess around there. Of course, he'd do that after he went around to the kitchens and see what they have to eat there. He was hungry and wanted some fish.

    Deciding that that was whhat he would do, Seskel, wandered down to the kitchens, taking his time and exploring the castle.
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