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  1. Why has my iPhone's IP address been banned? Mind you, its IP when using my data, as opposed to when I'm on wifi which works fine.
  2. Staff will look into this.

    It's likely that administrative action was taken against someone in your area who also happens to use Iwaku on mobile and has the same provider as you.

  3. Fatal is correct, it's likely because of a shared-ip that wound up on the banlist to prevent a multi-accounter. o_o One of your IPs matches a banned member, but is not on the IP banned list. So I can't tell which IP on the ban list is your current plan access one cause you weren't able to access the site with it on your account yet. @____@

    If you can find out what current IP your plan is using and send it to me via PM I can get that fixed.
  4. This is why I generally state that IP-banning is completely pointless and more likely inconvenience people than actually stop wrongdoings - IP-addresses are more often than not only leased for brief periods of time nowadays, and changing one is commonly much quicker and less effort-consuming than, say, making a new e-mail account and user...

  5. And thus, exactly why we only use IP bans if a member is trying to get around the normal bans and register new accounts again!
  6. It would seem the issue resolved itself. It looks like my phone generated a new IP address anyway.
  7. I would still keep an eye out! Your phone will have a different IP address depending on what area you're in (something to do with different towers having different IPs, though I don't know the specifics). So it might work sometimes and might not work other times.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.