Involuntary things that you do habitually that embarrass you.

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  1. So you guise are wondering why I made this thread?

    BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN FARTING NON-STOP FOR LIKE THE LAST THREE WEEKS NOW. I can't stop farting, and I never fart loud....but it smells like DEATH each time I fart.

    I wish I could stop farting!

    What involuntary things do you do habitually that's actually kinda embarrassing. This could be bad habits, too.
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  2. I stutter. Not all the time, but when I'm nervous or excited. It's embarrassing because I usually have to stop mid-conversation and try to calm myself. It's worse during presentations or meetings.
  3. Talking too much sometimes. Even if I can tell I'm rambling I can't stop myself v.v
  4. I make noises sometimes when I'm happy- "Murrr", "Nyurrr" and the like. My roommate and boyfriend both think it's adorable and cute, but every time I visit my parents, I'll slip up sometimes and they'll glance at me.
  5. I've got a poor memory, so I may repeat things that I say several times in the same conversation. I've also had palilalia all my life, which I've corrected for the most part, still comes back when I'm not paying attention though.
  6. I make faces at everything and talk with my hands a lot. Aside from the fact that I'm Italian, I get very nervous when I'm talking to people. Body movement helps me cope with my anxiety. Sometimes, I get made fun of for it. Mostly for the faces. My emotional response to things is really clear on my face, which includes crying if there's a sad part of a movie on TV. >>;

    Also, I have a lisp. I inherited it from my Dad. I did go through speech therapy, but I eventually got lazy and forgot how to talk proper. It's more noticeable if I talk fast or get really excited about something, otherwise I'm told it's subtle. Even then, I hate that I have it.

    Puking, too. I puke for like, every reason. I hate it so much if I'm riding in my friend's car, then I suddenly tell her to pull over because I for some reason have to vomit. Damn it makes me feel so gross and lame.
  7. When someone asks me a question I am not prepared for, (in person, mind you) I stare blankly like an idiot. o____o Dianabrain shuts down.
  8. I eat at an ungodly fast rate

    I snort when I laugh

    I get so concentrated on trying to be nice and likeable that I fail to notice things like that I've spilled on my shirt or that my fly is down
  9. When someone asks me a question/makes a comment to me out of the blue I respond in the most cringe-inducing way possible. Like today someone noticed I was way ahead in the school book we're reading and I only managed to mumble out "yeah i guess so i dunno i have a lot of spare time i guess"
  10. I drool sometimes when I talk.

    I farted once when I was shoveling when I thought that nobody was around, and turns out that there were three kids walking by. And it sounded horrid.

    I stutter.

    I gasp after talking too damn fast.

    I twitch.

    I bring up morbid topics when I get nervous.Oh, and i talk to Todd, who isn't actually there but just an excuse to talk to myself.
  11. I have a tendency to horribly mispronounce words.

    I flare my nose unconsciously or when I get nervous.

    I have issues making eye contact with people and it makes me look nervous or sleazy or something all the time.

    I guess I look angry a lot because people always ask me ,"Are you okay?" and it also is annoying.

    I sweat a lot on my back. I don't even know why.

    My hands get clammy because I keep them bunched up and they are just stupid and it's SUPER annoying, especially if I have to shake someone's hand.

    I cuss. A lot. And it annoys me, because I don't even try anymore, it just fucking comes out. All the damn time I can stop bitching about my fucking thundercunt cussing shitstick whorefish asshole-fondling problem. Fuck.

    Oh I also say very random and obscene cuss words. Or I make normal words cuss words. I think I said "crackerfuck" one time in class >.<

    This isn't very embarrassing to me anymore, but me and my friend would harass the student body at my school by making EXTREMELY stupid noises in the halls and stuff, and sometimes I just do it without thinking anymore. Yeah, I'm weird XD
  12. I have a bitchy resting face. :|

    I have a tendency to try and talk much faster than I am actually physically capable of.

    I don't have much of a filter.

    I am a know-it-all. I feel like a dork because almost every time someone brings something up, I have relevant questions and input of my own. It gets awkward because people start staring at me like I'm full of shit. I just have a good memory! And most people talk about the same few dozen topics over and over and over again...

    My word choice is, erm... interesting. I have a habit of dropping "indeed"s when I agree with something, "according to prophecy" when something goes correctly, "victory" when there's a small success... I sound insane. Too much time hanging around with friends who enjoy being facetiously dramatic.

    Whenever I'm narrating any events, I slip into an impersonation of David Attenborough(sp?). D:

    I am really good at stacking things. Whenever I'm bore and around random objects, I'll just make a tower out of them. Normal people would doodle or chat or text; I'm the one making the leaning tower of textbooks, water bottles, clip boards, pencil cases, folded-up pieces of paper...
    sometimes the awkwardness ends well. Like today, when the entire class helped me out in creating a four-foot-tall tower of junk on top of the backpack of a classmate who had left the room for a few minutes.
  13. I talk way too fast and I don't mean to do it, so it's hard for me to know when I'm just an incomprehensible stream of words.

    I talk with my hands a lot and can't stand still well, so I dance and wiggle and stuff like that.

    When I'm extremely nervous, upset, embarrassed, things like that... I usually end up laughing. And I can't help it. So someone is like "I'm sorry: so and so just died" and I start laughing and... yeah. I hate it.
  14. Oh, jeez, what isn't there....

    I pick my nose.

    I bite my nails.

    When I get on a roll, I talk on things and I don't stop talking until I think I've made my point with relevant information. Whether or not this information is actually relevant to the subject at hand is questionable.

    I have a tendency to jump several spaces when relating something in someone else's conversation to something else. For example, I could jump from a conversation on Napoleon to the death penalty without batting an eye.

    For example:

    Napoleon > Napoleonic Law Code > Basis of Modern Western Law > American State Laws > Laws in Texas > Death Penalty.

    I eat inhumanly fast. As in, I could probably give Kobayashi a run for his money.

    I sometimes forget to shower for days on end (I've gotten better at this).

    I have a tendency to repeat the same sentence twice over.

    I have a tendency to forget what I just said about an hour after I say it.

    I have a tendency to forget that I told someone something an hour ago, and then tell them again the same exact thing.
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