Involuntary Physical Suffocation?

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  1. Weird title, I know, but I was curious if people, lovers in particular, when one is on top of the other, if they could suffocate? This question came to mind when I saw a lot of different sex positions while surfing through Google. I'm asking in compliance with the common Missionary sex position. If they're on top of you like that, all close, do you suffocate? I mean, being close like that, bodies all pressed up against each other, does that constrict air flow or is it kind of like common sense to not be so close because it's risky to do that?
  2. Uh, what? The common missionary position has no restrictions on your lungs or airways whatsoever, I'm almost not entirely sure what you're asking. Could you clarify?

    And either way, I think it's nearly impossible mainly because you don't just suffocate, it's a process. Your partner should and would notice if you were struggling to breathe.
  3. Well, just in general really. Is it possible you could involuntarily suffocate your partner when one is on top the other with their bodies pressed up close together? Sorry if I sound a little... well, dumb I guess. From your standpoint, I'm thinking it's more common sense, that you would know what you're doing to not even need to worry about suffocation towards the partner on bottom. It just came across my mind, considering (stereotypically?) men are more eh... buff? Have a stronger build? I'm not sure how to word it.
  4. It's totally possible but VERY unlikely. >>;; Only if the person on top is REALLY REALLY heavy and they bare all their weight down on the person on the bottom, and the person on top is a DUMBASS and doesn't notice the bottom gasping and flailing for air. At worst it's gonna be a little hard to breathe for random moments while rolling around, but no where near enough to suffocate. Like Sansa said, it takes a lot of time to suffocate, so the top would notice looooong before that about their partner having trouble!
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  5. Also, with suffocation your brain has instincts to fight that stuff. For example, even if you couldn't speak, you would probably start pushing against the person's chest as a sign to get off of you, whether you intend to push them or not. Your brain won't just let you suffocate. It "goes down with a fight" so to speak. Honestly, if both people are fully awake and aware and one person isn't MUCH LARGER than the other (or there are no asthma complications, which occasionally cause a problem), it's unrealistic to assume that someone could suffocate. Like I always say, never have sex with someone....who could somehow accidentally kill you in bed? :o
  6. I understand what you're saying. It's merely just my curiosity because I've never done it before, yet I'm immensely interested in learning more about it. :P

    That's why my question probably came off as a bit... Well, unrealistic... But yay, I have answers! xP
  7. Just make sure you learn about it safely! Don't always trust what you read on Google.
  8. I make sure they're credible sites, don't worry~ (:
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  9. Just bodily contact wouldn't cause any suffocation any more than a hug would cause suffocation. Even the dude's full upper body weight laying on the woman would be unlikely to cause more than uncomfortable breathing. Generally the guy in the missionary position will hold up his weight with his arms, so there's no real risk of breathing trouble.

    Here, I even found a helpful non-porn (and amusing) image to show you the general idea. Note the arms of the guy on top being planted on the ground to hold up his weight. That's why there's no major risk of suffocation in the missionary position.

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  10. o___o... Well, thank you... for that... Well... model...
  11. Yeah, to be fair, I highly doubt people will suffocate this way. The partner on top is usually bracing himself (or herself) with his/her palms or elbows against whatever they're laying on. Partially for leverage and partially for comfort.
  12. We need a 'you're adorable' rating for threads like these :3

    V-card me used to worry about much the same thing O.O but yeah, everything everyone said. Despite what some CSI episodes will tell you, this is pretty unlikely.
  13. I didn't know my curiosity was adorable. Thank you Minibit~ *huggles* <3