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  1. How do I invite my friend to join Iwaku?
  2. Give them the link in the "People You Invited" page. :D It's in settings, just under people you follow and people you ignore.
  3. Go to personal details, look at the menu on the side (or if you're on a small screen, click on the drop down menu), click 'people you invited' under settings, copy the link that page shows and send it to your friend/s.

    Or go directly there with this link and skip the three first steps:

    Edit: Ninjad xb
  4. Thank you very much I figured it out right after I posted this... xD
  5. How do you get the invite code.
  6. You yourself won't get the code, you send the link to your friend and I think they get the code. :)
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.