Invisible Threat

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  1. "Hey. Back to reality Dave." Said a woman as she snapped her finger in front of a young man, dressed with rather dirty clothes, military equipment, weapons and ammunition. Well, pretty much the description of any human nowadays. Since those things come to Earth through God knows what, everything went south quick and humanity is now struggling for surviving as whatever those invisible enemies are. Invisible when they want, because now it seems that those things have an actual form, like the human one, but... Well, different.

    Not that Daniel had seen anyone before, well he did, but only though thermal visors, since those things emit a heat signature. Hey, they are magic and invisible to the human eye, some weakness had to have.... Not much, but it was something. "Watch your steps, this roofs doesn't seem too stable for me..." Said again the woman as the small group walked over the roofs of some once prosper town on the countryside.

    "Mmmm.... It seems nice to me..." But the sooner someone opened his mouth, the sooner happened. With some noise, dust and a pretty loud 'Aw', Dave broke the wood planks covering a hole in one of the roofs and fell into the abandoned house, not only breaking the roof, but also breaking the ground of the second floor and falling again to the first one. "Damn! Hey, you okay down there!?" Yelled the woman.

    "Fffff.... Yeah!.... Yeah, I think so." Replied Dave between coughs. "Wait down there! We are going to see if we find another way in!" Said the woman and then the group walked away, this time more carefully. Dave got up and looked around. Hard to see anything since the only light entering that place was the one entering through the hole he itself did when falling. "Pffff.... Hurts..." Muttered him. Even if he knew he hadn't hurt badly, those bruises where going to hurt for quite a long time.

    Was then when he heard a noise inside the house. He quickly aimed his 870mcs shogun at the source of the sound, which it seemed pretty hard to locate now that it already had sounded. Looking around, he stood quietly, trying to find out what it was, and since none of his team buddies was trying to talk to him and no further sound was made, he supposed was one of those things...

    "You may be invisible, but not bulletproof, smart-ass." Muttered Dave.
  2. Sits in the abandoned house cowering as she heard the humans above her. They would kill her without a second thought though she was on their side. The Kyaters had invaded the relm that the Grayuts, with whom she was associated with, was trying despratly to push them out of the land they had protected for so long. Its rather hard though, when the very ones you are trying to save are killing you as well as your enemey.

    Shaking her head and coming out of the memory she listens, the orange but invisible ears flicked nervously on top of her head. She was trained in combat and could fight well but she would be no match to the entire squad above her. then with a loud CRASH and couple thuds one of the men falls through a couple feet away.

    He hadnt noticed her so she backed away as he spoke to his mates up top. Holding her breath she takes a look back at him and trips over a pot causeing a loud crash, then another. Turning to the man who was now looking in her direction with his gun raised her heart raced, options options options. "Dont fire!" She shouts ugrently, her voice hoarse out of her mouth. The Grayuts did not talk often for there was no need, exspecilly here where it could get her killed.
  3. Dave aimed at the source of the voice, and even if he wasn't still able to see it, he knew now where it came from.... More or less. "Give me a good reason not to, monster." Said him calmly, trying to stay cool as he had been taught at the army. To be honest he only was for the few training month at the beginning and a couple of months more, so he wasn't specially a super soldier, but knew how to fire a gun and the theory about basic combat. Not that any of those mattered now, his heart was beating pretty quick, and even if he knew he had the upper hand here, with those things you never knew what to expect.
  4. "please lower the gun, kill me and you loose a chance at winning this war." She says steping closer. She needed to trust this man for him to trust her, slowly she became visible to him. Her lon brown hair was tied back in a tight pony tail and her ears where perched atop her head. she had athletic running shorts on and a rugged t-shirt with combat boots. "I mean you no harm, take me prisoner if you wish but killing me only slowly decreases your advantages in this war." Takes a step towards her hand raised in surrender.
  5. Dave stared at that beautiful being as he unwillingly lowered his gun. He had never seen one of those things so close and so... So real. Dave shook his head and pointed at her again, trying to get out of that dumb bubble and getting real. That may be another of their magic thing tricks! "Your words are empty, mon... Creature." Said him getting close to her. "Dave! Dave!? we are coming in though the front door." Said the woman leading the group outside.

    Dave was really close to shoot that thing, the trigger was almost pulled, but still, he let the shogun hanging from its strap. "I..." Then he grabbed her by the arm and put some handcuffs he had around her wrists. "Shit... Why I am even doing this?" Asked him to himself, knowing that a big part of him was yelling at him that doing this was a mistake. "On your knees now... Thing. I didn't shoot you, but my friends may not be that kind." Muttered him as he got by her side and put his hand on the gun on his belt as he waited for the team to break down the door.
  6. breaths a hesitant sigh of relief as the man lowers his gun. Looking in his eyes she sees something curious but then it was gone, he raised his weapon at her and walked up to her. Standing still she looked at him wearily, "please just dont shoot me." she mutters.

    Both her ears turn intently to the door hearing the rest of his team, before she could react her hands where cuffed and she was on the floor. "thanks." she whispers up at him, this was a kindness she wouldnt take advantage of.
  7. "Hey, we are going in. Don't shoot." Said one of the others as they walked inside. "Yeah, sure." Replied Dave. "Hey, you fine... What the hell is that thing!" Said the woman as she quickly pointed at the thing kneeling next to Dave. "What!? Is... Is one of those things!" Said onther one. "Hey, hey! It's fine. It's handcuffed." Said Dave raising his hand against the rest of the team, partially telling them it was fine and partially for cover his eyes against the light it was coming from outside.

    "Fine? I... What didn't you shoot it!" Said the woman. "I don't know, okay!? Just... Look, I freaking captured it! Isn't this thing worth more than death?" Asked Dave. Everyone looked at each other and then at the woman, who now it was clear it was the leader of the group. "I'm don't like this, Dave. I don't like this a single bit." Said the woman slowly lowering her assault rifle. "Alright, 'hero'. But you take care of whatever that is for the rest of the travel." Said her ordering the rest of the team to keep moving. "You are crazy, man. Like... Like real crazy." Said one of the other team members looking at Dave as he walked out.

    "Come on, on your feet, thing. We have a long road ahead." Said Dave forcing that thing to get up, but still, being gentle.
  8. Lowers her head so they couldnt se her face as they all argued amongst themselves. She was alive at least, but she hated being called "it" and "thing" and "creature." she was a living feeling being, she wished they would understand.

    Finally her order to rise came and she stood willingly, her tail brushed the ground behind her. Walking forawrd she noticed the man was being gentle to her depite her form, "Hey, dave was it? could you possibly uncuff me? i promise i wont harm you on purpose." she asks as she looked back at himm.
  9. They kept walking through the empty streets of that town, looking for supplies and, well, anything that could be of any real use. "Not a chance, man... Or girl... Or whatever." Said Dave. They continued walking for a couple of hours more, under the punishing sun and the eventual sounds of firefights on the background. "Come on, let's rest for a while and then head back to camp." Said the woman. "I'm sure the Commander would like to know about... Your 'catch'" Said her as they entered into a pretty big house.

    In there they got settled in the living room. Whoever lived in there sure had a lot of money, and even if now was everything broken or already scavenged, it could be seen that many of those things were really expensive. Not that it mattered, probably they all died in the first hours of the attack. Dave sat the creature leaned against a wall near to a corner and then went to chat and drink something with the others. A few minutes later, he looked at her, again, mesmerized by the mystic beauty of her figure and features. Sure there was no girls like her among the humans....

    Getting back to reality again, and seeing that everyone else was embroiled in a discussion about which was the best ammunition for the 12 gauge shoguns, Dave got up and walked next to the captured thing, sitting next to her and offering her some water from his canteen. "Do your... people need to drink?"
  10. Her tail flicks angrily behind her, " I have a name!" She turns and spits at him. Gritting her teeth she turns back around and keeps walking in silence. The nerve thinking her as some mere creature.

    looks around at the house in amazement. "Whoa-" felt herself being pushed to the corner and she leans against the wall. Her ears flick around on her head and listens into them. Truly boring creatures, looking up her captor walked up with," look Dave, I'm still part human alright? Feelings emotions needs, all the same okay? Yes I would like some water." She replies tersely at him.
  11. "Hey, we are not the ones killing everything we see, alright? Besides, I still don't know why I even captured you instead of just... Well, whatever. Here..." Said him as he slowly gave her some of the water on his canteen. Being a little bit rude with those... Things, or even killing them was one thing, but leaving them to die of starvation or thirst was something completely different. For Daniel, everyone had the right to have a chance to fight, or at least, die trying. "I don't even know what to call you... Do you use names? Or is that too mainstream?" Asked Daniel with a smile.
  12. Takes the water and waterfalls it. "Who said i killed your people?" she questions looking at him sternly. Handing back the canteen she continues, "There are 3 sides to this fight but you ignorant humans cant see that." She says calmly and motions to him and his team.

    "theres the Kyaters and the Grayuts. I am a Grayuts, we fight FOR the humans we protect earth. the Kyaters are trying to take over earth, a place weve been protecting for the longest time. Humans though cant tell the difference between us and kill those that protect them and hurt them equally. Call my species the Grays and the others the Kys, Grays fight against Kys for humans but our job is extreamly hard when the ones we protect fight against and kill us." She explains to him. "My names Felicity." She says lowering her voice a little. they didnt use names often, there was no reason to.
  13. Daniel listened to her and then nodded. "That's a nice story. And a nice name." Said him. "But sorry if I don't believe you, Felicity, but we've seen your people do terrible things to us." Said him as he got up. "Hey, come on! Get your ass and your pet moving! I want to get to base today!" Ordered the woman in charge. Daniel looked at Felicity and shrugged, helping her get up and then resuming the walk.
  14. shakes her head her ears flapping against her head. "Look, i know you dont believe me but if i had been a Ky i wouldve killed you back there." she replies tersly. hearing the female speak she stood up with dificulty since her hands where still cuffed. "Fine... lets go then."
  15. "See? Good or don't, your people always feeling so superior... You say you are here to help us? Well, I can't recall any story about your kind saving nobody's life. Always fighting invisible, with all your weird powers.... Humans are not as weak as you think. We faced many threats, without hiding, facing or problems with courage. We will prevail, no matter if your words are true or don't." Said Daniel as the group walked again under the sun of the afternoon.
  16. She doesnt say anything directly at him, "im really wishing i had killed you back there." Running her hands along the cuffs, metal. She hisses as she walks and glares at them as they tug her along.
  17. "So much for a 'Gray nut' " Said him with a chuckle. "Shut it up back there, would you!?" Said the captain.

    And so, and just a few minutes before night, they finally got to their main camp. "Hey, tie that thing good and keep it close. I want no surprises, alright?" Ordered the captain. "Don't do anything stupid, alright, Felicity? Maybe you even get to tell that happy story about helping us to the Commander." Said Daniel as he did as he was ordered to, bringing her so close to him their skins got to touch a couple of times.
  18. Glares back at him as the captain tells them to hush. She walks along with them as they reach the camp, notcing all the stares she was getting she hisses at them and her ears swivle back to pin against her head. Hearing him diss her story she turned to him and full out snarled, he tugged her closer though as the commander had instructed. Reluctantly she walks along side him.
  19. Once in the camp, Felicity easily took the attention of almost everybody in there. "Is that one of those things..." "No way...." "Why are they bringing that thing in here?" And so, the whispers vary of tone and aggressiveness depending on the people looking at her. "Come on, Daniel. Let's see if we got payed extra for bringing her here." Said the captain as she dismissed the rest of the soldiers of the group and walked with Felicity and Daniel to a building reinforced in such way it seemed more a fortress than an actual housing building.

    The inside of the place was like the rest of the encampment: Shady, painted in brown and black colors, with ammunition, weapons and soldiers almost everywhere. And dirty. That was something that humans had to get used to again. With no cleaning workers or even decent sewer systems, every city all around the world seemed more like a pig farm than an actual place where humans where living. "What? What is this thing?" Asked the commander, with a too stereotyped patch in the eye. Of course, he wasn't wearing it because it looked 'cool', he actually had one less eye. "Is one of those things. It surrendered." Replied the captain. "That was too risky, captain." Said the Commander as he got close to Felicity. "So, I wonder why did you surrendered. What do you have in mind, monster?" Asked the Commander.
  20. Feels her hands tighten in the cuffs still on her hands. They didn't even care she could hear them, and rather well too. As she walked behind them she was surprised how deteriorated their conditions had become since the war, she felt pity.

    walking into the commanders quarters she stands silent letting her tail flick nervously behind her. As the man walked closer she glared at him, "I'm not a monster okay? Look if I had been one of the others I would've killed you man here," she motions over to Daniel, "when he fell through the roof. I want to make y'all understand that there are those of my kind that won't hurt you and actually fight FOR you humans." Her voice rises in urgency as she speaks and her tail flicks faster.