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    It’s 2074, and after decades of global warfare known as the Resource Wars, every government on the planet has been toppled and replaced by a corporation. Now that the corporations rule the world with the cold and ruthlessness that comes with the single goal of being the most powerful corporation on the planet, the world has become a depressing place to live. Invisible Incorporated, an agency formed in the middle of the Resource Wars, is the only entity left to challenge the dominance of the corporations and put the world back in the hands of governments for the people, by the people. Invisible’s agents are all master hackers and sharpshooters, and legends of espionage and stealth. With the help of their super A.I., Incognita, they’ve been slowly undoing the corporations’ hold on the world since the agency’s inception.

    Unfortunately, the corporations suddenly laid a devastating blow to Invisible’s HQ, killing and capturing many agents, and nearly destroying Incognita. Currently wired to the escape plane, Incognita has lost most of its advanced programs and is slowly dying. With what remains of the agency, they must infiltrate the top corporations to find out what they know and who orchestrated the attack, rescue captured agents, and above all, provide Incognita a new mainframe before it ceases to function. On top of all that, the blow the agency took could only have been possible with somebody on the inside.

    Incognita won’t last long, agent. You’re on the clock. It’s time to get moving.


    So I'm curious to know how many would be interested in this. I'm looking for adept and up RPers and I'd be willing to go through with this if at least 4 are looking to join. This RP will be OCs only.

    Please ask any questions you have on your mind. It'll help me flesh out the details.
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  2. Here for this!
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  3. Always a pleasure, neptune =)

    This is what the character sheet will most likely end up being:

    Name: Your time on the field has earned you a reputation. If you’re doing your job right, your foes don’t know who you really are or even what you look like, so they’ve given you a name. Maybe your friends gave you the name. Maybe you were cheesy enough to give yourself one. Maybe you’re fearless and just use your real name.
    Birth Name: James Bond
    Age: Try to keep it real, guys
    Years of Service: The agency has been around for 25 years.
    All Invisible agents are knowledgeable in hacking, handling firearms, stealth, hand-to-hand combat and many other things required to pull off a successful heist. Your agent excels in ONE of them. I don’t want to see more than 2 agents of the same class.

    Appearance: Height, weight, hair and eye color, clothing style.

    Personality: Include flaws. Nobody is perfect. A character that is exclusively flaws would make me smile =)

    Primary Augment: Augments are cybernetic implants that give your agent a unique ability. There will be opportunities later in the RP to install lesser augments onto your agent, but your first one should define their place in Invisible Inc and directly support their class. Do include where this implant is located.

    Additional Augments: ‘None’ for now. If you feel you should start with one, let me know and we’ll talk, but you’ll need a good reason.

    Weapons & Gadgets: Anything your character requires to do their job. Everybody has a Neural Disruptor, which is a melee, taser-like weapon used to knock-out unarmored guards in an emergency. Small, easily concealable pistols are fine, but leave the big guns to the sharpshooters. Please feel free to make up your own tech. That’s partly the idea here.

    Bio: Tell me what they were doing during the Resource Wars, before they joined Invisible, why they’ve joined, how they’ve stood out in the agency since joining, your agent’s relationship to their hometown, and anything else that adds color to your agent. Go crazy. Make them three dimensional. At least one paragraph.

    And this is what I have in mind for classes:

    Hacker: Though there was certainly much fighting to be had on the ground during the Resource Wars, the most important battles were fought via cyber warfare. The founders of Invisible Inc. were hackers and the backbone of the agency continues to belong to them. Their knowledge of complicated and advanced programs, gadgets and technologies is unprecedented and the ease with which they turn their foes own weapons against them would make any corp CEO wet the bed.

    Ghost: Quick on their feet, the masters of stealth and agility remind their foes why Invisible Inc. is named as such. Their ability to boldly travel in front of unhacked cameras and still remain unseen makes them the perfect scouts and retrievers of high-value targets. When all is said and done, they leave without a trace, save for the dusty outline of the missing golden plaque that was hanging on the wall just a moment ago.

    Sharpshooter: Cleaning up a dead body is messy, stinky, and above all, expensive, but there are times when there is no other choice but to send a guard to death’s door. Where the rest of the agents are generally only trained in firearms for non-lethal self-defense, sharpshooters go above and beyond. When a mission starts to go south, the accuracy and brutality of the sharpshooters are what’s needed to get the team back on track and to safety. If an agent is being used as a meat shield, you can bet a sharpshooter will still hit their mark, just keep your money in your pocket when you get drunk and challenge them to a game of darts at the bar.

    Brawler: With their main weapons being their own body, these elite martial artists are the best bodyguards a hacker could ever ask for. Typically paired with a hacker on missions, their enormous knowledge on the human anatomy not only makes them the most efficient fighters in hand-to-hand combat, but also excellent medics. Like the sharpshooters, they can become lethal when the situation calls for it and even heavily armored guards will find a hard time staying on their feet. Considering the ease and frequency with which they enter states of high adrenaline, whenever they say something vaguely sounding like a reference to a martial arts flick, just nod and pretend to get the joke.

    If anybody has an idea for an additional class let me know. As far as augments go, I will provide an example augment for each class sometime tomorrow to give you guys some inspiration to come up with your own. As always, feel free to ask me anything.
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  4. Is this based off a pre-existing story?

    If so I would love to do some research on it.

    If NOT,

    Then I am definitely still interested. I already have a character in mind but I would need more details on what's acceptable so I can re-shape her to fit a little better.
  5. There is a video game of the same name, but it's more centered on gameplay than the story. Outside of what I've written here, there isn't much story to speak of. Unless you want to spoil for yourself who the mole in the agency is, but that's no fun :p

    The game's wikia page is probably the best source of info. I would check out the agents, augments and weapons page to get an idea of where things will be going, but I really want to encourage creative takes on these things. You'll notice many of them won't work in a RP setting anyhow.

  6. @Huntress I was at work and on my phone when I responded, so I want to answer the 'what's acceptable' portion of your post more fully now.

    I didn't have time to come up with some example augments, but here's some to look at from the wikia:

    Agent Shalem has an augment installed in the left side of his brain (and probably has his left eye replaced) that allows him to quickly scan enemy armor for weak points. This is a cool, simple and effective augment for a sharpshooter.

    Agent Nika's augment basically allows her to flood her body with adrenaline at will. Good for a brawler. If used for the RP, it should probably have some kind of drawback. Being able to get high on adrenaline at any time would be weird.

    Agent Internationale's augment allows her to use herself as an antenna to wirelessly detect and manipulate electronics at a distance. She's kind of a cyber psychic. Awesome for hackers, though a bit powerful in a RP setting. Would need some drawbacks.

    The game unfortunately doesn't have many stealth based augments that would work in a RP, but off the top of my head something that would allow the user to manipulate their own heat signature to avoid heat detecting devices (perhaps a tad under-powered) or to detect other nearby heat signatures so they can determine where guards are located and avoid them.

    Something like Dr. Xu's ability I think would be comically over powered in a RP. EMPs would be better suited as powerful gadgets that will probably appear later in the RP. Agent Bank's augment is kinda cool, but feels lazy in a RP setting. Active abilities are usually better than passive ones.

    Another thing to keep in mind is, even when making a sharpshooter, everything in the agent's cannot be lethal. The main goal is stealth, with lethal methods being a last resort. There will be plenty of opportunity for lethal combat, but for a while it will be pretty rare.

    I hope that helps.
  7. Okay awesome, good to know.

    I had an idea for a Brawler character and I wanted to do something either with enhanced strength or some form of bullet/slow-mo time.

    So I just wanted to see what the limit was or how it can be approached.

    I'm leaning towards the super strength thing a little more...if I can make it work...somehow.
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  8. I have ideas which might be applicable. We should discuss them.
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  9. @Weaver good to have you :) feel free to skype me

    @Huntress enhanced strength is totally doable. I hope the slow motion thing isn't literal though :p Something like an AI implant would be cool for that, specifically designed to accurately predict movement based on movement that has already occurred. Could begin dodging a bullet before the shot is ever taken. Might be powerful, be sure to give that some kind of drawback.

    I'm going to start getting the OOC ready. With the rest of the work week being busy and going to a sleepover party this weekend (yay), it probably won't be up till next week. But feel free to get started with characters. You guys can PM me drafts if you'd like.

    Thanks for showing interest everyone :)
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  10. The Sign-ups/OOC is up: Invisible HQ

    2 new classes were added
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