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  1. People think they know the world around them....
    But they don't know us....

    We chose when to reveal ourselves and when to stay hidden....
    We chose who lives and who dies....

    All creatures (including humans and aliens) are welcome to join and any interest/idea is allowed!


    (More details can be found in the Sign-up section)

    Link to the Sign-up and where you will find all characters described:

  2. MCP was walking through the forest, her heart filled with sadness for a reason she didn't know. Perhaps she was missing her fledglings, none of which she had seen in a long time. The one that troubled her the most was definitely David.... The thought of him out there striking down his own kind was sickening.... She stopped at a small river and gazed down at her reflection, unhappy to see the depressed face it depicted. These conflicting emotions would be difficult for anyone but a vampire to understand....
  3. Dracula was sound asleep when he heard a knock on his chamber doors.
    "Who dares to wake me at this hour?!" he bellowed as he opened the coffin he was laying in.
    Walking to open the door one of his guards was standing behind it.
    What is it now?" annoyed that he was awaken
    "You have a visitor, my lord." said the guard.
    Dracula used his senses to see who was here.
    "It can't be, she's here already. My little vampire has arrived and with her mate. What joy." he said with a smile.
    "Tell her I'll be downstairs in a moment."
    The guard nodded and left to tell her.
    "He'll be down shortly. Just give him a moment." said the guard.
    Within a few moments, Dracula appeared.
    "How are you, my little vampire. Gorgeous as ever and who is this with you?" acknowledging her mate.
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  4. MCP smiled softly as she looked at her great grandfather.
    "His name is Alucard.... I met him under.... surprising circumstances." She murmured before gently taking Alucard's arm.

    Alucard didn't seem to share her love toward Dracula; a disapproving frown was on his lips as he studied the older vampire.
    "I thought you had died years ago," was the only comment he offered.
  5. "Well it's a pleasure to meet you, Alucard."
    "No, no, I've been asleep for all those years." smiling warmly at him.
    "All those stories you heard about me were false. You can ask my Little vampire to tell you everything you need to know. Please come in, I'll have you room ready for you in just a bit."
    "So, what brings you. More of our kin trouble?" leading them into the parlor.

    David was appalled at the thought that he was a vampire.
    He wanted revenge of those who hurt him in the past.
    His Sire abandon him, leaving him to fend for himself and he hated that.
    If he was taught the ways or had his Sire, he wouldn't be doing this.
    "Oh, why did he leave me this way." David thought to himself as he roamed a cemetery.
  6. "Tell me again why the Hell we are here?!" Alucard asked MCP when they entered the parlor, sounding impatient.

    "Don't be rude." She whispered back to him.
    "I'm afraid I may have made a mistake...." She was embarrassed to tell Dracula that she had changed the last decendant of their sworn enemies' family into a vampire.
    "I also heard there is a new slayer in the city who wants to destroy you and I." She wasn't going to reveal the source of that information in front of Alucard....

    "Why so gloomy, good sir?" Slice asked, using his usual Southern drawl. A kind smile appeared on his lips after he had spoken. He had just come out from behind an old tombstone.
  7. "A mistake is always necessary." sitting down in one of the chairs.
    "There's always new slayers wanting to kill us. You should know that by now."
    Dracula signalled for refreshments to be brought in.

    "It's nothing." said David to Slice. "Just personal negative thoughts, my friend."
  8. "I wouldn't even have mentioned it, but this slayer is supposedly a.... demon." She said, her tone serious, though her face showed no fear.
    "It's been a long time since I fought with one of those." She added, glancing at Alucard, who smiled knowingly.

    "I reckon it's none of my business then.... But.... How depressed are you, exactly?" Slice asked, wondering if he would be able to feed on the vampire who was oblivious as to what he really was.
  9. "A demon slayer, very interesting." taking a glass of blood that was on the tray of refreshments.
    "How long have this slayer been around for, and how many are there. It just seems odd to me that there will be only one."

    David knew what Slice was after and he wasn't willing to show it. "Look, it's none of your business. Leave me alone." eyes turning red and fangs bared ready to attack.
  10. "I don't know much, just what I've been told. Many of our kind have fled from the city because they are afraid. Ash told me she encountered a werewolf the other day and that it seemed much smarter than the wild ones.... I believe that sighting must involve the slayer somehow." MCP sighed, worried about the whole thing. She also took a glass of blood from the tray and drank some.

    "The slayer will die just as any other who would dare to threaten MCP." Alucard stated.

    "I'm sure the sun will cheer you up." Slice said, openly mocking David since he was completely aware what would happen if the vampire were exposed to the sun.
  11. "Don't worry, I'll get my my troops out there to give us more information." trying to comfort her.

    "Anyone who threatens her or anyone else of the coven, will die. I'm the original vampire, I've seen this occur will slayers countless times." chuckling lightly.

    David turned around "I know what your trying to do, but it won't work. My place is right there." pointing to the house that was a just half a block away. David increased his pace and made it home safely without Slice entering his home.
  12. "If the slayer is creating so much fear, won't it be powerful? Are you certain your followers will be able to destroy it?" MCP asked, sounding concerned. Alucard gently touched her shoulder, trying to calm her down.

    "The nerve...." Slice scoffed. He was not one to easily be deterred, but he was sure things would change for the better soon....

    Soul was dressed in a beautiful gown and her normally solid black eyes were now bright blue because of the contacts she wore. She was standing near David's house, seeming to have just magically appeared from the thick shadows. She was beyond stunning; an amazing contrast to her usual look.
  13. "It would be but Im positive MCP that they'll be able to destroy it. Don't worry about it your safe here. You two can stay here as long as you need to." smiling comfortingly at her and her mate.

    Once David got inside he closed up for the night and saw Soul and Slice looking up at his window.
    "What do they want?" he thought to himself.
    It felt good to be home and not being followed.
  14. "Thank you for your hospitality." Alucard replied, showing the first bit of warmth towards Dracula since they had arrived.

    MCP sighed, weary from being so on edge. She wasn't the least bit scared for her safety; it was the rest of her species she hoped would be unharmed.

    Soul growled playfully and then spoke in a seductive voice to David.
    "Come here, my dear. I only want to speak with you...."
    Slice vanished from sight, becoming hidden in the thick woods.
  15. "You are so welcome. I consider you as family." Dracula said to him with another smile.
    Dracula noticed MCP's change of emotion, "Perhaps you two should get some rest. It must have been a long journey for the both you."
    Dracula would make sure that none of their other kin would be harmed.

    David continued to ignore his followers.
    "I have nothing to say to you. I want to be alone." David was agitated and continued on his way.
    He was making this very difficult and that was one of his many talents.
  16. "Yes, perhaps we should. Thank you." MCP agreed, offering Dracula a sweet smile.
    Alucard nodded while gazing at her, though he had something else in mind besides just sleep....

    "You don't understand. We'd like you to join us." Soul said in a sincere voice.
    "Don't you desire power beyond your dreams? The power to do anything you want.... To have anything you want...." She added, apparently excited about it herself.
  17. Dracula let them depart from the parlor as he too went to get more sleep.

    David seemed unsure of her propsal even though it did sound good.
    "I need to think on that. Plus I'm also very tired." He said exhaustedly.
    David wasn't really interested in conversing with them even though he knew that they were trying to take his energy.
  18. While MCP, Alucard, and Dracula were resting....

    Alice had stumbled upon a few members of Dracula's coven who were out searching for the slayer. She had been about to scream out of fear, but she slapped a hand tightly over her mouth to stop it before it could escape. Why did I have to pick this route tonight?! She asked herself inside her head.

    "We understand. Rest now and then we will speak again tomorrow...." Soul responded, sounding pleased. She turned and walked away, fading from view within a minute. She moved so quickly; obviously speed was a trait that she shared with her brother.
  19. One of the guards, Mark heard her footsteps and were driven to go near her.
    "Are you okay?" he asked her with a smile. "I think you're lost, you come back with me to the mansion. The owner wouldn't mind." smiling softly at her.

    David was relieved that they had finally disappeared.
    "Why were they following me?" he thought to himself.
    His home was his sanctuary and that was all he needed right now was some peace and quiet.
  20. Alice glanced back at the vampires gathered nearby, and was more than happy to go with this stranger who was offering her a chance to get away from them.
    "Thank you." She whispered and gently took his arm.

    Slice, as always, had a plan. Him, Soul, Covet, and David would destroy the most important vampires and then take their places at the top. He smiled, giddy at the thought of him being worshiped.