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  1. So a friend of mine on an old forum had an idea for a roleplay that I thought was fairly interesting, but it never got off the ground. The idea was to give a group of independent investigative journalists unprecedented access into a previously restricted area, like Chernobyl or something similar. The idea is that they somehow get trapped in, whether by accident or design, and have to try to get out of there. Not looking for some twisted 'only one can survive' game, just a fun, Nancy Drew style adventure.

    Planning on running this as a jump-in, since I don't have much of a plot for it, just wondering if this sounds interesting to enough people to make it worthwhile to run as a game.
  2. Could be fun! To be frank, I would jump at any opportunity to play a detective or a journalist right now. Bring on the journals and logs :3!
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    They had gotten trapped in a haunted mansion in ours; the RP only ended once the characters had appeased the ghosts and other creatures that had trapped them. One character actually had to sell her soul to one of the demons to get the others out.

    So I guess what I'm saying is that I'm totally in if you decide to do this. c;
  4. @TheRealHermione it won't be anything paranormal, though the idea of paranormal could exist. But it would definitely be helping each other to escape.
  5. Psh, I don't care. cx
    I just go on random little rants sometimes, haha.
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