Investigation Game I: The Ones Before

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    They say we weren't the first ones here; they speak of the ones before. The Ancients. They say the built incredible cities; It was said their lives were so different then ours. That they built ships that went into the stars, that was until a darkness came, and their cities turned to graves. They're cities began to fade away; and in their place came new life. One by one, the others began to come to this land. Some small and humble, others as powerful as kings. They say my people were the first, the first to search for the Ancients; the first to hunt and raise our weapons, the first to look for help to repair our world. For this world was never truly ours, its a dangerous balance between us and the Loustin. The stories dont tell us were the Ancients went; but they do warn us that this balance will not last.

    For this world is broken,

    and the Darkness is creeping in,

    and soon the Darkness will threaten the entire multiverse.

    You are one of the many who have came to this land; may it be to help the locals find The Ancients, or maybe its due to needing a new home to retreat too, or maybe you were banished here. Whatever the reason; you are now here. However; many who have come to this land have become "Lost", and are now grouped together far from the new arrivals; trying to solve the same mystery as you. You must help your fellow Arrivals and Lost in order to solve this mystery.


    Arrivals: This role is pretty simple, you have just arrived to this new land and are now trying to solve the mystery of where The Ancients went.

    Lost: Just like the Arrivals, you have come to this land to solve the mystery of where the Ancients have gone too. However, after arriving in this land you and a group of others became lost; making you a separate group then the Arrivals.


    1. All iwaku rules apply.

    2. No God modding or meta gaming.

    3. Please keep all OOC knowledge and fighting out of the roleplay. If you have a problem with somebody please message me and let me know.

    4. Each group of players must vote one of their members to the other team every round. Each round will last a total of 3 days.

    5. In this Roleplay there will be two "teams", one group will have the Role of Arrival, while the other group will be refereed to as the Lost.

    6. Dues are allowed.

    7. Original characters are allowed.

    8. Posts can be as little or as long as you like; however I don’t want to see any “shit posting.” Please consider those who are also playing and try to be as interesting as possible!

    9. As the GM i have the right to add or or remove rules as I see fit.

    10. Please try to get a group/partner to interact with, this roleplay will be fast peaced similar to the murder games.


    Appearance (or image) please describe in detail if OC:
    Canon (or state if OC):
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  2. Appearance (or image) please describe in detail if OC:
    Name: Velma Dinkley
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Canon (or state if OC):Scooby Doo
    Personality: Velma is the brains of mystery incorporated. She is incredibly intelligent and often can figure things out. She is also highly compettive with other people. She also can be mildly sarcastic when it comes to something stupid or obvious ( or you are annoying her) .
    Abilities: Knows Morse code, Is very good at solving mysteries, knows martial arts, has great grip and physical strength when it comes to the arm muscle.

    Name: Scoobert' Scooby' Doo
    Gender: Male
    Canon: Scooby Doo
    Personality: Scooby doo is easily scared by things, tends to be easy to bribe ( to act brave and heroic which he can occassionly do). He also can be graceful and intelligent in his disguising
    Abilities: Disguising himself with clever costume, fast runner, lock picking ( with his paw), sword skills, speaking with a speech impediment.
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