Invasions and Wars (IC)

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  1. The city of Dalasius, was always constantly at war, no matter what the cost was. The council and senate thought that, that was the only way to keep the power and balance. That was until, the people uprised and executed them. Soon new senate and council members were elected, and soon an era of peace and tranquility began. This era lasted for four years, when the city was invaded. It was invaded by a race of humaniod reptilians by the name of Dracs. These ruthless creatures were ruled over by a dictator like general by the name of Lord Zyrannus. And his vision is the enslave the entire world of Eithellon, in which the city of Dalasius resides. But Dalasius was only the first on the list...

    Alarms began to sound off as men, women and children ran for their lives. Arrows, bullets and other ammunition began to fly through the air, causing large explosions and other damage to the city. Every person who was in sight was shot down and killed. As the citizens of Dalasius fell, the Senate members as well as the council members and their families escaped. "My Lord, the councilmen and Senate are now where in site." A Drac soldier says to Lord Zyrannus as the invasion kept going. Lord Zyranus looks at him and instantly got angry. "Well don't just stand there! Find them, you fool!" He snaps. "Do not let them escape, they will warn the other cities." He snaps. The soldier quickly turns and runs to give the orders.

    The soldier sent out centuries to search the surrounding area. The council and senate were soon found. "There over here!" One says. "Well don't just stand there, eliminate them, not unless you want to be at the mercy of Lord Zyrannus." Another says. And one by one, the senate and council members plus their family members were soon lying dead in their own pools of their own blood. One of the centuries finds two young girls hidden in a bush, they were shaking with fear. He aims his gun at them and goes to pull the trigger, that was until another one stops him. "Wait! They may be useful to Lord Zyrannus." And so the two girls were whisked away. Their father, who is named Sonbeo, escaped into the night wounded and near death.

    He had been found later the next day by a family in a small town by the name of Bellford, that hadn't been invaded yet. It seemed as of right now that the Dracs were only worrying about major cities. After Sobeo was brought back to health, he had asked about his daughters and the family had told him that they had found him alone. He then realized that the Dracs had taken his daughters for their own gain. This angered him, as well was realizing that his city and home was completely taken over and probably destroyed. So he called for a messenger and sent out a message to other cities- big and small, that he needed mercenaries or anyone who was trained to kill to come to his aid and that they would be paid handsomely.
    Rason had been wondering through city to city, town to town when he had heard of this offer by a wealthy Senate member who was willing to do anything to get his daughters back. There had been other major cities, Willowdale and Thorpes, who had fallen to the mercy of the Dracs. Obviously this wasn't any of Rason's concern. He was only doing this for the sake of killing as well as money. He walks silently on a path that would lead him to Bellford. It wouldn't take him that long to get there either. It took about a day and a half to get there. He was then pointed in the direction one which the house that Sobeo was staying. The wife of the house approaches Sobeo, "Someone is here to take you up on your offer." She says. Sobeo nods, "Well send him in." He says. The woman nods and the walks away.

    "Please follow me." She says as she lead Rason to Sobeo. He walked silently behind her as they continued to walk. The woman soon stops, "Here he is." She says and walks away. Rason looks over at Sobeo. "And what would be your name?" Sobeo asks. "Rason." Was the only thing he had said. He looked quickly around and it seemed that he was the only one here. Sobeo looked him over, "Besides getting my daughters back, would you please make sure that none of the Dracs survive." He says. Rason simply nods, of course only because it was more killing. Sobeo nods, "Good, but unfortunately you will have to wait till others arrive to start." He says. Rason nods again, he was very patient anyways, so waiting wasn't a problem for him.
  2. Meanwhile on the rooftops the Black blades had bin secretly watching the house . Ghost appears from the shadows and walks up behind one of the BB members " is this it?" Ghost asks as he takes a knee. The man nods before pointing into the window. " stay hidden " Ghost says as he puts his mask on and pulls his hood up. " i will go alone"
    The man nods before giving doing a hand signal towards the other BB members making them step back into the shadows.
    Ghost steps on the ledge of the building and holds out his hand to perform a spell that would allow him to flash towards an open window. He lands in a sitting position on the window facing inside the house. " so the rumors are true" he says standing up.​
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