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    The ZIDO is an organization that is determined to make sure Humanity will continue. They are the Guardians; They are the Protectors. They are now meeting something that will have to make them fulfill their purpose.

    >Entry Request Received
    >Pending Password: *******
    >>Password Accepted, Major Castells. Welcome back.
    >>What file do you wish to open?
    >>>>File Retrieved. Opening...

    Classification: Classified, SC2 Required

    ZIDO Origin:
    North American Government

    ZIDO Purpose:
    The Protection & Defense of Humanity

    ZIDO Population Number:
    58,102,277,340 Adults over 18.

    ZIDO Founders:
    Brigadier General [Air Force] John Renolds
    Brigadier General [Marines] Steven Stuart
    Rear Admiral [Navy] Jack Casren

    ZIDO Current Location Count:
    13 Solar Systems [A-M Systems]

    ZIDO Planets, Moons:

    Alpha-Three, Planet 'Falaria' - ZIDO CentCom HQ, ZIDO Major Population Center [PRIORITY: 1]
    Alpha-Three-One, Moon 'Falaria's Tiara' - ZIDO Advanced Defense Station, ZIDO Shipyards [PRIORITY: 3]
    Alpha-Three-Two, Moon 'Falaria's Scepter' - ZIDO Advanced Offense Station, ZIDO Shipyards [PRIORITY: 3]

    Bravo-Two, Planet 'Ienus' - ZIDO Construction Yards, ZIDO Major Population Center [PRIORITY: 2]
    Bravo-Two-One, Moon 'Ienus' Tiara' - ZIDO Advanced Defense Station, ZIDO Minor Research Center [PRIORITY: 3]
    Bravo-Four, Planet 'Decauter' - ZIDO Major Agricultural Center [PRIORITY: 4]
    Bravo-Four-One, Moon 'Decauter's Crown' - ZIDO Defense Station [PRIORITY: 4]

    Charlie-Three, Planet 'Ibyria' - ZIDO Major Mining & Excavation Center [PRIORITY: 3]
    Charlie-Three-One, Moon 'Ibryria's Crown' - ZIDO Defense Station, Major Warp Gate Location [PRIORITY: 2]
    Charlie-Three-Two, Moon 'Fleet-Com' - ZIDO Fleet CentCom, ZIDO Advanced Defense Station [PRIORITY: 1]

    Delta-Three, Planet 'New Earth' - ZIDO Major Population Center, ZIDO Advanced Research Center, ZIDO CentCom Forward Base, ZIDO Minor Agricultural Center, ZIDO Minor Construction Yards, ZIDO Experimental Warfare Center [PRIORITY: TOPMOST PRIORITY]
    Delta-Three-One, Moon 'New Moon' - ZIDO Advanced Defense Station [PRIORITY: 3]
    Delta-Three-Two, Moon 'Renus' - ZIDO Advanced Defense Station [PRIORITY: 3]
    Delta-Three-Three, Moon 'Tania' - ZIDO Advanced Defense Station [PRIORITY: 3]

    Echo-Four, Planet 'Osniri' - ZIDO Advanced Training Facilities, ZIDO Advanced Weapons Research [PRIORITY: 2]
    Echo-Four-One, Planet 'Osniri's Crown' - ZIDO Advanced Command School, Advanced Defense Station, Major Warp Gate Location [PRIORITY: 2]
    Echo-Five, Planet 'Soria' - ZIDO Military Reserve, ZIDO Training Center, ZIDO Minor Population Center [Priority: 3]
    Echo-Five-One, Moon 'Soria's Guard' - ZIDO Long-range Defense Station, ZIDO Fleet Reserve [PRIORITY: 3]

    Foxtrot-Four, Planet 'Abran' - ZIDO Major Population Center [PRIORITY: 3]
    Foxtrot-Four-One, Moon 'Abran's Tiara' - ZIDO Advanced Defense Station

    Golf-One, Planet 'Cetov' - ZIDO Major Population Center, Major Construction Yards, Minor Mining & Excavation Center [PRIORITY: 3]
    Golf-One-One, Moon 'Cetov's Crown' - ZIDO Defense Station [PRIORITY: 3]
    Golf-Two, Planet 'Varia' - ZIDO Major Mining & Excavation Center, Minor Construction Yards [PRIORITY: 2]
    Gold-Two-One, Moon 'Varia's Tiara' - ZIDO Minor Research Center, ZIDO Advanced Defense Station [PRIORITY: 3]

    Hotel-Three, Planet 'Best Western' - ZIDO Training Facilities, ZIDO Tourist Resort, ZIDO Retiree Population Center [PRIORITY: 3]
    Hotel-Three-One, Moon 'Holiday' - ZIDO Biosphere Research, ZIDO Warp Gate Location [PRIORITY: 3]

    India-Two, Planet 'The Caliphate' - ZIDO Black Market, ZIDO Minor Population Center, ZIDO Prison Sect A [PRIORITY: 5]
    India-Two-One, Moon 'Caliphate's Successor' - ZIDO Black Market, ZIDO Prison Sect B [PRIORITY: 5]

    Juliet-One, Planet 'Romeo' - ZIDO Recruitment HQ, ZIDO Minor Population Center, ZIDO Defense Station [PRIORITY: 3]
    Juliet-One-One, Moon 'Vulus' - ZIDO Defense Station, Warp Gate Location [PRIORITY: 3]
    Juliet-Three, Planet 'Saephus' - ZIDO Weapons Research HQ, ZIDO Research Labs HQ, ZIDO Armor Research HQ, ZIDO Experimental Warfare HQ, ZIDO Advanced Defense Stations (3 Stations) [PRIORITY: 1]
    Juliet-Three-One, Moon 'Saephus's Guardian' - ZIDO Long-range Plasma Defense Station [PRIORITY: 2]
    Juliet-Three-Two, Moon 'Saephus's Tiara' - ZIDO Advanced Plasma Defense Station [PRIORITY: 2]
    Juliet-Three-Three, Moon 'Saephus's Crown' - ZIDO Long-range Missile Defense Station [PRIORITY: 2]

    Kilo- ZIDO Colonist System [PRIORITY: 4]

    Lima- ZIDO Colonist System [PRIORITY: 4]

    Mike- ZIDO Colonist System [PRIORITY: 4]

    ZIDO Statuses:
    Scanning for Alien Activity
    Patrolling ZIDO Sectors
    Analyzing Unknown Samples
    Researching New Armor Types
    Researching New Weapon Types
    Researching New Energy Types
    Researching New Medicine Types
    Researching Fuel Efficiency
    Researching Better FTL Engines
    Researching Better CRYO-Pods
    Recruiting New Trainees
    Searching for Lost Colonists

    ZIDO Major Technological Advancements
    Better, more efficient Energy Shields
    Stronger Kinetic Weaponry
    Plasma Energy
    Plasma Weapons
    Dark Energy [Still being put into stable forms]
    Advanced Metal-mesh Cloth
    Advanced Energy-Metal Alloy
    Advanced Warp-Gates Technology
    Better Propulsion Systems

    ZIDO Request:
    "The Zone Intelligence & Defense Organization is sorely undermanned. Outfitting Alpha Platoons 1-50 with new recruits under Majors. Requesting New Recruits."

    "Are you up for the task?"
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