Invasion: The Aftermath

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  1. It's 2028. Aliens invaded Earth and have killed over 4/5 of the population. To find a working vehicular device of any sort would be a miracle, even if the roads weren't completely cracked and eroded. The survivors of Earth are dying out slowly, due to lack of resources. There are groups of people who have formed, but most groups aren't very kind. They are now known to other survivors as 'Mauraders' or 'Ravagers.' For now, there are rare shelters made of a foreign material that closely represent apartment buildings, including different rooms. There aren't many rooms, only ever two or three, which keep Earth creatures safe from the acid rain that pours every night. They must have been built by the Aliens, showing very slight mercy.

    Clarence sat in a dark corner of the room he had claimed just a few days ago. The other rooms were empty; it was just him in the shelter. It was a miracle that he had even found this place. He had cuts and bruises all over him from entanglements with Mauraders. He had barely escaped them three days ago, and he knew they were still trying to find him. But for now, he simply sat in the cold room, never daring to take a peek out the door. He had managed to grab his backpack before he escaped, which had several supplies in it, but he was running low on food. All he had now was a small bag of salteen crackers and a water bottle. He was wearing a long-sleeved white shirt, which had a few holes in it, and some black jeans. He had on some black sneakers as well, along with a shark tooth necklace he had managed to grab from his house when the apocalypse had first begun. He released a shaky breath and ran a hand through his shaggy light brown hair, waiting for nothing.
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  2. Emory slid down the ladder, his toes barely touching the ground before he was off again, the navy blue bag bouncing off his back. He wore dark blue jeans that were ripped in many places and a black t-shirt, one sleeve missing, the other torn. Steel-tied hiking boots sat on his feet. They were rugged, but good. He adjusted the heavy back as he dusted around a corner, wiping sweat from his face as six or so people ran past yelling. Man he hated groups! He sighed, turning and walking some more. He was out of breath and thirsty. Sitting down, he leaned back against a wall, slowly sipping at a water bottle. He had a water filter, 3 water bottles, protein bars, and a few cans of fruit, plus some beef jerky and a box of nuts. All the food was wrapped in a thick blanket and over it was a plaid jacket. Emory sighed. "One day... Maybe things will get better." He said to the sky.
  3. It wasn't long before Clarence heard yelling. His eyes widened and he jumped up, frantically looking for a place to hide. He knew it was them. He just knew it. The only place he could see was under the bed that was next to the only window in the room. As he heard the voices get closer he ran towards the bed and slid himself under it; he was slender enough to do so, though it was still a very tight space. Minutes passed when he finally heard a door kicked open...but it wasn't his. It was the door two rooms away. After a few moments, he heard another door get kicked in: the room next to his. 'They're working their way towards me...' He thought to himself. Just as he shifted his gaze to his backpack that he had accidentally left out in the open, a man kicked open the door to his room. "Ah...I know you're in here, Clarence. You left your backpack out like the little idiot you are." The man said in his rough voice. Clarence stayed silent, not daring to even breath. He looked over to the door to see more pairs of boots standing there. The rest of the group. He watched as the man slowly walked into the room, pausing just in front of the bed.
  4. Emory put his water away and stood. Turning, he clambered up the side of the shelter. He could hear something, but he couldn't quite make out what it was. As Emry looked out over the ruins, he saw another shelter. It was surrounded by a pretty big group and they didn't look to happy. He frowned. Who were they after this time? Carefully he made his way across fallen roofs, crumbling walls, and broken logs until he was behind half of a brick wall right behind the group. He peeked around the corner, careful.
  5. The man suddenly turned the bed over and grabbed Clarence by the collar of his shirt, pinning him against the wall. Clarence grunted as his back hit the wall hard, then stared up at the man, his eyes wide with fear. "Clarence...did you really think you could hide from us?" The wicked man chuckled. He pulled Clarence back, then slammed him back against the wall, resulting in a yelp from him. "Please...just leave me alone..." Clarence whimpered. The man simply laughed, then slapped him harshly with the back of his hand, hard enough to cut the bottom of his lip open. "Please..." Clarence begged again, only to be thrown to the ground and straddled by the man. The man pinned him down by his chest with one hand, and began slapping him over and over again with the other. After a few more hits, he stood and began kicking the defenseless boy in the stomach until he coughed up blood. The man ran a hand through his hair and let out a sigh of satisfaction. "Well...I suppose I'll just leave you here now...there's no point in killing you all the way. I'm pretty sure you'll die in a few days, anyway." And with that, the man grabbed Clarence's bag and left with his group. Clarence laid there on the ground, coughing up blood and holding his stomach, wishing to just be dead.
  6. Emory grimaced as he heard a yelp from inside. He managed to slip around to the side of the building when he heard a man's voice. He froze, holding his breath as the group moved away. He waited a few more minutes before he slowly went to he door. "U-uhm... Hello?" He asked quietly.
  7. Clarence's eyes widened as he heard another voice. Did one break away to finish him off? He weakly scrambled to his feet and tried to make a run, but he took two steps and fell back down to the ground. His eyes drooped as he decided to just lay just take whatever was next.
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  8. Emory gently pushed the door open. He gasped slightly when he saw a man on the floor, blood everywhere.. He felt sympathetic and angry. Angry at the group, sympathetic for the man. Kneeling down, he put a gentle hand on the other guy's shoulder. "Hey... I won't hurt you..." He said softly, setting his own bag down. He wondered if he had any medical supplies in the bottom... He couldn't remember.
  9. Clarence released a pained whimper, flinching when the other male touched him. As he heard his words, he relaxed slightly and moved his head to look at the man. "...Thank you..." He said quietly. This guy was the first person he'd met since the apocalypse began that hadn't wanted to cause him harm.
  10. Emory nodded. He started to go through his bags. "Do you have anything?" He asked as he found a few bandages.
  11. "N-No...They took bag..." He replied softly. His body began to shake from the pain, but he weakly pushed himself up into a sitting position. He wiped the blood from his mouth, then looked at the male in front of him. " name is Clarence..." He said quietly.
  12. "I'm Emory." He said softly, gently pulling out the bandages. "Let me help, okay?" He said very gently, getting a water bottle as well.
  13. Clarence slowly began gaining trust for him. He looked at the floor, flicking his eyes up to Emory every few moments. "...Okay." He said quietly.
  14. Emory nodded. "Okay... First, let me see the worst injuries." He said softly, offering Clarence the water.
  15. He took the water carefully, his hand shaking slightly. He set it next to him, then slowly lifted his shirt, wincing while he did, to show large purple bruises covering his torso. "...I-I think he might have...ah...broken one of my ribs..." He said.
  16. Emory bit his lip, a thoughtful frown changing his expression. He reached up, gently running a finger over the other's ribs to feel any bumps. He couldn't really wrap bruises, but he could a broken bone or cuts.
  17. Clarence looked at Emory as he ran a finger over his ribs, actually sort of enjoying the touch. There was a slight bump over his last rib, and though his touch was gentle, Clarence still winced when his finger brushed over it.
  18. Emory paused. "This is going to hurt, but it'll help." He said softly as he did his best to gently wrap Clarence.
  19. He gasped in pain and placed his hands on Emory's shoulders, squeezing them a bit hard as he winced.
  20. Emory glanced up at his face. "Almost there." He said softly as he continued to wrap.
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