Invasion of the Youkai (IC)

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It was the year 2020 when they first appeared in our world, signaled by strange occurrences we now label as supernatural. They are known as "youkai", spirit-like beings with various powers and abilities. Soon enough, the United Nations assigned the United States and Japan, the countries with the most youkai emergencies, to create an organization that would be responsible for the capture and research: the Supernatural Forces Survey. The SFS was structured like a military organization, its agents bearing primary authority in Japan and the United States as well as throughout the entire world. They classified these youkai into four types: Aetherus, Daemon, Phantom, and Specter. Only five Aetherus exist, and they were the first to appear in the world followed subsequently by the thousands of Daemons, Phantoms, and Specters that suddenly appeared in our world. Although it remains undiscovered that the five Aetherus had children with humans, various other youkai had begun to do so beginning the year after. It was as such that the SFS took some of these children in to be trained as soldiers and trackers, as well as test subjects if they were unfortunate enough. It has been 19 years since the first of the children of the Aetherus was born, and it is now 2039. Most of these children have grown up and many who hadn’t before now realize their powers. As one of the Aetherus emerges again with a rather dark disposition and another aids the SFS to further their own goals, the world we be a battleground. But for now, we focus on Kyoto, Japan, as the storm begins to brew.

Now as we turn our attention to the many paranormal residents of the city, we come across Beo Tormod, an American enrolled in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Raised by a single father, an active duty U.S. Marine Sergeant Major by the name of Phillip "Crankshaft" Tormod, Beo was born in the Okinawa Marine Base to his father and an unnamed mother. It was his mother who named him, while it was his father who jokingly gave him the nickname "Beowulf," inspired by the Geat hero of the epic by the same name. His mother, however, vanished shortly before given clearance to leave the hospital and was supposedly never seen from again.

Beo, now aged 19, stands a proud 178 centimeters tall with ragged black hair and haunting yellow eyes. He stands with a military-esque posture due to his father's occupation. Upon closer examination, one would find that his left arm had various minor burns and scarring from some failed experiments, which are only minor due to his unknown abilities. Currently covering the past scars was the utmost recent model that had been working for roughly a year. Inspired by the Pip-Boy 3000 from the classic game "Fallout 3," he had constructed what he called the Gauntlet Mark IV. Its primary function was analyze various aspects of the wearer's health, but it also could act as a laptop and as a cellular device if needed, using a touch screen, various buttons and dials, as well as a laser-projection keyboard. Beo himself lives in an apartment in Kyoto's downtown, with all the other residents of the building being his fellow classmates. Soon enough, he went about as he saw someone new, a peculiar face, as he left the dorm for a walk. His eyes were drawn to them, but for now he needed to head out into the city to shop for the dorm. As he did this, he noticed he knocked someone down, leaning over to help them up. "Are you alright?"


Yuuto Minami
A specialist from the Research Division of the SFS was walking toward an apartment building in the downtown of Kyoto, taking a shortcut to an errand that needed running. Though he was a person of rank, he didn't carry himself with quite the same flair as many of the militant members did. Instead, his manner of walking was more carefree and unassuming, allowing him to blend in with the crowd. To add to his different demeanor, he didn't wear the same uniform as the others. Well, could if he wanted to, but that was the problem: he didn't want to. If the fox was going to move about in the henhouse with ease, he needed to look like the rest of the birds. The only thing was that the rest of the birds didn't wear kamishimo, or even just the hakama anymore. In his mind, it was their loss. Hakama with a nice haori over the under kimono was the most comfortable way to go when walking among humans. Tails could be hidden below the pleats of the hakama and a simple bending of the ears could move them from general notice. Yuuto, as the fox was known, was quite happy to be out of the building even if it was only for a short time. The city was much more developed than it used to be, making it difficult to walk about without notice. Well, at least that was the case for most youkai. A sound caught the kitsune's attention, causing him to pause where he was and take a look. Sirens were common in the world now, but he was still adjusting to them. He might have looked like an idiot for standing in the middle of the walkway for no apparent reason, if someone taller hadn't collided into him. Yuuto yelped as he was knocked onto his butt, his attention snapping back to where he was supposed to be and what he was supposed to be doing.
"Are you alright?"
He looked up to see a tall young man was offering a hand to help him back up.

"You need to pay more attention when you're walking around." Yuuto chided softly.
Sound advice coming from someone who hadn't been paying attention either.​
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