Invasion of the Multiverse

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  1. The title is unofficial and this is a rough draft for an interfandom RP. I want to know what you guys think. I'm also accepting suggestions.

    The Dark Invasion of the Multiverse. (Inter fandom RP)

    They called it the Ultimate plague. A single organism with the capacity to destroy universes. It sought only to conquer, enslave and destroy all beings. This force did not stop spreading at a Nations borders, it did not stop at a planets atmosphere. It spread through the vacuum of space and the space time continuum. A sight never witnessed in the many millennia that the universe existed. It consumed worlds, systems, galaxies even other dimensions. The expansion of the darkness was known at every corner of the multiverse. The weight and stress this being put on the space time continuum caused the infinite dimensions in existence to collide. Empires and planets found themselves intertwined. This would undoubtedly cause the death and destruction of many worlds as they fought their new inter dimensional neighbors. But they did not fight. They did not waste resources on each other, they did not point swords or guns at each other. They united in the single greatest movement ever seen. Foes dissolved their differences and allies stood stronger still. All of creation united under one banner, against the darkness. This new alliance was called the InterDimensional Alliance of Creation. Or IAC for short. Together they pushed back. The battles were bloody, the heroism and courage displayed was exemplary. But it was all in vain. The darkness was overwhelming. It forced the IAC onto the defensive in the last galaxy, The Milky Way. The darkness has halted for now at the edge of the galaxy. Stopped by the a massive energy barrier. We may only do our best to defend this space.

    In the meantime an elite association of warriors known as "The Protectors" fights beyond the shield. These exceptional heroes are tasked with the incredibly dangerous mission of venturing into the regions of space controlled by the darkness. Their mission is to investigate, study and of course fight the darkness. May their mission(s) bring an end to the Ultimate plague.

    Their base of operations if s massive mobile carrier called "Forward Unto Victory".

    This is designed to be an interfandom role-play. Which means you could see the UNSC fighting alongside space marines on the planet of Alderon. I encourage OC characters though.

    Character skeleton

    Multiverse: if any
    Occupation:Scientist, Warrior, Pilot, etc.
    Weapons: can be from any universe. Only two.
    Equipment: only 4
    Starship: must be small-ish. No battleships or dreadnoughts.

    You would be starting out as a new recruit. Arriving via a small transport to the main hanger onboard the Forward Unto Victory
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  2. I'm greatly, greatly interested. It's been awhile since I've been in an RP like this.
  3. Any suggestions or critique?
  4. Well... I'm curious to know: By 'intertwined', do you mean that in a literal sense? Because when I read that, I imagined (at least some) worlds had literally fused together in some way.
  5. By intertwined I mean that their borders over lapped, not the planets themselves fusing. But that would be an interesting concept of planets and their inhabitants fusing. I may add that.
  6. Indeed. I myself like the idea of planets fusing. Could make for some interesting RP.

    The Protectors, how do they go about fighting the darkness beyond the barrier?
  7. I was thinking 4-6 large spacestations spread around the shield as hubs, or a single massive, mobile spacestation. Not sure what to go with.
  8. The single massive mobile station might be better RP convenience-wise. Makes it easier for characters to meet up together.
  9. Ya. And I'll a spaceship to the character skeleton.
  10. Bump. I have it sorted out and this is to be the final draft any final suggestions?
  11. I am so joining
  12. I'll be sure to inform you when I put up the OOC. A few last minute tweaks were made to the CS though.
  13. I have njo idea where the Roleplay is
  14. I haven't put it up yet. I keep having things come up that would prevent me from being active in my own RP. It'll probably be about a week.
  15. Cool. Thanks for telling me
  16. Name: The Doctor

    Multiverse: Doctor Who

    Occupation: Scientist/Pilot

    Weapons: None

    Equipment: Sonic Screwriver, Psychic Paper, Portal Gun


    Starship: The Tardis

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  17. No. The Doctor doesn't have weapons, he has a screwdriver! He hates killing any life, any life at all!
  18. I guess your right
  19. I changed it
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