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  1. I know this sounds weird but I am trying to for a group for an Invader Zim Role Playing group, I have several Ideas I can use and know a ton about just the Irken species itself I think it would be interesting, if anyone is interested post here :)
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  2. Sweet! do you have any Characters you want to add I have a few and I am claiming Zim already as he is important to most of the plots I have.
  3. Totally have dibs on Gaz!and my own character
  4. Well Duh and what is your OC?
  5. Well duh she is Irken describe her background what she looks like if she is an Invade or Elite or what her status is, if need be I can give you information you need about the Irken society
  6. I know Irken society you forget that sister, she is an outcasted invader much like zim except she has a brand on her inner right wrist reminding her of her status. of course she is green but has blue eyes and her antenna do a strange curl thing that I could show you on skype. in her human form she has light brownish blond hair with light blue eyes
  7. Great! what is her name?
  8. Hmm that is pretty cool, does she have any relations with anyone?
  9. i would love to join.
    I think i would do gurr >_> if its not already taken
  10. Yes Gir thank you lol
  11. Gir isn't taken ocs are also welcome as well just let me know :3
Thread Status:
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