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    What are your thoughts on this classic anime?

    It was one of the first anime I ever watched and I felt so grown up watching it because I was only a kid at the time and I had to sneak around to watch it since it came on so damn late XD Thank God Adult Swim started showing anime on weekends not too long afterwards!

    I even had the First Season boxset but sadly clumsy me broke it and I no longer have it :( I do have the two PS2 games InuYasha: Feudal Combat and InuYasha: The Secret of The Cursed Mask.

    I watched the Final Act a few years ago when it was dubbed and I thought it was an amazing ending!

    I also think InuYasha has one of the best soundtracks in anime history! Seriously whoever composed it is a fucking genius! I especially love the openings and endings!

    Overall I think this anime is amazing and I'm glad that it's considered a classic (or is it?). This was a huge part of my childhood and I hate that Adult Swim lost the airing rights to it although it's to be expected since they aired re-runs like SJWs air oppression :P

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  2. I always loved Inuyasha. It's probably the only anime that I've ever really watched from beginning to end. The final episode though....Ugh! They didn't close the story up enough for me, but I was always secretly hoping that they might switch things up and side with the Sesshomaru x Kagome fans. Honestly, that pairing always made a whole lot more sense to me than Inuyasha and Kagome. For one, he would forever see her as another version of his first love, which really isn't the way to go. And for another, Inuyasha
    was always immature and brash, not exactly ideal for a long term relationship.

    I wish they had more story for the Band of Seven though, and I would have loved it if they would have killed off Kouga. That dude got on my nerves. I wish they'd make a whole anime based on Shippo. I loved that little guy! He was so adorable.

    I wish they had added another main antagonist besides Naraku so the show could have continued on.
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    This quote speaks to me :(
  4. This was the shit in high school for me and my friends. We cosplayed as them (I was usually InuYasha because I had all of the clothes and supplies but my favourite was always Sango).

    I remember getting up really early to watch it before going to school. I used to be able to draw the characters but lost touch with it.
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    That would have been me. I swear Miroku is my spirit animal. >_>
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  6. Got into this show because of a nerdy girl in high school. We used to sneak call one another every night there was a new episode. Waiting at the phone at like, 11:03 exactly every night to grab it so we could talk and watch it.

    Then she broke my heart.

    A good anime. Not without flaws that's for sure. But good nonetheless. Really don't remember much about it at all.

    Does it hold up well still? I might get it for my wife since she's watching all my old favorites to catch up with me. Currently she's on Dragonball (not z).
  7. If she can get into Dragonball, she can get into Inuyasha. I've been watching a couple episodes here and there on Anime Hub, and it hasn't lost anything to me. The final episodes aren't as good as the original, but they're still pretty decent.
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  8. I like it a lot, but I wish it was shorter. Like I was on board until there was a filler of the Journey to the West crew as babies? Then I switched to the manga. Was much easier to handle. But the main plot is fun, the music is gorgeous, and the way it was colored was very pleasing.

    Also Sesshomaru was my first anime crush. Shhh...
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  9. Don't worry. You're among friends. XD
  10. I watched InuYasha on YTV Canada xD in DUB!

    But now it has about 40 episodes on Netflix... IN JAPANESE! And I'm kinda freaking out! Because the sub'd episodes were pretty hard to find (legally) because of stupid broadcasting / streaming rights.

    I have hopes they will put all episodes on Netflix :unicorn:
  11. If you have Windows 8 or 10 you can download a few apps that have all the episodes both subbed and Dubbed. I think Anime Hub is one that has it, and Anime Tube unlimited. I'm on my phone right now so I'm not sure which one has it. They also have the movies.
  12. You can also watch them all on Hulu as well
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  13. I'm in Canada, no Hulu :( and too lazy for VPNs
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  15. I enjoyed Inuyasha way more than I enjoyed any of Rumiko Takahashi's other works. Not saying that any of the others were bad... Just that Inuyasha was so on point. Solid 8/10
  16. Inuyasha was the first ever anime series I watched to completion. The first fanart and fanfiction I wrote was of Inuyasha. I loved the story, the characters, the music, the art. And the Dub was awesome.

    Inuyasha was also the first manga I read and completed :3 I was very happy when they finally animated the second series, though it was much too rushed. :/
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