Inuyasha: Return from Darkness

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Dark Country

We are Lions in a world of Lambs
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(1.) Post must be at least two paragraphs or more. That's at least 14 full sentences. No, text speech doesn't count.

(2.) Have adequate grammar skills; punctuate accordingly so it's not one long run on sentence. No using "u" for "you" or other similar concepts. I'm not a grammar nazi even I make mistakes. But they are just that--mistakes; accidents.

(3.) Put effort into your posts, please. See the first two rules and try to understand I want a comprehensive story that involves depth. Sometimes that means asking that people when they write, they do so with the comprehension and understanding that I may not always have the knowledge of what you intend your character wants to do, is doing, or is about to do.

(4.) Have an understanding of the lore and original story; without it, you'll likely get lost, or confused. I am always going to explain who someone is and the role, but some character's you just have to know and understand who they are and their role in the scheme of things. Inuyasha should need no introduction. Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Shippo, Jakken, Rin and Sesshomaru, and Naraku should also need no explaining. They are are all major proponents of the original storyline.

(5.) Have fun! if you have an idea, PM and we'll discuss it. I will put a small disclaimer here and say I have the right and authority to refuse any ideas I don't feel would fit well with the overarching story premise.

(6.) Remember to always be kind and courteous to me and to others. I will always do the same.

Disclaimer: This will be a heavily detailed roleplay; for those who aren't willing to make detailed character sheets or adequate posts, this roleplay will not be for you. Thank you for checking this out anyway!

Disclaimer: In case you need information and I'm not on, go here and it'll take you to the fandom wiki page that imparts a great deal of lore and knowledge.

The Story Premise

Nine years after the defeat of Naraku, the son of Inuyasha and Kagome named Kado goes on a journey after his father disappears and his mother dies from heartache and unnatural causes. Along the way he finds the sword So'Unga thought to have been destroyed long ago. He is then trained by his uncle to be a talented swordsman in order to go out and find his father. Your character is a female, long time childhood friend from Sango and Miroku's children, and possible love interest to Kado who travels with him; Fantasy, action drama, and tragedy as well as humor are core elements to this story.

Please PM me, don't post here!​
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