Inuyasha: Reforged

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  1. So here's my rough idea for this particular roleplay:It's been roughly 16 years since the demise of Onigumo, otherwise known as The White Baboon Naraku. Inuyasha has since ventured off, being beckoned by an unknown danger, leaving a pregnant to give birth to their son Kado with the help of her long time friend and companion, Sango. Kado bears a strong resemblence to Inuyasha in human form upon a new moon, but with golden eyes and long nails. He is 1/4th demon as his mother is humand and Inuyasha being only 1/2. Since his childhood he's taken great care of his ailing mother,

    However, after a day of playing at the behest of Kagome, Kado returns home one late evening to find his mother had passed away as she lay in the futon she and his father had slept in 16 years ago. He takes his mothers pries robes , and her bow. He would then set fire to the only home he knew, and a mother who he had cherished greatly. When Sango and Miroku had rushed to see what had happened, it would be Kado wearing his mother's robes of red and white that met them half way. Kado, not saying a word handed Sango Kagime's bow. It was all that was needed to undrstand what had happened. The couple offer to take him in but Kado insists on venturing to Sesshomaru's domain.

    There he could be tutoredin how to fight, and venture to find his father Inuyasha. Along the way to his uncle's he finds a strnge, broken sword and is hesitant, yet strangely compelled to take despite its condition. When he arrives, Sesshomaru hears his nephew out, suprised that the sword Kado carries is none other than So'Unga the Sword of Hell and the sword that his father was thought to be the only one to control.

    I'd like a female partner, to play one of Sango's daughters who ventures with him. she ould be 2-3 years oldr than him because they were two or three at the end of Final Act which details Naraku's destruction. This will also have Naraku, but he wont be the main antgonist; Kado accidently restores him somewhat.

    Others may join to play Sesshomaru, Rin, Sango, and Inuyasha. All participants should be willing to write a paragraph or two with at least decent grammer.
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  2. K, working on two charries, and possibly a cannon charrie - if need to take one is necessary.
  3. The only cannon figures that be used are Sango, Miroku, Sesshomaru, and Naraku(temorarily),
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