Inuyasha Anyone?

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  1. Hey guys, been craving an Inuyasha rp since yesterday. Was hoping for oc x oc, but I will also do oc x canon. Though I will be playing an oc, if you want to play a canon you can. I only rp MxF, and I prefer playing female. I hope to hear from some of you!
  2. How did I not see this?? I would love to do an Inuyasha rp with OC's if you're still interested! =] But I'm just a little hesitant because it's been awhile since I've seen Inuyasha. I have not watched the entire anime series either, but I do know the basics. ^^ How much did you want your potential rp partner to know about Inuyasha?
  3. I don't know much either so it's all good. lol. Sounds like a plan. XDD Though Sesshomaru is involved with my oc. Is that ok?
  4. Oh, perfect. XD And that's fine with me. ^^ Now for the OC's, is it alright to have a character that belongs to a sub-demon race that hasn't exactly been shown in the actual anime series?
  5. Sure. You just might have to explain a little in the rp here and there lol
  6. Okay, no problem. ^^
  7. I never know where my rps lead so may I post in mature?