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  1. Only requirements are list your nation/oc nation or state and picture of the dog (drawn or real)

    America: 20140830_182909-1-1-1.jpg

    It was early in the morning when Ameridog better known as America got loose from his masters brother/fathers backyard.

    The Pitbull was more than energetic that morning as he tore through the streets of London.

    He was bored and he wanted to play!
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  2. Stitch:

    He is a loner has no human watching over him but one day he wonders if he might get a human of his own but he also wants to be able to still seem like a free dog.

    Stitch was running from a pack of angry dogs. 'Great here we go again.' "Hey uglys leave me alone for once." He quickly took a sharp turn and went down the street. He looked for a millisecond behind him. 'Good I think I've lost em.' He slowed down a bit and noticed another dog was running. 'What's his deal? Pack or Human I wonder.' He watched as the dog seemed to get closer soon reviling a human behind him. 'Ah so human. I wonder if I should move... But I should take it easy for a bit so I don't draw any attention. That stupid gang needs to leave me be.'
  3. America skidded to a stop when he noticed another dog "I wonder if they wanna play!" He mumbled to himself.

    "DUDE! HEY, WANNA PLAY!!!" America called happily as he ran up to other, his tail wagging.
  4. Stitch looked at the other dog and quickly made sure once more that there was none from the pack around. "Um sure. What do you have in mind?"
  5. America wagged his tail at a speed that would've been considered one that will send his tail flying off.

    "Ah dude, what about tag? Or wrestling?" America then frowns "Dude, is somethin' wrong?" He looks in the same direction as Stitch wondering what possibly be bothering him.
  6. "Oh it's nothing don't worry about it. So which do you prefer. I'm game for either." Stitch said giving the other dog a smile. "I'm Stitch by the way."
  7. shiba-inu.gif

    A blank-faced young Shiba Inu approached the pair, trotting up briskly on his short legs. "Yo. My name is Belgium-sama. You guys seen any cats?"

    He panted contentedly, out of breath from chasing a squirrel.
  8. "I haven't seen any." He looked at America. "You?"
  9. Charlie:
    He's just a random stray great dane, though with his ridiculous size he attracts a lot of attention.

    I bounded after a squirrel, who ran up a tree. Frustrated, I bit onto the tree and started jumping around it, growling fiercely. I came back on four legs and spat bark onto the street. I noticed a pit bull, a German shepherd, and another dog.
  10. [​IMG]
    Lani, a stray puppy almost adult who just seems to slip by undetected most of the time.

    Geeze, humans needed to watch their feet! The last one had nearly squashed her tiny form flat! Trotting tiny short legs, she was surprised she had got this far this fast. Seeing a group of dogs nearby, she barked happily and ran up to them with her tongue wagging.
    "Hey guys, how's it going?!"
  11. Stitch turned to her and smiled. "Were descending what game we should play and if anyone has seen a cat."
  12. "Nope, no cats yet but I saw some rabbits on the fields by the main bridge if that interests you!" With a happy bark, she played around and jumped about. "Hey, I am Lani! Who are you guys?"
  13. Stitch smiled "Nice to meet you Lani. I'm Stitch."
  14. "There are squirrels!" I shouted, bounding over to the group. There was now a bare ring on that tree.
  15. Stitch turned his head to see the new dog. He noticed the ring on the tree from where the dog came. 'That must be where they went.' He looked back at the group but he slowly made sure that no dog from the gang from earlier had found him, but this time he hid any signs of worry. "Great we could go squirrel or rabbit hunting."
  16. (To everyone, sorry guys I haven't been posting even though I'm watching the thread it fails to notify me if someone replied to it)

    America suddenly gasps and shakes his vigorously "Sorry dudes, I was totally having a Kick-A daydream about me all heroic and stuff!"
  17. "I usually only chase them. I mostly hunt garbage." I chased another squirrel down the street. There were no trees to climb up, but there were buildings. The squirrel didn't climb up though, and I was gaining on it. I snatched it in my jaws. I had caught a squirrel! Oh my gosh! I set it down to look at it. It ran off. Frustrated, I chased it back, and it climbed up a building.
  18. Stitch looked at America. "Your fine. We were just sharing names and I was telling about your game idea. And then well..." He motioned towards Belgium-sama. "He was wondering about if we have seen any cats. Which most of us have only seen rabbits and squirrels but no cats."
  19. America wagged his tail excited that they wanted play with cats "Dude, Belgium, awesome idea bra! But I only know one guy with a whole lotta cats!" He said turning and faced behind the mini pack that they made up.

    "Check it dudes, this guy's name is Greece, and he has a freaking cat farm! Okay not a literal farm but ya know what I mean!" He said.

    "FOLLOW THE HERO!" he barks and takes off running.
  20. shiba-inu.gif

    Belgium lifts his stocky head and howls skyward as he takes off running after the heroic pit bull,

    "Tonight we dine in Valhalla, where the brave live on forever!"
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